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How is everyone doing?

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heyla all!

Sooo...how is everyone? Who is still waiting for their little one to arrive? Who is having a wonderful babymoon? Who has suddenly realized that moving from one kiddo to two is as big a shock as moving from none to one?

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We are doing wonderfully. The babymoon is awseome..... and well the sleep is not ..... It is all worth it though. How is your LO???? I went from 3 to 4 and it was a bit tough in the early days but great now. I am still dealing with afterbirth pains when I nurse, anyone else??? And how bout those growth spurts???? We were up for 3.5 hours last night nursing the entire time!!!!!
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Glad to know I'm not the only one with a babe who is a marathon night time nurser. I can't really complain though b/c Ian's had a good latch & suck since Day 1. Other than the lack of sleep, everything is great. I'm still taking Percoset for the C-section so I don't notice the after birth pains much. Luckily, my nips have recovered & nursing is a lot more comfortable.

Unfortunately, my nap time with interrupted but a visit from our doula. I really need to catch up today. In fact, baby is asleep so it's time for me to catch some Zzzzzzz
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we are doing great!!!! lucy is such a sweetheart. she's also hit a growth spurt and has a stretch where she is either cluster nursing or crying, but besides that she's the most wonderful (okay, what newborn isn't wonderful?!?), sweet, mellow little thing. i can't get over the amount of quiet alert time she has. big sisters seem to be almost as in love with her as i am. it has been an adjustment going from two to three, but so far it is easier than one to two was. i suspect that is because i don't have a two year old in the house this time. i hope everyone else is enjoying their babymoons. i can't believe how fast this time is going!!
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We're doing great! I'm loving the babymoon! It has been fabulous since DH has been able to be at home with us this whole time-he will have to start teaching again on Monday, but he's had 5 weeks home with both of us. And he is such a great daddy! Joseph is growing like crazy-I can't believe how big he is already and it has been so fun to see him smiling and cooing at us. He is nursing really well as long as we use a shield (he has a slight tongue tie that is giving him a little trouble) but we're hoping he will grow out of that soon. He has also developed quite a talent for burping and spitting-it's pretty impressive. Joseph is a great sleeper right now-I really can't complain at all. He's very alert during the morning, part of the afternoon, and evening; but he takes great naps and sleeps really well at night even though he is a bit of a wiggleworm.
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I'm happy to say that we are finally doing GREAT!!!! Baby Jack came home from the NICU after a 3 week stay, and he's now almost nine weeks old and weighs over nine pounds!!! He's incredibly mellow (expect for the occasional bout of colic) and he nurses every two hours round the clock! I'm almost completely recovered from preeclampsia and am getting treatment for depression and post trumatic stress. I have some residual edema in my joints and I'm still on blood pressure meds, but at this point, I'm just happy I survived! I celebrated his original June 19th due date by baking a cake and taking him for a nice long walk. Its so weird- the second we finally reached his original due date, all of his preemie issues finally started going away. We are enjoying every single minute of life with our little guy.

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We are doing GREAT, it has been 3 weeks now and we are adjusting well...

This is our first and it has been very different than I thought, but good...

Perrin and I have had BFing issues, mostly due to my flat nips and the fact that I had breast cancer early in life and have had several surgeries. : However we have not given up and are nursing better with a shield and my supply is getting better. I am needing to give a few oz of formula from time to time, but I think I have found some donors so he should soon be on BM only(Anyone have extra to share? I will pay for suppies and shipping if you do)

All and all we are doing good and are VERY happy to have our long awaited LO with us!

Hope everyone is doing great and enjoying thier LO!

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