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It is so great to find this thread and know that i'm not the only one! I took HB with my first baby, and was so excited about it, was totally convinced that it would work. Then I got to the hospital, and it all fell apart. Between the interruptions and the checking and the monitors (my dd's heartrate wasn't stable), I never had a chance to get fully "hypnotized". I had a terrible, terrible labor and SO much pain. It made the pain that much worse that I had been convinced that labor would be painless, that I would be all peaceful and serene like the women in the videos-- and meanwhile, I was shrieking "like a wounded animal" the whole time, as my husband puts it. I felt like a failure because my birth was the complete opposite of what I had been taught to expect. I can imagine that it would work if I'd been home the whole time with my instructor there to coach me. But without help, in a hospital... I think it was all but hopeless.

Best of luck to everyone else,

B.T.W. I'm pregnant again, and planning a homebirth-- but I don't think I can give HB another shot. I'm too angry about all of the crap about how pain is all in your head...

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I've had a number of clients use Hypno at their births: some feel it did a lot for them, but many of them felt angry and upset that they didn't get the "painfree" birth that their instructors said that they'd have. One woman was so overwhelmed by the sensations that she was having that she gave up her homebirth plan and demanded we transport to the hospital for an epidural (she was just 3 cms and had been in labor for only a few hours). Another woman (who had used Bradley previously) felt that hypno made a difference for her, but that she'd scream if she heard the relaxation tape again!

I believe some women will have a painfree birth with or without hypno or other coping methods...but I also believe that labor is called labor for a reason.

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I am so glad to read all these opinions/information. I have thought about hypnobirthing, but haven't researched it too much. After reading your posts I think i'll check into it more. I would like to try giving birth without meds, but I'm really scared about the pain. Also, the information I just received about a doula service in my area contains information about hypnobirthing, so maybe I can find a doula that can help me with it. Thanks again for the info!

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It was great reading other peoples experiences with hypnobirthing. We are starting a class July 8th! This will be my second labor, the first one was rough, I had a posterior baby in the hospital after a long labor.

So this time around, I want to learn to relax and not 'fight' the pain, somehow I need to step back from it and let my body do it's thing.

We are having a homebirth and I plan on laboring in the water (renting a cool looking birth tub from aquadoula.com) and using the hypnobirthing relaxation techniques.
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Rozilla- It is great that you are getting prepared for your upcoming labor. I pray that it'll be a good one. Just remember to practice, practice, practice the hypnobirthing. I truly believe that it can make labor great and rewarding. Let go of all the negative beliefs you have of labor. This one will be wonderful.

Just wanted to give you some encouragement.
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Thank you for the words Beth, they mean alot!
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As a doula and BFW mentor (in training) I really wan twomen to feel good about thier birth AND how they coped with it. Feeling out of control, loosing it, more pain then you ever imagined possible is a NORMAL part of birth - it's our judegment about those that trips us up. It's our minds - NOT the situation.
It's improtant to note that more women get epidurals not because thier labor isn't normal or they aren't coping well, but because others (nurses, spouse, society - whoever!) think they aren't coping well. Get it? "Honey, that's too loud...breathe, just breathe, do it with me..." And what does that message do to the body/mind in labor?
I want women to know that they are strong, powerful, and "good-birthers" (what a horrible judgement) whether they give birth howling and screaming, calmly and serenely, with an epidural, or a greeting thier child under the operating room's brigh lights.
What's important is the heart they bring.

With love,
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that was truly beautiful...thanks!

I'm expecting my first in Dec. and don't intend to use hypno or any special method. I will, however, have a doula, my midwifery team, my mom (who just told me she wanted to be there to hold my hand), my hubby, and two friends (who are there to feed everyone and hold my hubby's hand!) I plan to keep my avenues open: to walk to lie down, to use a shower or tub bath, to go outside, to stay in...whatever my body needs at that moment. I expect that it *will* hurt, but I believe that I can do it and will have people there to reassure me. I know that the pain won't be forever, even if it feels that way at the time.

I plan to birth at home, hopefully peacefully, but groaning if needed with the people I most trust to help me find my path. Birth is a journey and I don't want to miss a moment.

best of luck to all the mamas.

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We had our first hypnobirthing class on Tuesday. I really like the instructor, her energy is contagious! Already I can see how hypnobirthing will be a great 'tool' for this birth.
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I pm'd you.
Hoping to get in on the class, I'm in NW Ohio.

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Whats pm'd? :
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Private message. A notice should pop up that you have one, and tell you what to click on.
Anyway, rather than chance a delay as I've already missed a class, would you mind posting it here? or click on "pm" at the bottom of my post if you prefer and leave info there.
I had given up hope of finding an actual class, and planned on just ordering the tapes, when I saw your posts. Woo-hoo!
I would really like to contact the instructor Monday morning.

Ann Arbor is our little oasis in the desert in these parts.
Went there for my first vbac a "few" years ago.

Thanks again,
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