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I have 7 right now

2 Hotslings
1 Kozy MT
1 Babyhawk(most recent addition which I )
1 Wise Woman RS
1 New Native pouch
1 Ergo

I am dying for a Zolowear RS and a Gypsy mama wrap. The only carrier I haven't done yet is a wrap. To be completly fullfilled, I must conquer the wrap before my buying days are over
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Oh man soo jealous of some of your stashes, I only have one WAHM MT right now but I have a BH XT on the way, and I am dying for a beco!
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I own 14 but have 12:

1 ellaroo
1 Maya ring sling
1 WAHM pouch
1 hotsling
1 Babyhawk
1 Kelty metal frame backpack
1 Moby wrap
1 KK solarveil adjustable ring sling
1 Mammas Milk silk sling
1 Nikki's original Hip Hammock

I also gave away two slings from last time and might get them back someday but I really don't need them!
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1 Baby Bjorn
2 Hotslings (not counting my dh's)
1 Babyhawk
1 Ellaroo wrap

5 total.
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1 BabyHawk (our favorite)
2 Sachi's
1 Kozy
2 WAHM custom ring slings
2 WAHM custom fleece pouches
1 wrap (that I just can't figure out)
1 Baby Bjorn that is retired, since it hurts my back (my first carrier, from DS's infancy)
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if anyone is selling theirs any let me know i needa one bad mine just hurts me
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Check out MDC's Trading Post, or head over to www.thebabywearer.com - you can usually find some great used carriers for really good prices.
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Originally Posted by utopia760 View Post
if anyone is selling theirs any let me know i needa one bad mine just hurts me
What kind of carrier are you looking for?

I bought most of mine used off TBW site.

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So Jealous...: I totally want a MT
I have 4
2 OTSBH(DD's fav for sleeping/nursing in)
1 homemade water sling
1 absolutley beautiful urban pouch from cortez and co

I really want to try a MT and a Mammas Milk Invisible adjustable pouch-those look soo cool. I also wanna get a nice fleece ring sling for winter. DD is very used to ring slings and loves em to death, but I personally would like to see how we do with something a lil different. Can bigger babies (like 20lbs or so) be back carried in a MT? I have never tried it before with my ring slings-too paranoid I guess...LOL...
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Oh, totally! Mei tais are GREAT for older/bigger kids, although I love 'em for newborns, too. They really excel at back carrying, which is great for the toddler crew. I have my 4mo on my back as I type.
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1 heavy padded kangaroo korner ring sling*used a bunch with my daughter* it's girly

1 Maya non padded ring sling gifted to me from a friend since she wasn't using it.

1 Ergo Carrier * lots of daily use* want something lighter

1 Wrap N Wear~ just ordered yesterday.

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the first one I got was a ring sling made bya local mom. Abigail didn't like it as a baby, but likes it now. Sophia needed it as an infant, so I was glad I kept it, even though it really hurts my back and I feel so constrained in it.
The second one I got was a SnugliI from another mother who's baby had outgrown it. It's for babies up to 20 pounds. Once Sophia was interested more in the world, she really liked this one because she could easily look out. My back likes it better, too, since it's more centered.
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so I have a new stash then the one I posted.

-Cranberry ERGO (Love it!)
-Babiesbeyondborders My Favorite Deluxe SSC/Mei Tai hybrid (just got this)
-Two Podegies though trying to sell one
and a Rebozo
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I Only have 3
-1 mei tai
1-mei hip
1-peanut shell pouch

Im not planning on getting anymore
my daughter doesn't like them too much

but if I have another little one later
I would definately get more pouches,wraps and a moby for sure.
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2 ergos (1 is now DH's)
3 hotslings
1 beco
1 ellaroo wrap
1 zolo pouch
1 zolo ring sling
2 silk oopa ring slings
2 babyhawks (1 w/ minkee, 1 reversable)
oh, & an organic new native pouch

I really have been wearing my SSCs the most, & am dying to get one of the new becos!
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I have:
  • 4.1 m Storchenwiege Ulli
  • 4m Didymos Indio Terra dyed green
  • 2.2 m Didymos Indio tricolor blue
  • Bara Barn druvor
  • Vintage Gypsy Mama Bali Baby Breeze in canary yellow that only goes to the beach or stays in the house. It's way too bright for my tastes

It's all wraps as I decided early on that MTs weren't for me. However I am getting intrigued by podegais. I can't justify buying another carrier to dh now that my dd is 13 mo and running all over the place. Maybe if I can figure out how to use my sewing machine, I can make one using an old bed sheet?
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i have in regular use: 5

1 maya wrap RS
1 ergo
1 stretchy wrap
1 Didy
1 spoc

most days i use all of these except the ergo (my baby is only 4 mos so dh uses the ergo but i don't yet...prefer wraps at this stage)

stored away for another babe/stage 4:
1 hotsling
1 homemade pouch
1 homemade mei tai sorta thingy
1 lightweight cotton WAHM RS
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Originally Posted by Hunterhope View Post
-Babiesbeyondborders My Favorite Deluxe SSC/Mei Tai hybrid (just got this)
Have you gotten to use this much yet?!! I have been breaking mine in and I LOVE IT! When I first got it I was thinking, 'what am I doing adding another MT to my collection....': but seriously, this MT is so comfy! I have the traditional shoulder straps; yours must have the clips?

I have a

- maya wrap (well loved by my dd)
- WHAM sling (so comfy... )
- Freehand mei tai (beautiful, but small..)
- Babiesbeyondborders MT (perfect for my girl and my baby)
- Bundle of Love pouch (for my diaper bag)
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I have gotten rid of all the pouch slings I used when DD was tiny, so now I only have:

An Ergo (used daily!)
Two me-made mei tais

I'm also in the middle of sewing a soft structured carrier (sort of a homemade Ergo, but simpler and lighter).
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I only have 3 a moby, maya ring sling and an ergo! I would have more but I have spent all my money on cloth diapers!
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