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Oooh, I love all Oneluckyduck's stuff. Up until 5 months ago I lived in S. Cal near a Mother's Market, a hfs that caters to rich health nuts (it's near Huntington Beach and Newport Beach) which include a lot of raw foodists. They had SO many interesting raw food treats. I miss it so much! Though my wallet doesn't...
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So true! That's what I was thinking when I first tried the macroons -- "I'm going to end up broke because of my raw dessert addiction."

Originally Posted by firefaery View Post
have you had their rosemary crackers? They are to DIE for!
Oh no, I haven't tried them yet, will definately get some next time though!
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Those macaroons are amazing! I tried to make them myself, but they weren't anywhere near as good . They also have these cocoa crispy things that have buckwheat groats in them. They are so delicious with raw milk as a breakfast cereal... OK, now I'm going to have to make an order from the website. There is a lot of great food in the SF Bay area, but I haven't found anything quite like Mother's.
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Originally Posted by CeciMami View Post
Tahini is SUPER easy to make yourself so save your money! It's basically sesame seeds thrown in the food processor with olive oil and blended till it's a thick pouring consistency! Google tahini recipe and you'll find many variations on that recipe...I roast mine just a little before processing and use it in my homemade hummus...yummy!
Thanks CeciMami! I am most definitely going to try making my own next time. Same with the rejuvenative foods sauerkraut - it's almost $9 for a little jar and I know I could make it myself easily enough.

If anyone has a recipe for the raw cocoa crispys with buckwheat groats I would LOVE to try to make those! I am going to make NT's kasha casserole next and it will be my first experience with buckwheat groats. I'm off to get them sprouting right now.
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The two extremely beautiful people who run oneluckyduck, just came out with an extremely beautiful book of recipes. While I doubt they're going to give away their product line recipes, it's worth a look. Maybe it will give away secrets that will then unlock the mysteries of how they make their macaroons and cocoa crispies. I saw it at Whole Foods today... next time I go I'm going to spend some time with it...
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Does soaking overnight and roasting (on warm) for 24 hours, almonds, actually "sprout" them?
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I always get roasted because I'm allergic to some raw nuts. Plus, roasted tastes a whole lot better.

What bugs me is that all the nut butter companies think folks who buy alternative nut butters want them with no salt. Yuck. Salt completes the nut flavour. I have to add my own each time and stir it in.

Vent off!
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