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I have 5, but use 3:

Bjorn (haven't used in months)
OTSBH (love for quick trips in and out of the car and DH uses for naps)
mei tai made by me (I love this one--I'm really proud of how cute and comfy it is!)
Ergo (my all-around favorite)
frame backpack (I hate it. It digs into my back and hurts!)
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I have about 10. Most are wraps. Im just getting ready for the baby. I dont plan on buying a stroller. So I rather buy carriers. They are way too addictive. I still need to buy a MT.
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I have five ,and i'm buying some new soon:
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I'm about to add the new red sateen hotsling to my stash! Should be getting here any day now!
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if you had to pick one...

for a baby less than 20 lbs, which one would you pick? I'm brand new to this baby wearing (as well as mothering!!: ), but really want to try it. We don't have the money to buy more than one or two and would love some advice!! Thanks!
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only 3:
1 Moby
1 Kozy MT
1 Katja Didy
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I have a custom pouch, a homemade ring sling, an ergo, a homemade MT & a BabyHawk.

I use the Ergo the most but the BH is my favorite b/c it's just so pretty.

I also have a Maya wrap pouch that doesn't fit right & a metal frame back carrier someone gave me, but I find it uncomfortable. I had a babybjorn w/ dd#1, but never liked it so gave it away.

This thread make me feel sane for having what my dh says is "too many carriers"
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bjorn, moby, two mei tais, ergo, frame backpack, ring sling - 7

I really only use the mei tais and the ergo though.
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sorry, just read if I had to pick one. the mei tai, definately. DH agrees, says the ergo doesn't fit him right. he is tall and very broad. I like the "mei tai baby" meitaibaby.com, he likes the baby hawk.
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Not sure, here's the list:

1 Zolowear Silk Ring Sling
(I use the first two the most - almost exclusively)
1 frame back-pack carrier
1 Hotsling Fleece (only got it b/c it was a great deal)
1 MayaWrap RS (possibly going out on loan)
1 CuddlyWrap
1 H2H Ring Sling (out on loan)
1 OTSBH (stuffed in closet - anyone interested? it's a large)

So that makes 8.

Perhaps getting an Ergo as well. Have an 18+lb 5.5 month old.
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I have 2 Maya ring slings and an Ergo. I would love to get a Mei Tai and maybe a wrap someday.
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I have four:

- Hoppediz Delhi
- Girasol Natural
- Hoppediz Florence, diy-ring sling
- diy-kozy carrier
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1 Maya Wrap
1 unknown ring sling (don't like it much though)
1 unknown mesh ring sling
1 unknown beaded pouch (much too small for me to ever wear)
2 New Natives (1 medium, 1 large)
1 hotsling size 6 (I think the previous owner shrunk it)
1 Bebetai mei tai
1 Ergo

I know these don't count on AP sites, but they were before I got my Maya Wrap:
2 Infantinos
1 Snugli
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Too many : Just ask dh
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