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I'm so glad I'm not alone. It's just they make Nate seem so cool and so sweet and she just comes off like such a hard ass. She rarely seems capable of any true warmth and the f'd up childhood drama is getting a little old. Get over it already. :
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Brenda is impressing me less and less these days. I was appalled by her having marched out of the classroom -- thought it showed her possibly out of control narcissistic tendendcies. Sorry Jempd. She's also pretty twisted. Remember last season when she set fire to the other funeral home (or at least it was alluded to)? Compulsive lying to, etc... She's interesting to watch -- what'll she do next? Seems to be extremely depressed since she committed her dear bro to the hospital.
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Oh- don't get me started on her twisted relationship with her sicko brother. I don't care how mental he is, some of the things he did were so f'd up and malicious.
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Well, since we're raking Brenda over the coals--i think they're working up to reveal her lurking mental llness--those fits of anger, smoking too much pot, withdrawing and being freaked out by intimacy--she'll turn out to be a borderline personality after all. But T-Mom, wasn't the teacher in that class a self-aggrandizing snob? I would never huff out of a classroom but I might ask pointed questions disagreeing with the teacher.

I like the relationship the dead father has with his two sons. And yes,Keith is great, I agree with you all. I hope his sister pulls herself together.
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Yes, Jempd, the teacher was an ass -- but I still think it showed Brenda's inability to tolerate not being center stage. Somehow Nate feels like he can't tell her about his illness.... Not sure she would fit the symptoms of Borderline Personality D/O - but let's see. Love the father appearing to both brothers and love the fact that they both pretend that it's not happening to each other.
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Still Watching out there?

oh my goodness! So much a happeining!

Don't we all love Aunt Sara, how cool to have someone like her in the family! There dancin' round the fire brought me back to some all nighters many moons ago.

The death at the beginning - geez - what a way to go, I like that they had a Jewish funeral on the show, showing some alternative to the usual.

I think Brenda needs some help! What do you think?
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missed it last eve but will catch the rerun tonight. i am looking forward to it, esp after last week's filler for this week.
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No wonder Brenda's messed up, with a mother like that. What a freak! I don't think Brenda & Nate will be getting married any time soon...
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I totally love this show. It makes me happy and glad that I have cable.

I really do not Brenda this season. First season, I thought she was spirited and cool but this season, she is completely self-absorbed. Granted, she is getting over not being Billy's caretaker but she totally takes Nate for granted.

I was wondering the same thing about the 3-4 times a week being Rico's "ebb" for postpartum sex. However, as DH pointed out, they are in their early 20s.

I do love David's character this season. He is showing this really sweeeeeeet underbelly that I am adoring. I am so glad that he and Keith are getting back together!

One last thing before I sound totally obsessed, I cannot get the sad lonely image of Ruth standing in the kitchen singing along with Joni Mitchell as Clare watched. That killed me.

Oh, and I actually think the father (dead) is sexy. Call me crazy but I just really dug the episode about his secret room.
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I'm with you choo choo. I feel so sad for Ruth. She is actually one of my favorite characters. If I have empathy for anyone it is her. She really wants to open up and change, I would just think that at the point she's at in her life it must be really hard.

And about the 3-4 times a week with Rico. Isn't their baby just a couple of months old? I think 3-4 times a week is a little unrealistic for your average new parents. (Even those of us in our 20's )

And was anyone else horrified when Rico walked in to find his cousin doing it with the other construction worker?!?!? (NOT about the gay aspect) but how about the fact that he is married with a new baby? I know it's not a big story line but i was so upset at that. Especially when they went and showed his wife.
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Thank you, thank you, thank you! I was on vacation and I came in on the middle of this really strange, really fascinating show about a gay mortician, who wanted to become a deacon in the church . . . and a recently widowed mother who was worried because of something her daughter did (which I didn't quite figure out) . . . etc. etc. I thought it was really good - in a bizarre sort of way. I mean, really, a huge breasted dead porno star having phiosophical talks with this gay guy, etc. . . . Now at least I know what it was! Thanks.
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I reacted to the same thing - I was kind of shocked, because I didn't even know he was married. More like, "Oh wow."
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anybody else miss the "commercials" that were in the pilot? i thought that was *genious*!!
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I missed the pilot episode, but I saw the "commercials" on HBO's website!

There's also a website that has the transcripts from the shows if you missed any and want to read what happened. They are hilarious to read! It's at http://www.sixfeetunderfan.com/transcripts.html
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OK, let's dish about the last 2 episodes...

Is Billy really OK now? Should Clare be spending time with him?

What is up with Brenda? Her behavior seems kinda whacked sometimes...

Should Nate tell Brenda about... (no spoiler...in case you haven't seen latest episode yet)?

Is there hope for Keith's sister's recovery?
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Billy...lets see what he'll do next...

brenda kinda whacked? I'd say some major whackness there...I guess with Nates new predicament they really are made for each other! I think Nate should marry Lisa, she's much cooler then brenda.

all these things make for great drama, eh?

I love to notice the way they use light...when nate was by the ocean talking to the dead dad, the sun was right behind his head and would occasionally flash blindingly around his head...anyone else notice?

such a wild ride...
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Well, Brenda has some issues and she's very self-destructive, but I don't think she's nuts. Lisa, on the other hand, is a potential nutjob. She thinks she and Nate were meant to be and that he loves her, even though he's engaged to someone else. I think she's going to turn into a major stalker...

I didn't notice that about the light. I'll have to check that out.

Billy is freaky and I am afraid he's going to try to kill Claire or maybe he'll just off his parents!
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this is my favorite show on TV too!!!
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Yeah, Billy's instability makes me nervous as well.

I totally agree that Lily Taylor's character is completely nuts unfortunately. That whole thing about Nate crying because they were meant to be and he can't be with her - phew. Run boy run!

However, Brenda is no prize at this point either. At least Lily Taylor is in love with him and is NICE to him.
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Lily Taylor's character alluded to the fact that she had an abotion once before... ("this time I'm going to keep it")

yeah right... the girl that asks the ants to leave had an abortion....
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