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Little boys with mohawks?

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We went to the beach last weekend. I saw a boy who couldn't have been older than five with a mohawk. He was the fourth boy who I have seen recently with a mohawk. In all cases, the parents looked pretty conventional. Why are little boys getting mohawks now? I thought that they went out of style in the '80's.
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Several of my friends have given their boys mohawks (ages 2-8), and my oldest son (now 11) had one at age 7 for a few weeks. My DH is constantly trying to give my 16 mo ds one when he has sunscreen in his hair. I think it is just parents trying to relive their youth through the children (at least that is my DH's reason). I think it is pretty cute but I tend to let my kids do what they will with their hair.
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Originally Posted by ckmoore View Post
I think it is just parents trying to relive their youth through the children (at least that is my DH's reason). I think it is pretty cute but I tend to let my kids do what they will with their hair.
My kids just got mohawks a few weeks ago. The youngest wanted one, and older brother came in while we were finishing so he decided he wanted one, too.

I tend to let my kids do what they want with their hair, too. To imply that I'm just trying to relive my youth because of a hairstyle my kids have is insulting.

They've been becoming more popular lately - two chefs on Top Chef (m and f) have mohawks and we frequently see pics of toddlers/young kids with fauxhawks.
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Its all about individuality.
The less people have something.. the more IN it is!

I'd totally let my little boy have one.
If I had a little boy that is...
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I think it's adowable.:
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Love 'em. I'd love to see my boy in one, but he's all about "fuzzy hair", which means the shortest crewcut I can give him without clipping his scalp with the trimmers.
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Originally Posted by ktbug View Post
I think it's adowable.:
me too and yeah its just hair.. my hair was every color possible as a teenager and my son will be able to pick his hair color/style too
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I was wondering about the mohawks too. Seen tons of them in the Boston suburbs in the past few weeks and mostly on the 3 to 7 year old crowd. Don't watch tv but I assumed it was something media related in that age group. Don't think those boys are Top Chef devotees...
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It's just hair. Insert any other hairstyle in there and see how it sounds...big deal.
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Originally Posted by incorrigible View Post
Don't let people like that get under your skin. Just make your own off screen face, and don't let them bait you. :yawning:
That should be in the User Agreement.
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I call it Maddox Jolie-Pitt syndrome.
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I wish one of my sons would go for that or decide to grow his hair out. They have very short, conventional haircuts and my 6 year old, who is very methodical, would never significantly alter his hair at this point b/c it would disturb him. I love the mohawks and shaggy hair and such. And my Mom would never let me do what I wanted to do with my own appearance so I would never control my kids' bodies as strictly as she did. Maybe they'll change their minds when they're older...
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Im actually struggling with this. I think its adorable and really want to do it with ds1's hair. He is 4 and hates his hair washed so it would be less hair to wash and its Florida so it would be cooler... but he HATES his haircut and screams bloody murder when we try to cut his hair.. I used to spike his hair and he would let me do that, so Im sure he would let me do up a mohawk.. but because he doesnt want his hair cut, should I just let it grow? I mean I hate the idea of it getting any longer than it is (its grown over his ears already because we DREAD cutting it because of his screaming) because I fear washing it. Washing his hair is a nightmare lol.. Luckily, he doesnt ever really get tooooo dirty. he plays in the water most of the day and isnt a sand type kid.. so we wash his hair about twice a week. DH is talking about before we move just going ahead and cutting it and creating a mohawk on ds.. a veyr short one so its not much upkeep.. I dont know!!
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My oldest ds (7) just got one last Saturday.... he had been talking about it for awhile so we let him get it done.... it's only hair
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My 7 year old son was begging for one, I would have said yes (what the heck, it's summer.) But DH vetoed it.

No, it has nothing to do with the parents (unless the kid is 3 or something).

Usually the children are asking for it.

On crazy hair days (schools, camps) some kids give themselves mohawks - that's where they see it.
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My 6 and 3yr. olds have mohawks right now. DS1 had one last summer for a bit too. He asked for one, so I said okay. I think they look super cute! My dh does not like them at all! He's much more conservative than I am when it comes to things like that though. I figure, its only hair and its summer anyway... plus like I said they look super cute!

ETA: My younger one wanted one to be like big brother!
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I used to beg when I was little (in the mid-late 80s, after they were out of style) to get one... If either of my kids asked, he/she would have one, although I would shed a tear for his sweet sweet long hair (dd doesn't have much yet). I think that is the big difference, our generation wanted 'hawks but were not allowed to get them, but now that we are parents, our kids can do it, the stigma is gone.
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I think in some circles of parents they follow what the Stars are doing with thier kids hair..

Angelina Joilie always has her son Maddox's hair in a mohawk cut and Brad Pitt was sporting one back in April..dont know if he still has it or not..

Some kids ask for them and some parents think they look adorable..

If my son wants one one day he can have one.. I cant say no because his dad has long hair down to his butt..
Its just hair and will grow back anyway
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My son has had one for over 2 years now. It is his preffered haircut now. It was totally all my idea when he was 1 and needed a first haircut.... he matched me and my pink hair better It was just sooooooo cute! And so, it has stayed. I think maybe 2 times in the last 2 years we have cut it off and both times we regretted it and missed it and so it came back.

It is just another hairstyle. No different than giving a kid a bowl cut or military haircut or whatever other style the parents think looks the best.
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