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What does your 9-10 month old eat?

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Just curious. Mine eats practically nothing. I offer a lot of stuff but he's not interested in anything that isn't a big huge thing he can hold in his hands. Won't eat mushed up stuff, won't eat off a spoon (if I offer or if I just put some on a spoon and let him take it, he just bangs it around and makes lots of noise). He won't eat chunks of stuff he can pick up. he just likes playing with food and almost none of it ever goes in his mouth.

I ask this question, not because I am particularly concerned that he's not interested in eating, but I have just *never* seen a baby by 9 or 10 months old that has so little interest in eating stuff.

So, what does your baby eat and how do they eat it?

(we've been offering stuff to ds since he was about 6.5 months old and he 's now 9.5 months old. The one thing he loves is if we cut a hunk of watermelon rind with a little bit of red on it, he'll hold onto it and chew it all up with his 2 teeth and consume a fair amount, but I have trouble finding other things that are that hard for him to eat. Softer things he can hold, like banana, or apple, or carrot, he manages to bite off big chokable hunks.)
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My son is 10 months old and he doesn't each much of anything either. We've been offering homemade purees since somewhere after 6 mos. He will eat about 2 teaspoons when he is in the mood...his favorites are beets and sweet potatoes. He will self feed a few organic Os as well. After reading on this board I decided to try more finger foods- that hasn't gone well though, once it is in his mouth (we've tried watermelon, apple, banana, avocado etc.) he gags and makes himself throw up. I just try once every week or two, figuring his gag reflex has to lessen some time!
From what I've read there isn't any reason at all to be concerned. As long as he is growing well that is all that matters. It does concern me at times because I really want to get the social aspect of it going- him self feeding while we're eating, but I'm trying not to push anything.
I know a lot of people here are fairly anti spoon-feed/puree, so I wouldn't worry about that with your LO. I am comfortable with it for us because he eats so little (so I don't have the 'overeating' concern associated with spoon feeding), and also we give him some naturopathic supplements because he had a UTI at 7 months, and I need something to stir them into!
Anyway, the feedback I've gotten from our naturopathic dr. and my research is that it is fine and normal. Our regular pediatrician was of course "concerned" and said we really need to push the cereal consumption for the iron. We had his iron level checked at 9 mos. and it was fine so I'm not worried about that.
Good luck!
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She just started eating at 9 months and 2 weeks ( if cheerios now and then don't count), so roughly 1 week ago

She likes self made guacamole ( spoon fed), pear, or actually all overripe fruit , fresh tortillas ( won't eat store bought), rice with black lentils (pureed), mashed potatoes with cucumber salad sauce ( spoon fed), single peas and beans, cheese crackers, pureed blueberries. It's still inconsistent and depends on her mood, if she's tired forget about it.
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My twins like plain hummus spread on bread and then cut into strips a little wider than my pinky finger. They also like Frozen wheat free waffles, again cut into strips or ripped into quarters. Organic puffed rice, or O shaped cereals are also a HUGE favorite. We also started organic yogurt and cottage cheese after 9 months (we have no dairy issues anywhere in the family). Oh yeah, watermelon and cantelope are also big. These foods are all in addition to the purees they have been eating since 7 months.
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DS is 9 3/4 months. He eats everything we eat, but loves avocado, slightly mushed and fed on a chip(he has no teeth so he gums it off, the avocado, not the chip) cashew butter on mini rice cakes, hummus on mini pitas, cottage cheese, cream cheese on mini rice cakes, broccoli, sweet potatoes, green beans, peas, (DS doesn't like any fruit as of yet) and he loves his cereal in the morning - spoon fed - oatmeal or cream of wheat.
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DS is a little more than 10 months old. He has been reluctant to eat what we eat, but that is starting to change. This week, he decided that he really liked pasta and little pieces of grilled chicken.

He loves watermelon, like the pp said. Crackers and cheerios and anything with a carby-crunch. He also loves celery sticks. He likes the blue cheese dressing, too. LOL. He does not like corn or green vegetables. With those, I get a whole body shudder. Every. single. time. :
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DD pretty much eats what we eat (aside from the few no-no's and junk food) If the food is a little tougher than let's say avacado's, I cut or tear it into small bits.

She loves anything green (peas, avacado, broccoli, green beans) and meat (steak, chicken, shrimp, fish). She is not too keen on the fruits or anything sweet, although I did make some banana, blueberry, melon, chucky purees and she digs it.

I say just offer whatever you are having and let him explore tastes and textures.
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Nothing : Just my milk. I've been offering for months. She's 10.5 months old. I'm starting to think I'll have an EBF toddler :

I give her bits of what we eat - big chunks, small pieces, etc. She likes to play with it. She'll even mouth it some (everything else goes straight in her mouth, food not so much). If she gets a piece really in her mouth, she gags and eventually (if I don't fish it out first) makes herself spit up.
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we give dd whatever we eat. last night was tacos and she enjoys the ground up meat ALOT. same with enchildadas. she likes most meats but chicken i think is her least favorite. she doesn't eat alot of fruit or veggies but we don't either. she did have some kiwi yesterday and she likes smoothies when i make them after they warm up. we eat pretty simply. cereal in the morning, sandwhiches/leftovers for lunch and then meat/side for dinner or one dish meals. i really need to add more fruits and veggies to our diet but i feel horrible when i throw fruit in the trash cause we don't eat it. and it feels like such a waste to buy veggies and leave them in the freezer for months on end....cause i am the only one who will eat them (besides dd to try them)...such a pain too!!
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Noah is EBF right now.....we started him on solids right around 6 months, and he loved them, but for the past month or so, he's been refusing everything but breastmilk. Can't figure it out, and we still offer him solids, but I'm not going to fight the issue.
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my daughter is almost 10 months old. she LOVED solid foods at 6 months of age. now, she prefers breastmilk.

for breakfast, she usually eats a few bites of whole wheat pancake or waffle and some fruit. lunch is a few bites of whole wheat pasta and a veggie. dinner is a few bites of veggie, few bites of fruit, and some Kix cereal. sometimes, she'll snack on a few bites of yogurt and fruit.

side note: our 2 dogs (min pins) LOVE the fact that she only eats a few bites at every meal. that means they get to finish her plate.
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My 9mo DD eats everything and as done since 6 months, we started by giving her foods to hold (she now eats from a spoon too) and put in her mouth.

When you say that your babe bits off big chokable chunks - does s/he actually choke or are you worried that s/he will and so stop him/her doing it? DD has been "biting" and "chewing" since before she had teeth and has never choked on anything, you might have to have a little faith and just be there "in case". IME babes who can grasp and put food in their mouths are capable of mushing and swallowing it - and bringing it back if they can´t. Usually very efficiently :

Hope that helps.
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Interestingly, my dd won't eat ANYTHING off of a spoon except yogurt. But she will eat almost anything off of my fork. I don't know if it is because she perceives that as *my* food and so it seems more appealing?

Right now, she eats yogurt and cheerios for breakfast...and maybe a few raspberries. She loves the cheerios way more than the berries. Then at dinner, I give her some of what we are having if it is ok for her (we eat a lot of Capt'n Crunch for dinner ) like if we grill chicken or have macaroni and cheese or tacos. I give her a snack of fruit almost every day. I need to get her to eat more veggies. On the whole, she doesn't eat very much except those cheerios.

That's about it - and the pediatrician was not exactly pleased when I told him that I feed her solids a few times a week. He said she should be eating two meals a day of solid foods since at 12 months that is all she will be having? I don't know if that is because she is formula fed or what. I mean, do I just cut her off at that point? So now she at least gets breakfast foods.
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Originally Posted by BetsyS View Post
DS is a little more than 10 months old. He has been reluctant to eat what we eat, but that is starting to change. This week, he decided that he really liked pasta and little pieces of grilled chicken.

He loves watermelon, like the pp said. Crackers and cheerios and anything with a carby-crunch. He also loves celery sticks. He likes the blue cheese dressing, too. LOL. He does not like corn or green vegetables. With those, I get a whole body shudder. Every. single. time. :
Just raw celery sticks? I should try that then.
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RE: big chokable chunks
He'll bite off a huge chunk of banana or peach or other soft food and yes, gag on it.

DS 1 was much more interested in solid foods and would happily try different foods that I offered starting around 6.5 months and by 9 or 10 months I'm sure he was eating at least a few spoonfulls each day.

DS 2 just ate some mushed up blueberries from my fingers today, that's the first time he's wanted to try anything like that.

Someone asked about switching to solids at 1 year old. My ds 1 was still consuming a lot of breastmilk at 1 year but he was eating a variety of small bits of other things as well. I pretty much let him eat/sample whatever he wanted and now at 3.5 he's quite a healthy kid with a great appetite and (thankfully!) not picky at all. Since ds2 has been much more picky about his early eating habits, I can't help but wonder if that means he'll be a pickier eater as he gets older. We'll see.

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Oh, am I glad to see all these posts! We started DS (now about 9.5 months)on solids right about 6 months, had a bit of a slow start but then he was eating everything like gangbusters- this was with the pureed baby foods, some home-made, some store bought. Then almost a month ago, he stopped. Cold. Ate one day, the next day wouldn't eat ANY solids. We figured he had a cold, was teething, he'd be back to it in a few days. Yeah, well, he still isn't really eating. He will maybe take a couple teaspoons of applesauce or pears. He has started eating Cheerios- loves them, and will eat some of those puffs. Will maybe gnaw on a biter biscuit. But anything else, he doesn't want to put into his mouth, and if he does, he usually gags on it- not choking, I can see it on his tongue, he just doesn't want to eat it. I KNOW he doesn't need it, but I still kinda worry about it, plus have to deal with my parents/IL's who can't believe he isn't eating more, PLUS the ped who was less than pleased about it. What am I supposed to do, hold him down and force feed him?!?! I just keep telling myself a couple things: first, my nephew was a GREAT early eater, eating chicken wings at 10 months of age, for goodness sake (not MY idea of what he should be eating, but he's not my kid) and now they can barely get him to eat ANYTHING; hopefully DS will be the opposite. And second, I don't know any 5th graders still taking a bottle, etc to school with them for lunch. I figure when he wants to eat, he will.

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I really appreciate these posts too. I am offering DS all kinds of foods but sometimes he's just not interested. I haven't consistantly offered the same food over and over either to notice preferences. He did just chew/gum a cut up cherry so I know he's finally figured out chewing!!

I am also worried about what my ped is gonna say b/c I am not feeding lots of "cereal for the iron" when he goes to his 9mo visit in a few days. He's definitely growing and happy so I know he's doing fine. I'd also rather just nurse b/c it's easier.
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DS is now just about 9.5 mos old and 2 days ago while sitting at the table with us started picking up food and putting it in his mouth. He seemed very intreagued by this and ate a few bites, dropping less on the floor. It was like he just discovered "hey! so this is what all these bits of food are for!"
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