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Six Feet Under Fans?

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Any "Six Feet Under" Fans out there? The new season start this Sunday (3/3). Cannot wait.
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love it!!

Can't wait to see the new episodes. We don't have HBO so my father in law sends us the tapes
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we moved into our new house in Nov and never had cable reinstalled.
the installers are coming Sun to do the job, just in time!!
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just got cable installed this AM in our new house...now the wait until tonight!
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so, whatcha think about the season premiere?
and who was the dead girl, the "Scream"-like horror film star? she looked *so* familiar...
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Hey battymomma - I grew up in Minnesota! As for Six Feet Under - I still think it's the best thing on TV! Dh and I are so happy to have it back on the air. Didn't recognize the "Scream" star -- but definitely a familiar type. I cannot get over the mother - she is a GEM! (Having a crush on Jane Fonda and her dinner party, for starters) How about Chinese checkers with Life and Death! Ecstasy in the aspirin bottle -- excelllent. Remember the mother tripping on her camping date? What did you think? Looking forward to weekly reviews.
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Hey all,

the scream star is one of those actresses that look so familiar. I know she was a guest on an ally mcbeal episode not so long ago.

Love that first episode, love the ride the show takes me on! I laughed so hard at trippin' nate! I think the show reinforces how precious life is, you just never know when your ride will be over. Love how the mom is becoming and growing, you never stop learning and stretching your mind, don't you think?

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ugh- I won't get to see it for months until we visit in laws, wish we got HBO
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i love this show!

i am so glad six feet under is back on. i think its probably the best show on right now.

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the scream girl was also on friends for a while, playing the student that ross dated.
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maybe i recognize her from Friends...
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3.10.2002 episode

so what did you think about last night's show??
love the mom's reaction to the money and the wall. her newly inspired in-control voice and feeling. she is totally coming into her own being, now that her DH is dead and she has so much more freedom. (kind of reminds me of my mom in that way...)
glad brenda didn't get all googly again over the ex-BF. thought she might, for some reason.
and i wish nate had told her about his "condition", but i guess the need to drag that all out for a while still...
and are david and keith gonna get back together??
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How about the coffin wall being owned by kroner? Wasn't the exchange between the nate, david and that bitchy woman fun- ouch!

Nate can not tell brenda yet because she is falling into a very big funk/depression and he doesn't want to burden her.

Ok, its great the mom is finding her 'eye' or whatever, but she better watch out or she might turn into a big pain in the butt. (my mil took an assertivness course years ago and my dh says this is the reason she is so annoying!) fine line between assertive and bitch!

What about the embalming fluid laced joint? claire should run away from that loser, makes for great drama.

david and keith I guess will have that typical will they or won't they tension....how about the poor niece? That would so suck to be in her shoes, but at least she got an easy bake, I always wanted one of those.

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Mitzi -- the kroner chick -- is too much. But -- mom still takes the cake. I think the writer is poking fun at the "Forum" (once described to me by a 'recruiter' as "The McDonalds of therapy"). Forestma - I think it's "I" rather than "eye" -- like making "I statements" -- you're right - she could end up being a pain in the ass. Lets watch. Yes - Claire should run (not walk) away from Gabe. The Trevor stuff was exhausting -- Loved Nate pointing out that they need to get some friends --especially ones that they like! Also liked Nate's exchanges with the football player. Till next week....
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Ok, now I'm really hooked (after last night's episode). I had been holding back before, not sure I really liked it all that much but it's getting better and better. Loved the mother's standing up in the Forum-like thing (and the leader of it was SO scary) and telling them all to f-off. Watched it at end of a very long weekend of younger sister visiting from out of town and it was such a relief to tune her out and watch another family's dysfunctions.
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i missed a lot of details last night due to extra people over, so i will catch it during the week. but i just keeps getting better!
and poor brenda, thinking such deep, negative thoughts about the world ending, since she was 6, and thinking everyone else did too...
and claire, such a horrible thing to have to deal with and to witness that shooting.
and keith being the knight in shining armor, again!
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It's simply the best thing on TV! I eat it up.
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I got tears in my eyes at the end, the way Keith was helping out with Claire...what a dude!

How about the 'ebbing' of making love? When they said with two kids it slowed to 3 or 4 times a week, I was like WOW! *sigh* Was that unrealisticly high or what? I seem to recall a survey here and that is definately not the norm around here!

Clair and Gab, what a position she is in! Reminds me of a time a friend ran away and cops were harrassing me about where she was - major flashback....

Liked the spiritual, what happens when you die aspects...the psychic talking to her hubby about the caskets...Brenda flirting with the guy at the bar (dishonest, depressed so not nice)...there is so much that goes on...

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I love this show!
I missed last night's episode but it repeats here in 1/2 an hour.
Don't flame me but does anyone else hate Brenda? I don't know what it is, I just can't stand her and I can't stand her and Nate together.
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I don't like Brenda either, but I like her more than I did. She's so cold. She's a little too the classic afraid-of-intimacy and tough-because-I'm-empty type and I'm waiting to see if the writers of the show expand her character more. She's smart, but brittle and that gets boring after a while. I did like the spirit she showed in the class she went to (last episode). She is not very nice to Nate, who is trying to reach out to her, though. We'll see what happens if Nate tells her (and I suppose this will happen soon) about his illness.
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