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swimming postpartum??

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okay, ladies, it is HOT and humid here- yikes! and i haven't been in any water yet this summer so it doesn't even feel like summer, more like hell! anyways, i wonder if i can go in the river this weekend?? i'm 5 weeks pp and sometimes i still have some brown discharge but i'm done wearing pads and haven't had any fresh blood for a while. i did my own care this pregnancy so i have to mooch off of info your care providers have told you- i forget what i did with previous pregnancies!! thanks.
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Well, mine normally tells mamas that if they are comfortable in a bath then they are generally okay to swim. She tells mamas who had a tear to wait 4-6 weeks so that the tear is healed...chlorine in a pool can irritate the healing tissue and streams/lakes can have bacteria and pollutants that can lead to infection or irritation.

I hope you have a great time!

(in my case she asked me to avoid swimming for 8-10 weeks, bleh. There goes the summer!)
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