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Any news?
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Yes, please post when you have received the envelope and when you have sent it. Remember, try to send it within 2 days of receiving it.
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I got a pm saying she mailed it yesterday I beleive. IT's on it's way.
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Originally Posted by xmysticprincessx View Post
i personally dont see why not. what is the difference between wanting a size medium green and purple polka dotted shirt and a specific coupon? its not like you're asking to buy crack from someone, kwim?
funny mama thanks for the laugh!
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Hey ladies, I was looking for the thread, sorry I didn't update. I mailed the envelope out today. It should be there soon!
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Of course most of my coupons just expired. LOL Hopefully it'll come today.
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yeah! I was hoping to get some coupons to you before. I initially thought we were all mailing out envelopes, not just one envelope going around. When I heard it was one envelope, I waited to send out the coupons. I put a few expired coupons in for the people who can use them, but I made sure the rest of what I put in is current for another month or so.
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Must have more coupons!! LOL Need to get some more inserts. :P
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Ok I got it today. Pulled all the expireds (man alot of mine expired on the 31st. I'll do my best to get it out tomorrow. Thanks!!
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Mailed it today. My dh took my coupons and threw the ones I had chosen away. It took me an extra day to mail it. Sorry mamas. I basically had the ones I chose thrown away so I just added more to it and sent it on. I'm so freakin irritated at him right now I could scream. He also threw away 4 inserts from a Sun paper.
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Wouldn't you know my Sunday paper didn't come yesterday!! GRRR!! Luckily I have plenty of coupons for this but I need to keep stocked lol!
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I know the feeling Susan. My dh actually said to me should I go digging in the recycle bins for more. Um yes you should because you threw the ones I dug out away!!! grrrrrr Sigh being married is a joy being married is a joy being married is a joy
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LOL, I still have your addy. Any requests? I keep a large file, so I have no problem sharing. And this time I can get them out before they expire!
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Got this yesterday and will send it out today!
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Got it Saturday, and it's in the mail right now!

Thanks Mamas :heart
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Originally Posted by Pfeiff99 View Post
Got it Saturday, and it's in the mail right now!

Thanks Mamas :heart
Yay! It's on its way to me!

I never got a PM from the person after me with an address though.
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Is it too late to join? :
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ACK!!! I have a bunch of Aug 31st coupons!!!
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I have it! It's all sorted and ready to go, but alas I have no address to send it to. I PM'ed the person after me asking for an address. If I don't get it who should it go to next?
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hey ladies..i'd like to join for sept. if there's room..

we never use all of our coupons before the expire..

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