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Help! Allergic reaction to watermelon??

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My dd just had a major reaction to watermelon! She broke out in hives everywhere the watermelon touched & her lips swelled. Within 20- 30 mins she was almost back to normal. She has had watermelon before & has not reacted. Per her allergy testing back in December she is allergic to DAIRY & EGGS, with a slight reaction to WHEAT & PEANUT. I try to avoid all her allergens. She does have wheat on occasion. I still nurse but the dr said to avoid everything except wheat. That seemed like it has been working for us. She has really improved dramatically since December. But with this past holiday I was not as careful as usual. : But I have cheated in the past before. So I'm just confused as to what it going on! Why is she having this reaction all of a sudden? The only other thing diet wise is that I'm having more raw tomatoes than usual. We planted a little garden so I'm hoping that's not it. I usually eat a lot of things with tomatoes & dd loves the salsa I make & has never had a reaction. Sorry if this post isn't very clear. I'm just freaking out about her reaction when I was starting to think she was doing really well. I was trying to read & follow the Healing the Gut Tribe but I was : so I took a break. I guess I need to get back to reading & researching!

TIA for any advice!
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It's possible that she is just developing more allergies the older she gets. As far as I know there is no relation to tomatoes and watermelon.

I used to eat watermelon as a kid and then all of a sudden I couldn't eat it anymore. Made my mouth all tingly and itchy. I am allergic to all melons and cucumbers which I think are also in the melon family. Has your DD been eating any cucumbers?
I hope that you can get a handle on her allergies. It's so frustrating.
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I'd be inclined to think that she's developing more allergens. That said, melon is pretty allergenic.
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Melon is also one of the fruits and veggies that can be tied to oral allergy syndrome, where the person reacts to a fruit or vegetable because of its similarity to a pollen they're allergic to. For some people, it's year round, for some it's only during pollen season that it's a problem. Some people can eat the food cooked or processed in some ways because it changes the protein.

If you don't have an epi, I'd ask your allergist about whether getting one was useful and about having an action plan as to when to use it and other meds. Per our action plan, what you describe for my son would trigger us using the epi; for other kids it wouldn't.
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