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How much does raw honey cost in your area?

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Just curious because I was browsing at one of our farmer's markets today and the guy that I like the most - partly because he packages everything in GLASS instead of plastic - woohoo - charges $60 for a gallon (12lbs at $5/lb) for regular raw honey or $40 for raw creamed honey in a 6 lbs jar (what is that - 6 something/lb?). I tasted his raw creamed honey today and it was sooooooo good. He gets it down to 200 microns and it is smooth and sweet...I talked to this guy for a long time - AND he had the cutest little bunny friend along with him , so I felt kind of bad leaving without buying anything - but this is a lot of money to drop at once, so I need to plan a little for it. This guy last year also said I could arrange to get beeswax from him if I was interested He's my favorite here, in an area where we are lucky to have several to choose from.

Anyway, this is quite a bit of cash, so just wondering how this compares everywhere else??? We're in a large metro area (Seattle) so I expect it will be somewhat more.
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I don't ever buy it in quantities that large. I just can't afford to! I usually buy a quart and the price has been anywhere from $15 to $25 which would seem to compare to what you saw.

There are a lot of bee keepers in my area too so that can give one some choice.

What might be driving the price atm is that bee colonies have been dying out all over the country. I keep hearing about it but I don't know whether it's reached where you are. I don't think they know why it's happening either.
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I usually buy by the quart also and it is around fifteen dollars a quart.
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Wow! I pay less than $15 for 5 lbs!
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You are making me really miss Seattle farmer's markets!!!

I think that price sounds normal for Seattle (lived there for a year). Here in PA I get some local raw honey that is like $7 for 12oz, so your price is cheaper than mine.
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I buy from Azure and pay around $25 for dark honey, one gallon.
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Wow, I think I pay about $15 for 1/2 gallon.
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If I go to the grocery and buy it in glass jars it s VERY expensive: about $10 a pound. :
if I go to our co-op grocery and buy it in bulk (they have a big vat and you fill up your own container) it is $3.50 a pound for raw, local honey.
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I pay about $12 per quart, and it's like eating perfumed flowers. It's the most beautiful honey I've ever tasted.
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I paid around $23-$25 for a gallon of local raw honey direct from the beekeeper last August. It was in a plastic jug but once we got it home we transferred it into a clean glass gallon jug we had. He charges more per quantity for smaller amounts because of increased cost of packaging for smaller amounts. I wonder if prices are up this year because of the colony collapse problem?
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I pay about $25 for a gallon of raw honey. I'd agree with the PP, though, that honey prices are most likely higher than ever right now (especially in certain parts of the country) because of the issues with the colonies dying off.
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I had been paying at least $15/quart I think, but I can't seem to find my regular raw honey guy at my local farmer's market. So, we got some raw honey today from a different person close by for only $8 for a quart. WOW, it is so good you'd think it was worth $800. The best honey I've ever had. So creamy, smooth and light in texture, it's a keeper!
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We sell our beautiful, light raw honey for $24/gal. Its very yummy!
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I pay $25 for a gallon or $90 for 5 gallons. I love my raw honey, but I wish I didn't have to buy it in plastic. Everone I have seen locally sells it in plastic buckets or tiny glass jars.
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I pay $50 a gallon for organic honey in a big glass jar. I love my reusable gallon jar!
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If you buy it at the health food store, $6 per pound. If you go directly to the bee farm, $15 per gallon, I think (haven't done it yet).
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