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February/March Mamas: How are your babies doing now??

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Hi Mamas!

I thought it was time for an update thread since there are surely a lot of changes going on with all of our babies these days.

Lukas and Jasper are 4.5 months old now and they've suddenly become these little people! They have such different and distinct personalities; it totally blows me away. They are getting pretty big and heavy to carry around with a combined weight of 33 pounds . Luckily, they decided yesterday that strollers aren't as bad as they had previously insisted. This new realization came just in time too, because it was getting way too hot to carry them both all day (one on my back, one on my front).

The big news in our house is that Luke is practically crawling! He's still not getting around too quickly, but is definitely scootching all over. He gets up on his hands and knees and kind of leap-frogs/flops forward, and then gets up on his knees and does it again. We are totally addicted to sitting around and cheering him on. You'd think we were watching the olympics or something. Jasper, on the other hand, is still quite content to lay around and chew on whatever he can reach from his exact location (no interest in moving yet). Jasper has also just decided in the past couple of days that he'd like to suck on a pacifier every once in a while. We think this is quite lovely since it's been quite obvious since he was born that he'd like to be sucking a lot, but he still hadn't figured out how to consistently suck a thumb/finger, doesn't like to hang out at my breast once he's done with the business of eating, and until recently rejected all pacifiers. But he is now a happy binky boy. My only complaint about it is that I miss out on some smiles when the pacifier gets in the way.

We took the boys swimming in a lake last weekend, and though they thought it was a little chilly at first, they were splashing and kicking around after a couple of minutes. It was really fun to get to swim with them, and I highly suggest you all try it out if you haven't already!

I hope everyone's summers are going well, and can't wait to read about how your babies are growing up!

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Lexbeach, your two little guys are so cute! It sounds like they're doing great. Leela is 4.5 months also, born just 2 days after your boys. She's grown so much! She's over 15 lbs now, after being 4 weeks early and weighing 5lbs. 11 oz. She's beautifully chubby, with leg rolls and fat little wrists and two chins and big yummy cheeks. She smiles a ton and babbles and coos a lot. She had laughed a few times out loud, but usually "laughs' with her whole body. Leela loves baths and showers. We went swimming at an indoor pool yesterday, and she loved that too.

She's showing a lot of pre-teething signs--sucking and chewing fingers, and anything else she can get her fat little hands on, and drooling quite a bit. It could be months still, though. She still has some fussy periods in the evenings, but she's very easy to cheer up. Radio static really calms her down quickly, and she loves the soundtrack to Monsoon Wedding.

I took Leela to a naturopath for the first time this week, one whom my mama friends in town have highly recommended, just so we could meet him and establish a relationship in case we ever need him for anything. I liked him a lot, and so did Leela. He checked her ears and heartbeat while she nursed, and she never cried. He also gave us a constitutional homeopathic remedy (one for her particular body type and personality), which he said should help with the thrush we've battled several times.

Overall, we're totally in love with our roly-poly, peaceful, happy baby girl. DS has really gotten used to her presence--he tells me to pick her up and nurse her when she's playing on the floor and gets fussy, and likes giving her "smackers." (kisses).

It's fun to hear these updates and compare notes on our little ones!
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Maya is 4 months old, and time sure does fly! She smiles a lot now, and she is starting to laugh. It is so cute to hear because she does it all wrong. She sucks in when she laughs and makes such a cute sound! She can also roll from her back to her belly and really seems interested in rolling from her belly to her back.
She has a doctors appointment next week, so I am not sure how big she is. I am guessing around 15 pounds. We are exclusively breastfeeding, and she uses cloth diapers.
She has been sleeping through the night, but I think she is just starting to get a tooth. She has become a drool machine and is constantly sucking and chewing on her fingers. She doen't really suck her thumb, rather her two middle fingers. She is growing so fast!!
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Kaeleb will be 5 months old on the 8th of July. Wow, I cannot believe that it has really been 5 months. He is growing so much! He was also 4 weeks early and weighed 6 lbs and 10 oz. He now weighs over 14 lbs and is about to come out of his infant carseat and into a toddler car seat. I am not ready for that yet! It will still be rear facing. He is not really scooting around yet, but he lays on his stomach and his knees while chewing on his fists. His first tooth has just broken the skin. You can barely see it and you can certainly feel it! He is nursing ok now and then, but recently he found his thumb and hasn't wanted to nurse very much. The relactation is going very well though and I currently taking Donperidone and pumping. He gets what he will tolerate at the breast and then takes the rest mixed with his formula. He is growing out of his small cloth diapers very quickly and I am on the hunt for good mediums! He is already wearing 6-9 month clothes!! MY dd was a year old before she could wear 6-9 month clothes (she was 8 weeks early). Kaeleb is rolling over from stomach to back and from back to stomach! One more thing... hubby swears that Kaeleb said da-da the other day:
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Hi all! Wow, I am so happy to hear how well everyone is doing. Lex, you are awesome!! I only have the one, and I am using all sorts of muscle groups that have been dormant for a while.

Oscar is 4 1/2 months also - weighing 17.5 lbs!! He still nurses every few hours or so during the day, but the time at the boob has gone down considerably. He seems to suck for five minutes, and be done. It amazes me, but he is growing like a weed. He has also been napping lots for the past two or three weeks. He takes five or so naps every day. Usually a morning one is longish (1.5+ hours) and the others are about 45 minutes. He can only be awake about 1.5 hours (2 max) before he needs to nap again. I've been slinging him to sleep, and just this week he started sucking his own thumb during the slinging, instead of my pinky. Woo hoo.

We thought about starting solids this week, but have decided to hold off until 6 months at least. He is drooling too, and putting everything into his mouth. He is starting to sit up well with a little support, and can scooch some on his belly. Only had a handful of rolls from belly to back. He seems to stay in a really happy, content mood as long as he has had his sleep.

I love being his mom; we are having a lot of fun together.
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My ds is now five months old. He weighed about 15 lbs. 14 oz. with his clothes on at 4.5 months, so I'm guessing he's probably about 16 lbs. now. He weighed 7 lbs. 8 oz. and change at birth. So he probably doubled his weight by four months?

Anyway he's very smiley and laughs a lot. He comes from Planet Lert! He's increasingly able to sit up. My plan is to introduce solids at 6 months, and he seems to be getting closer to being developmentally ready for that. Like everyone else's baby, he's a tremendous drooler, and has been for at least two or three months. He's not teething yet, I don't think, he's just interested in putting things in his mouth. He also does some turning over, mainly from back to front.
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My ds will be 5 months exactly one week from now. Well, 2 1/2 weeks ago he weighed in at 19lbs, 6oz 26 inches long. He was 7lbs, 6oz 20in at birth. I imagine in the past 2 weeks he has gained at least another pound.

He can sit with assistance...he's more interested in trying to get mobile at the moment. He kicks and kicks and kicks! He loves it when I hold him in a standing position. He loves to go on his belly and scootch. I put his favorite toys to the side and slightly away, and he scootches to them. He can turn from his belly to his back, and he's been trying to go from back to belly but hasn't quite done it yet. Sometimes we have a play time in the exersaucer or johnny jump-up...you should see the grins in the jumper when he is jumping and I call him my bouncy boy!

He grins for family and strangers, a very friendly guy. Squeals babbles and laughs. He has quite a collection of consonants he's tried here and there...bababab, dada, ma, nana, ga,wa.

He is EBF, cloth diapered, and sleeps with mommy and daddy. We just starting using baby signs for mommy, daddy, and milk.

He is a slobber monster! Grabs anything in front of him and straight to his mouth it goes. He has been teething, sometimes fussy at night, but hylands teething tablets and the sling come to our rescue. I'm wearing my sleeping baby now, actually. So cozy.

Last night when I heard the firecrackers and fireworks going off, I thought of all the bombs and cannons and guns used in war....of victims and heros. And I thought to myself....Jakob is my peace, and my victory.
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Good idea, Lex! So much fun to hear about everybody's babies! The big thing around here is trying to get Ellie to laugh. She loves raspberries on her neck and is ticklish . She can blow raspberries herself and has a mean pincer grasp. She smiles, laughs, coos, grins, and wiggles. She screeches sometimes just to hear her voice! :LOL She was just laughing in her sleep. I think she will sit up before she does anything. She has no interest in standing or rolling over, but does scootch around 90 degrees on her back. Hates tummy time, but so did her sister. She has found her feet and likes to play with them. We EC parttime and she plays with her feet when we go to the potty. She's also found her, um, girl parts. Too cute!

Ellie is also drooling and likes to stuff blankets and diapers in her mouth to chew on. She is working hard on eye hand coordination. So much so her whole body stiffens, she tucks her chin, points her toes, and her eyes cross! :LOL

I'm back at work and she stays with her gramma, which is going well. We all get big grins when we come into her view and she just started saying "hi." She's much more interested in her older sister now than she was and that is very fun to see her respond to Sophia. It's good for Sophia, too!

Like several of the others (all these little Pisces!), she loves the water and gets a big kick out of showers and baths. She even cries sometimes when I get her out!

Oh, and she'll be 4 months on the 11th.
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I was just wondering what had happened to the February mommas thread.

Gracie is 19 weeks and change, and this past week has been a busy one, developmentally. She's learned to sit by herself for several minutes at a time, she's found her feet & gotten them to her mouth, and now she's making consonant sounds.

She is so ready to be mobile, too. Just needs to get those knees under her or start pulling with her arms. Soon, I'm sure, but would be sooner if she didn't hate being on her tummy.

She's watching me intently as I eat, and reaching for my plate often, too.

She's only rolled over a handful of times. Most of them have been rolling off my stomach, but she rolled from front to back on the floor once. I'm not concerned about it... she's got other things to do and will roll when she's good and ready.

No teeth here yet, and she's not drooling so much anymore. No idea about that, other than maybe she's learned to swallow her drool instead of letting it leak out.

Should go... my lovely daughter is pushing on the laptop with her feet and making it difficult to type.

Nice to hear how everyone is doing!
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Great idea! I love reading about how everyone else is doing with their babes. I don't know anyone around here with babies near Eoin's age...

My little piggie will be 4 months tomorrow =) I can't believe have fast time gone by us! Eoin started out at 8 lbs 9oz....I weighed him on the 3rd and he was a hair over 20.5 lbs. I imagine he's 21 by now. He's somewhere around 26 inches, although I have a harder time measuring his height for some reason
And I wonder why my back hurts and none of his dipe dipes fit (no fair!! Those sugarpeas size 1's were supposed to last longer!)

He is determined to be mobile and won't sit still for anything other than maybe a quick nurse every now and then. He gets bored so easily, but is so hard to sling now! How can he have gotten so big already???? I keep telling him to stop growing, but he won't listen.

He LOVES the water and puts up a total fight when I try to get him out of the bath. He wasn't crazy about the local lake at first, but after a few seconds standing at the water's edge he plunked himself right down and was happy as could be

He loves big brother and me, but dad is the one who gets allll the smiles these days. He gives himself hiccups from trying to laugh every time dad walks in the room. It sweet enough to make me forget to be jealous

and on that note, I had better go before he wakes up again =)
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Hi Everyone! It it nice to see what other babies are doing!
Maegan Rain wasborn 3-8-03 at 6-15oz, She was 12-14oz at 3 months. She is justgreat, always happy and she just started screeming happily to entertain herself. She no longer 'needs' to hold her hands, unless she's on the breast, now that she's found her toes! She's been rolling over for awhile but doesn't do it regularly, she's been grabbing onto different things to move around. She loves to be outside and lay under a lilac tree and watch the leaves move, I swear she recognizes it! She's been in the pool, loves that(the only good thing about NE hot weather is i warmed our pool to 86degrees so it's warm for baby!

I started her on frozen purees fresh peaches to teeth on, we have seen white dots poking thru for a month now, and spoon fed her peaches too, but am not in a hurry to feed her like I thought I was. She is sleeping well, waking 2-3 times from 9 or 10 until 6 or 7 in the morning just to find the boob and the both of us return to sleep. She takes 2 -4 naps 1/2 hr to 2 hrs during the day. I use a sling, but I find it uncomfortable and am researching another kind. She loves be held and look down on toys she just played with.

And most of all she loves her big brother,who's 9. She gives the best smiles and laughes to him

How do I insert a pic to my message? Where do some of you find websites to post your bay pics? Thanks
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Hi all!

A week and a half ago I discovered Olivia's first tooth AND she rolled over from back to front. Big day. Her 2nd tooth is now coming in, too. They are the lower ones. I won't mind if her upper ones hold off a while. I just love her toothless grin.

I'd say she's around 15 lbs. Showing an interest in food, but I'd like to hold off a while. Every now & then she lets out a laugh, but hasn't quite figured it out yet. She recently discovered her feet & loves to suck her toes. MIL said the other day her toe was wrinkled from all the sucking! She also discovered the dog & watches him with fascination.
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Hi all!

A week and a half ago I discovered Olivia's first tooth AND she rolled over from back to front. Big day. Her 2nd tooth is now coming in, too. They are the lower ones. I won't mind if her upper ones hold off a while. I just love her toothless grin.

I'd say she's around 15 lbs. Showing an interest in food, but I'd like to hold off a while. Every now & then she lets out a laugh, but hasn't quite figured it out yet. She recently discovered her feet & loves to suck her toes. MIL said the other day her toe was wrinkled from all the sucking! She also discovered the dog & watches him with fascination.

Sorry for the duplication. I got an error message on the 1st one, but it obviously worked.
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4 month update

It's so much fun to see what good company our dd is in! I don't know of any other babies the same age around here either, so am having a blast reading this thread... Maddie loves to be moving these days, rolling from back to front--she hated "tummy time" before, but now once she's gotten herself there doesn't seem to mind it so much, and is either laying there contentedly or sticking her bum up in the air. She can pick up her head much better too. I think her favorite toy is that one that has wooden knobs and beads and is attached with black elastic in a 3-D geometric pattern--not sure what it's called, but you can squoosh it together, and she loves to suck on the big wooden knobs. She also has been a travelling fool... in addition to an early x-country trip (at 7 weeks or so) and several flights before then, she's been to Lake Tahoe, and now Maine in the past two weeks. This weekend we'll be headed out of the country for the first time--to Canada. I have to say, she's fared much better than I have with all the travel since she *loves* to sleep (and I can't sleep in anything that moves!)

Like lots of your babes, she's drooling up a storm--soaking the fronts of her onesies in minutes just about every time she gets a new one on. She got a little cold from her 4 year old friend (just in time for an x-country plane trip--woohoo.. but no ear problems or anything)--it only interfered with nursing a little bit (she'd come off the breast a little frustrated at times)--I was just sad she had to encounter a new unpleasant thing in her world (stuffy nose!). And, like lots of these babes, she loves to swim and bathe--even in cold cold Maine and Washington State lake water!

She loves books too--"One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish" seems to be a current fave, given the enthusiasm that she grabs the pages and lunges for the pictures with. And she's so soothed by lullabies (both sung and on cd)--it's amazing to watch her engagement with the world. She laughs and smiles all the time, but I have to say, I'm envious of all the "ba-ba" "ma-ma"s and cooing you all seem to hear--Maddie likes to yell and roar and grunt, for the most part, as far as I can tell, though she does have her moments of cooing very intently at us, like she's trying to tell us something! They're way outnumbered by the other sounds, though--mostly as she's trying to get moving... She seems pretty focused on the physical projects of life--trying to sit up all of the time, "standing" up between my knees..

Ok, I'm going on and on, but there are just new things every day, aren't there? My favorite today was that she got my glasses off with two deft swipes--I barely even saw it coming!
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This has been a fun thread to read! Sounds like we have a lot of water babies.

I was looking at Leela's newborn photos today, and it's amazing how much she's changed. She hardly looks like the same baby. Her hair was much darker, and she had so much more of it. Now it seems to be going to blond with some strawberry in it, and it's much thinner. I'm hoping she'll have curls like her brother.

Simcon--Leela isn't all just "coos." She loves to screech. Sometimes it turns into fussiness, and sometimes it's just screeching just for the pure joy of it, and it can be amazingly loud.

Stacyhsmom1--You can post photos for free on Yahoo and then post a link in your post or signature.
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