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Poll Results: have any of these things ever happened to you at a hospital birth?

This is a multiple choice poll
  • 20% (104)
    I've had a medical intervention performed on me without my consent being asked for
  • 8% (43)
    I've had a medical intervention performed on me after I said "No"
  • 17% (90)
    a medical intervention was performed on my child after birth without asking for my consent
  • 8% (42)
    a medical intervention was performed on my child after birth after I instructed the staff not to
  • 0% (5)
    the hospital obtained, or threatened to obtain a court order if I didn't follow their instructions
  • 1% (8)
    the hospital contacted, or threatened to contact CPC if I didn't follow their instructions
  • 1% (10)
    I was told I couldn't see my child unless I consented to some intervention being done on him/her
  • 1% (7)
    my huspand/partner/labor support person were not allowed to be present with me during the birth
  • 37% (195)
    I've given birth in a hospital, but none of these things have happened
  • 3% (16)
    N/A, I've never given birth in a hospital
520 Total Votes  
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We had a very positive hospital experience, but I think a lot of that was due to the fact that we had a wonderful nurse-midwife who was our provider.
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I voted, "None of these things have happened." But I transferred to the hospital after attempting a homebirth (FTP), so they didn't have much of a chance to start their "cascade of interventions", and I knew what would need to happen if I transferred.

The hospital where I had DS by c/s was very VBAC and homebirth-friendly and practices evidence-based medicine for the most part.
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had hospital births, but none of those happened to me. How infuriating that they would happen to anyone!
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The oncall dr (who wasn't my normal dr) kept pushing for interventions that I declined. I was sent directly from an ob appointment to the hospital because of "irregular" heart rates, which ended up looking normal at the hospital. The dr started the pit and wanted to break my water immediately, but I refused. I had to be monitored and they kept coming in and getting annoyed with me because the moving around was disturbing the reading on the monitors. After they cranked up the pit one more time, I agreed to them breaking my water and requested an epidural. After I am stuck in bed, they want to screw the monitor into the dd's head. I told them no, I am no longer able to move, the readings that you are getting now are fine. I was pissed that I felt like I had to fight for every inch, but they didn't do anything w/o my consent.
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I've had four hospital births and none of those things happened to me. I had / have a really good relationship with my doctor though and I think that makes all the difference. If he tries to offer me an intervention I don't want I say "no freakin' way" and he rolls his eyes at me and that's that
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I didn't really have anything done without consent......but I did really feel pressured and felt like I had no power. I trusted the doc and felt betrayed because I shouldn't have trusted her. I was pushing on my back, had an episiotomy that ripped to a 4th degree tear, and almost had a c-section. I had internal monitors, was pressured into induction by "big baby" scare, etc......
I thought I was very educated and empowered, but I got scared and placed my trust in someone who I thought was a supporter of natural birth, but wasn't. This time I won't make that mistake, but now I doubt myself and am more scared than ever! grrrrrr!~!
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Even though I ended up with a C-section after premature rupture of membranes, a week long stay in the hospital, and nearly every intervention, I was involved in each decision and consented it was performed.

I asked every staff member to introduce him- or herself in the delivery room ("Hi, I'm ***, the one with my legs in the stirrups about to give birth -- what's your name and why are you here?"), asked about every strange beep and whistle on the machines that go "ping", and gave the okay to get the baby out when things didn't look good. DH was there the whole time (except when they were getting him ready to sit next to me for surgery). My midwife was there with us too, and said she was proud of me for sticking up for myself.

The only thing I wasn't happy about is that on one occasion, the NICU docs added formula to her breastmilk tube feeding once without asking me, even after she she had tummy troubles with HMF in the milk and we told them to stop that. A quick dressing down of the physician assistant ended that practice immediately. But I didn't consider this a medical intervention, so I put down "none of these things happened" in my poll decision.
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Originally Posted by wombatclay View Post
It depends on the hospital! Not a very helpful answer I know, but very true.

I had two wonderful hospital births (with 2 different care providers) at my small local hospital...

They meet all the mama/baby-friendly guidelines, they have one of the best VBAC rates and lowest primary c/s rates in the region (even ICAN likes them ), they don't allow formula sample/diaper bag thingies at all (they make their own mama bags with LLL info, a baby board book, a little onsie, handouts on pp care and their support line, etc), the labor/delivery nurses are amazing and many of them are certified LC so there's always someone there to help with any nursing problems or questions (many have had natural births themselves and are very supportive in a BTDT way), and doulas, midwives, family practice doctors, and OBs all mingle together pretty happily.

You can labor anywhere and any way you want, they have tubs and showers for all (even mamas with ruptured membranes), they do intermittent monitoring and will use a fetoscope instead if you ask (even for vbac mamas), you're encouraged to use whatever position/vocalization/tools work for you. They even have a special "hypnobirthing" room (I used hypnobabies for my vbac)! And this is in a teeny tiny 4 birth suite sized labor and delivery ward. Mamas can eat (they even provide food if you forget to bring any) and drink whatever they want (I had Thai food delivered in my first birth) and they even provide support for the partners (which DH really appreciated). No required IVs, no suggestions of medication, and lots of positive support.

Sadly, despite everything, I did have my primary c/s there (though by the time I got to the hospital I think here wasn't much anyone could do...but despite that they let me keep trying for another 19 hours without meds, and when I did get the meds and then the c/s eveyone was VERY respectful and kind and I didn't get any negative comments about natural birth or about "healthy baby is all that matters"...one of the nurses who had had a vbac even came in to talk with me about c/s recovery and healing). But even with c/s mamas they make sure you're breastfeeding in the recovery room, and they don't even have a nursery! All the babes room-in and if you need a break the nurse takes the babe and sits with them one-on-one while you shower or nap. And with c/s mamas they realize you need extra help and a nurse was always there to help me care for dd if my DH was asleep and I needed help carrying her to the rocking chair or changing her diaper. AND they let me nap with dd on my chest instead of telling me to put her in the "baby-box" baby bed next to the bed.

My vbac birth was amazing with tons of support and after the birth I swear half the hospital dropped by to congratulate me...many remembered me from my last birth and were so thrilled that I'd had the natural vaginal birth I'd worked for. And as a small town hospital, well, there's a real small town feel.

BUT...this is NOT a normal US hospital! And most mamas are not going to have had such positive birth experiences in hospital settings.
DROOL! Where is this, if you dont mind saying? All the hospitals where I live that I have looked in to do not seem to eb very vbac friendly
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I was told alot that my baby would "die" if they did not do something. I was belittled from the time I took a step in to the hospital till i left. One nurse kept on telling me everytime she came in that I should just get the drugs, it would make everyones lives easer, and that the pain would only get worse. Then when I did get the drugs (after over 24 hours with none) the nurse stood there saying how she could not belive what I did, how dumb she thought it was. They also did not ask me if they could do a c-s before they did it, just rolled me in the room. I have alot more, but I will get pissed again if i think about ti anymore.

(I'm still VERY bitter, can ya tell? lol)
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I've had 4 hospital deliveries and the worst thing that happened was my 11 year old was delivered with forceps

I can't imagine having all of those horrible things happening - however I realized after this last pregnancy that I had been blessed with relatively easy pregnancies and labors with my first 3 kids.
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Originally Posted by ckhagen View Post
I think something perhaps that maybe you left off the poll is "I was told a situation was emergent and a certain course of action was necessary, but none of that was true".

That would be my situation. I consented to most of what happened to me, but only because I was told I had no choice because my baby would die or because labor was "not progressing" (far from the truth).

My DS was administered a Hep B vaccination after I vehemently told them not to. He was also bathed for the first time outside of my presence without my consent, before I even saw him for the first time. I also believe he was given glucose water in the nursery.

All of those things are only a small amount of the victimization I experienced though. The general care I recieved was miserable.
Mine is a very similar story, sadly.
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Although my daughter's birth didn't go the way I had planned, none of those things listed above happened to me during her hospital birth.
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Originally Posted by ckhagen View Post
I think something perhaps that maybe you left off the poll is "I was told a situation was emergent and a certain course of action was necessary, but none of that was true".
I think that is a big part of the problem with OB care in general. That was experience too. My L&D experience started out okay, but got worse as the day progressed. I found the "night shift nurse" cliche to be very true. The first thing the night nurse said to me was, "I've had a look at your birth plan, and I want you to have a healthy baby and birth, but I've been a nurse for 16years and I'm not going to let you do anything that will cost me my license."

...not the best way to introduce yourself to a woman who has been laboring all day. That dumb b&*^%h, I can't remember her name, but I will never forget her. : NOT!

That being said, the day shift nurse before was awesome, and the postpartum nurses rocked! The first nurse I had postpartum even came back to check on me and make sure we were okay, on her own time, the next day.

I would not go back to a hospital again to give birth unless I had no other choice. But I think you can have okay birth at the hospital, I've seen it happen, but no matter what it's still going to be a hospital birth. KWIM?
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I gave birth in a hospital twice. Everything went ok at my Dd's birth, but mostly because I went along with dang near everything they said.

After my Ds's birth though, the nurses called CPS on us for refusing the eye ointment. We had no clue until a very sweet pp nurse ran ahead of the CPS worker to warn us. CPS threatened us with a court order and then being charged with medical neglect if we continued to refuse. She even lied to me when I asked what I could do to refuse it (there actually is a waiver in MI). She also said they would seek custody of my son if we refused a court order. All of this happened within an hour or so of giving birth. I was overwhelmed and freaked out and we consented. CPS still came to my home to 'check on us', about 3 weeks later. :

FWIW, I had a great relationship with my CNMs. They had no clue that the hospital could or would call CPS over the eye goo. And they had attended hundreds of births in that hospital. I also thought I was informed on my rights. But I was unprepared for being lied to and I did not have any copies of the waiver to back me up. I was also completely unprepared for having to fight CPS within hours of giving birth.
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"I've had a medical intervention performed on me without my consent being asked for"
The episiotomy.


"a medical intervention was performed on my child after birth after I instructed the staff not to"
The Hep B shot. I said 'no' so they convinced my husband to sign the form. It's my fault though, before labor I never expressed to dh why I was saying 'no' to that
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I had a great hospital birth with my DD.
I was lucky enough to have an OB who I loved, (I considered a Midwife, but liked my OB so much that I decided to stick with her) She took the time to sit down with me and ask what I wanted and after I was done said, I see no problem what so ever with that... And stuck to her word.

I had a natural birth with no interventions. Not even a whisper of pain meds (Except in my head ) I would do it over again if I had to.
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laralee16- the Finger Lakes region of upstate NY...it's not a beautiful hospital, it's all intitutional green and beige and there's no "birth suite as pretty spa" vibe, but the people and attitude make up for it!
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I refused a catheder and was given some grief, but I held my own and gave birth just fine without it...imagine that: I think that first time mothers are harassed more often for some reason. God forbid a first time mother know what she wants and dare to have opinions.

My last birth was in a birthing center and It was my favorit experience of all 3 births that I've had. Jakuzzi baby....nothing's better
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I've had two hospital births, and didn't have any of those things happen either time.

The hospital staff did try to insist that I have continuous fetal monitoring at one point, but my own OB (who knew my views on the subject) said it was unnecessary, so the hospital staff required me to formally acknowledge that I'd been informed of the risks, etc. but they went along with my/my OB's wishes without any further hassle.

Obviously, I think having an OB or nurse midwife who will go to bat for you with the hospital staff is vital.
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Nothing bad happened to my son and I during my hospital experience. But, my hospital is awesome, and all 4 OBs I saw were excellent, very low-intervention and pro-NCB. So were the nurses.

As it was, I needed a LOT of medical intervention, but there was not a single procedure that I did not consent to, or that I felt uncomfortable with.

Here's hoping for a NCB next time, and hopefully with a midwife!
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