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It isn't silly if you have people over a lot, or make holidays, or what have you. I always loved having somewhere to eat that was out of sight of the dirty dishes.

I need more space for all our books. Simplify, shmimplify, books are an essential possession.
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We have an 1850sq. foot rambler and it's just about perfect. My only wish would be for another bedroom and a powder room.

I wouldn't want to go much smaller than where we are now. It's nice having wide spaces for ds to run around in and to spread out his toys (train sets and stuff).
I have a hard time relating to families with one or two kids who feel they need to have 5000sq. feet + in order to breathe. Too much for me.....
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We have 1000 sq ft for 7 of us and a BIG dog.

One bathroom.

Truly, slightly bigger space would have helped. Or the basement being a usuable space.

Not that the older kids have moved out, it's plenty for the 4 of us. (poor doggie died)
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I think todays homes are built way too big. The problem with most homes is not having enough sq. footage but a bad layout.

Our house 1,025 sq. ft.3 bedrooms and 1 and 1/2 baths. We are a family of 3 at the moment. I think it's the perfect size. There's no basement(as we live in Louisiana). The only storage we have is the attic and an 8x8 shed. The shed holds just our lawn equipment. We have close to an acre of land. If we don't have room for it we really don't need it.
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[QUOTE=Jennisee;8848470]I think it's difficult to quantify "ideal living space" in terms of square footage alone. In terms of comfort, I agree with all those who said it's about layout, not square footage. A poorly designed 2000 square foot home can feel small, and a well designed 1000 square foot home can feel large.

We have that poorly designed 2000 sq ft home. One room upstairs is a loft and therefore only exists to house dh's computer and junk. It's the second largest room in the house. I am taking up the "hobby" of drywalling to claim some more space for the girls (dh can have the little room!). Our front opens up to the staircase, and a narrow hallway (too narrow for shelves, table, bench, anything useful in a foyer). The builder put these stupid cutouts between all the rooms, so we are limited in placement of hutches, shelves, anything over 3 ft tall?! And the house has a huge stinkin front window, opening to the stairs (think about late trips up/downstairs and having to be decent all the blasted time and the fact that it is 95+ deg here and like a sauna unless I blast the ac...).

Sorry for the vent... I hate my house right now. I am trying to declutter & purge as much as I can get away with to convince DH we can afford the move closer to his office (50 miles away). Houses cost more there, so we would likely go from 2100+/- to 1500 sq ft.

But I would really like having less junk around to pick up and more time to enjoy it. DH thinks I need to stay off the "hippie board". Off for more brainwashing (tee-hee!); I'm in a mood...can you tell?!
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