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Labouring clothes

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Just curious what people have worn or are planning on wearing to labour in. My previous 2 births were in a hospital and I just wore their gown or nothing but I was reading the ads in the latest Mothering and saw an ad for a birthing skirt. I thought..no way! but then it got me thinking. I asked a few friends here and had several different answers so I thought I would throw it out to all of you...I am thinking a sport's bra and a sarong.

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Nothing for me.
I like being naked anyway, during labor it's a no-brainer. I will save my favorite (most comfy) maternity dress to wear to the hospital in case we have to go again.
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I plan to labor nakey. I like the nakey. Plus basically nothing fits COMFORTABLY at 28w, so I can't imagine how uncomfy I'll feel at 40ishW.
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My first birth was in the hospital and I was in the buff. This one's going to be at home and I'll probably wear the same outfit. I was much more comfortable that way.
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I was thinking of a oversized black tank top that's pretty long. That's it. Saw someone wear that in a homebirth video and it seemed to work well!
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I was naked last time and quite happy... but I want DH to video it this time, and I'm thinking a bikini on top in the tub might be good.
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I wore my birthday suit, and I think that's what I'll be wearing again. I can't imagine having clothing to deal with.
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I saw another thread on this subject and saw that someone recommended this chemise - http://www2.victoriassecret.com/comm...me=OSSLPCHEZZZ

I bought it and it is really comfy!
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Oversized Tshirt here and sports bra. I'm not comfortable enough to be naked in front of strangers.
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i like the look and idea of this http://www.birthinbinsi.com/index.htm but probably won't get around to ordering one...i'll probably end up naked
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With my first two I wore a tanktop. With the second I labored in the tub and my tanktop was all wet so they reccomended I take it off after I had him. I can't figure what I want to wear this time. I think I might get a sports bra and then nothing on the bottom (I never do) but I guess if I have to walk outside I could throw on a T-shirt and sarong. That's a great idea! because then you can just take it off easily.
I do like being naked but I want it filmed and I wouldn't appreciate that after. I don't care about my belly showing but no one needs to see the rest
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I don't remember what I had on for my other births, but this time, it's probably going to be whatever I have on, or nothing. Depends on how "in the way" it will be
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I am actually having a friend sew me some custom hospital gowns - they will be the regular gown pattern with the tie-open back, and snaps on the shoulders, but in a prettier fabric that is more "me"
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I bought a 2X(I wear a M pre-pregnancy) 5$ night gown that buttoned up the front from walmart, and a big bathrobe(I was freezing in the hosp). It was comfy, but I didn't get very far in labor , so I don't know if it would have stayed on.
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naked was sounding good to me.
Probably a comfy loose cotton skirt and loose t-shirt if I want to walk around outside
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I labored in my favorite denim shirt from dh. Had a birth center birth last time. I wanted button down shirts so I could breast feed easily.
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I'll wear whatever I feel like at the time. With dd I ended up naked - homebirth waterbirth. With ds I wore the hospital gown (no way in the world would I be naked in a hospital - eeek!) I do think wearing normal but comfortable clothes is good for the psyche.
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If the homebirth works out, I will go with an oversized, longish T-shirt in late labour. I suspect, it will be too cold outside for anything but normal clothes, but inside I could wear one of my stretchy summer dresses until transition or so.

The chemise from Victoria secret looks nice. I could use my baby doll, but I am worried it will stain from something or other.

I agree with pp, that I do not want to be naked in the hospital if I have to go. However, I am planning on only going if there is a complication in which case I won't care about how the hospital gowns look.
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I wore a hospital gown last time, and the whole time I was in the hospital. I'll probably do so again this time -- I have a m/w but am birthing in the hospital. I wouldn't want to be that exposed (well OK, I'll already be way exposed, but having something on top will make me forget that) in a hospital, and anyway, I'd rather wreck someone else's clothes and/or let someone else do the laundry.

Speaking of which, I was so embarrassed last time, DS turned out to be a spitter so went through all the clothes I brought for him at the hospital, and DH sent them home with his sister to be washed. I didn't know until I went looking for my personal dirty laundry bag that he'd also given her my underwear, you know, that I wore immediately afterwards. That was not a pretty sight. Sorry TMI! I apologized profusely to her and told her I had not asked that she wash my underwear! DH!
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I'm generally uncomfortable without some sort of support on top (bigger boobs that are now ridiculous), so I'm hoping a sleep/nursing bra and probably the hospital gown. I like the idea of a sarong for walking around. I hope to stay home as long as possible; there maybe a t-shirt and a sarong.

I'm very confused about what you do if your water breaks (and is leaking) while you're laboring and want to move around!
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