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I had my baby..

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Wasn't a UC, primarily because I freaked out at the amount of blood and sudden onset of it (went from nothing to gushing!), and I was honestly worried something might be wrong, so we went to the hospital. Had I waited to wake DH up to get going, I don't know if we would have even made it there, because I was already 9cm when they checked me (after they didn't believe I was actually even IN labor!).

I did have a very fast natural delivery though, only 2 1/2 hours of labor ending with a 9lb5oz baby boy (he is not named yet)! And I had a 7/7/07 baby! I knew it was a possibility when I got pregnant, but I never thought it would actually happen.. or happen quite that quickly!

No one has hassled me much about going UP - we have to stay in the hospital for 48 hours since my GBS status was unknown, and there was no time for antibiotics (they barely had time to get an IV in me, which they were determined to do since I'm a redhead and for some unknown reason they were convinced I'd have bleeding issues and basically wanted to cover their butts), but I can deal with that.

So I just thought I'd let everyone know.. I'm not dissapointed in how things turned out - I'm fine, and baby is fine.. and we'll both be bored in the hospital until tomorrow
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Congratulations on your new big baby boy!

Enjoy your babymoon!

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Congratz on your little one!: : :
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I'm wondering if the bleeding was from the swift dilation? Glad it went so well for you, even though it wasnt' what you had planned.
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Congratulations, Sarah!

I'm glad you and the baby are well and you're being treated relatively respectfully. I must add I'm also glad, in a thoroughly selfish way, that since you're stuck in hospital for a while, you got one with internet access to tell us the good news.

Take gentle care,
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Congrats and have a happy babymoon
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I think I would have gone in too - I've never bled before my babies were born. Have other ladies bled during labor? Just curious...

Congratulations on your new baby and the quick labor!
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Congratulations! Gushing blood would certainly concern me. I have never bled before any of my babies came. I am glad everything went well. I hope you get home soon to enjoy your babymoon!
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hooray, congratulations!
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Congrats! When/How did the bleeding start?
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Congratulations! I'm glad it all went so well. I'm glad you got to the hospital too late for things to get messed up. That's wonderful!

For what it's worth, I got freaked out during my UC birth. I didn't actually transport, but if I didn't have someone there to calm me down I would have. That's one of the reasons I'm thinking of hiring a MW this time around, to keep me from going to the hospital, and to keep things from getting unnecessarily medical (my births take a long time, so they'd probably end up doing tons of stuff to me and then I'd have a c/s). I really do understand how something sudden in labor can throw you like that. I nearly lost it when my water broke last time.

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wow! a 777 babe!!!
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CONGRATULATIONS! So glad that everything has and is going so well....

To a PP, Out of 6 births, I have bled during labour with 2 of them; one with a mw and my uc. My mw did tell me that it was the quick dilation and bloody show. If I had not known this, when I had my UC I would have been a little freaked as I thought my water had broken! It felt like it was pouring out....I guess it was in a way. Also, the bleeding happened within 20minutes of the birth...
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Congrats!! Welcome baby boy!
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Originally Posted by Collinsky View Post
I'm wondering if the bleeding was from the swift dilation?
Looking back, I'm certain that it was, but my first thoughts when I saw/felt that much blood, was that it had to be from an abruption or a previa, neither of which were something I wanted at home... hence why I freaked a bit and went in. If it had been slower to start, and less of it all at once, I might not have worried (as much).... but it's hard to say.

The bleeding started just a half hour after I woke up (I had already gone to the bathroom when I got up) - I had been sitting on my yoga ball trying to figure out if I was really in labor or not, then I went to go pee again, and I did, was getting ready to wipe, and *whoosh*. It was really weird. I thought maybe my water had broken until I realized that it was all fresh blood.
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Yay! Congrats on your baby boy! FWIW, enjoy the time to just kick back and have food delivered straight to your bed.
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wow thats a big boy Congradulations
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Congrats on the healthy baby boy and on doing what felt right during labor! Glad to hear the hospital isn't giving you a hard time about UP!!
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