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Not exactly the voice of experience, but I have wondered about twins since I found my uterus more than an inch above my pubic bone at 8 weeks! My OB just does bloodwork before the 12 week mark, unless you are having trouble (bleeding, ect.). At my 12 week appt. he was called to a delivery, but I insisted a nurse check for a hb b/c and told her I suspected twins. At this point my uterus is about an inch or so below my belly button! One HB was found immediately about an inch below my belly button, so the nurse went ahead and scheduled me for an US, and sure enough... TWINS! I don't think at this point it will hurt to get an US, but I really didn't feel the need to early in PG. I still have 3 months before I get to huge to do anything (hopefully!) so I feel like this was a good time to find out. BTW, they do think they saw 2 placentas, but were not sure, there were definately 2 sacks and I am sure I O'd twice so we are thinking it's probably fraternal twins. I'd say hold off another month or so and see where your uterus is, I could totaly tell this PG was differnt from my other 2 by 8 weeks. Good Luck!
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With #3, I had a sono at 7 weeks to rule-out twins. It was such a relief to see just one.
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Hi everyone,
Well, I reached out in the tiniest way a couple days ago towards getting an early ultrasound, thinking that nothing would come of it - at least not for weeks. To my supreme surprise the doctor (herself) who does the in-office Ob ultrasound emailed me with an appointment time of 1:00 tomorrow! My phone number was wrong in the system, but instead of just letting it go the doc emailed me personally. So now here it is in my lap, I'm around 8 weeks now, and I'm going to take it. I know it's very early and that one twin (if there even are two), could still be lost. But I feel the unique stress that not-knowing has been for me, my family (especially Dh), and the pregnancy needs to end. I do feel better knowing I won't have just a radiology tech following protocol but a family physician in her office simply taking a quick peek. Geesh, I still can't believe I got this appointment! I was told initially that since I'm a new patient it would probably be weeks and weeks before I could get in.

I'm petrified of learning there's only one but I have to face this some day and better early disappointment than later. PLEASE let there be two healthy children in there! I will let you all know if I'll be joining you for longer-term!
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Good luck and best wishes!

Let us know!
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I found out at 6 weeks and was happy I did. It explained why I was so sick and I was able to spend the next 8 months getting everything that was needed....and cheaper buying them in twos (for those of you who don't know Babies R US gives a 10% multiples discount on larger items, stroller, car seats, swings.....just tell them up front it is for twins). I was able to read up on everything. I lost weight the first 16 weeks because I was sick but still made that up and gained another 60 pounds before they were delivered at 36 wks.....so they say it's important to gain early but don't worry if you can't.....my babies were still healthy.....and if you are puking all the time there really isn't anything you can do to gain weight. Finding out early was great for me......but I'd already read up on some things and prepared myself for the possibility that I could lose one by 10 or 12 weeks. A lot of women lose a baby early and never even knew that they had twins.....so if you chose to find out early, prepare yourself.
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Good luck and I hope that you hear what you want!
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Good luck. Let us know what happens.
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How old are your older 2 children?
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Peeking in for an update!
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Well, sadly it was not to be. We saw one perfect baby in there, measuring perfectly for my dates and heart beating beautifully away. There is no evidence of a vanished twin that we could tell. The spiritual side to all this is about the reincarnation of an amazing local woman who herself was an identical twin. I'm assuming now that the strong twin-feelings I had were an echo of her previous life. More to that incredible story if you'd like to hear it.

I'm adjusting, and admit that although I did truly hope my intuition was right and there were two in there, I'm somewhat relieved to have my life simplified by this news. I know what you amazing mothers do is no small feat!

My older children are 3 and 2 now, just 12 months apart (geminis both). Our initial plan was to have one more biological child and then adopt an infant quickly after our third was born so we have a second "pair" of siblings that will be close developmentally and tandem nurse. This pregnancy is about a year earlier than expected, so we'll see how we feel about the adoption process in a few more months.

Thank you all for your support and wisdom. I wish you all the best in life's challenges and joys.

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Sorry for your dissapointment.

Perhaps it was a good thing to find out early then. Many happy blessings on your pregnancy and birth!
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Awwwww.... Hugs to you. It sounded like you were really one of those people who was actually prepared to handle twins. Blessings on your singleton pregnancy and on your future plans.

I want to say how much I appreciate your spirit about all of this. I never post on these kinds of threads (the "am I pg with twins?" threads that is) because my own history with infertility is so much with me still that I can't imagine being in that position. But your spiritual preparation to receive children into your life is a genuine inspiration. Thanks so much for sharing this part of your journey with us.
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I'm sorry. I'm glad to see that all is well with your little one though.
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Twins are hard. And I'm glad you have a healthy looking babe in there.
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Congratulations on what sounds like will be a wonderful, healthy, pregnancy.
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never mind - I didn't read the entire thread before posting.
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