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James Christopher is here (pics inside)

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My baby boy came on Tues July 10 at 3:01 pm. The doctor wanted to induce me after my appointment on monday (not my regular doc) since my blood pressure was high. She said we should just go ahead and break my water (which I thought was a horrible idea), so I went home and opted against the induction. I called dh and told him to come home from work so we could work on natural induction methods I don't think I've ever seen him come home so quickly! We dtd once around 2:30 pm, and within minutes I was having contractions James Christopher came almost exactly 24 hours later, born naturally using hypobirthing techniques. He weighed 8lbs, 2 oz, and was 20.5 inches long. We're very in love with him!

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oh my goodness, He is absolutely scrumptious looking. I want mine sooooo bad: No, seriously though--- you grew a beautiful baby. Congratulations mama!!
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He's beautiful! And what wonderful photos I getting jealous of all you mamas due after me with your little ones on the outside already. Congratulations Molly!
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What an absolute angel! Congratulations!
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What a sweetie! Congrats!
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OMG we can tell whose mama is a photographer!

The pictures AND of course the baby are so precious - congratulations, mama!!
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Not in your DDC but had to say he is beautiful! CONGRATS!
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Ok, I knew we had the rockin'est ddc around, but GEEZE, I think we have the most beautiful babes around too!! Seriously, we've got a whole slew of gorgeous babies here!!!

Congrats on your precious new little boy!! He is a doll baby!

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He is perfection! I love his little hat!
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Wow, what an adorable baby! Congratulations!!
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That is one of the cutest newborns I've ever seen (course I haven't seen my own yet )!!! Congratulations! And Yay! for avoiding an induction.
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Awesome work, mama! He is absolutley beautiful, and you are an awesome photographer-- very artistic! I would love to hear how the hypnobirthing went for you (in all your spare time!)... we used it with DS1, and now will hope for a VBAC with DS2! Hope it was wonderful! Congratulations!
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COngratulations! What awesome photos...I love the hat! Your birth story is very similar to mine. Enjoy that cutie!
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What a sweet baby. : Congratulations!
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What a beautiful baby, and what great photos!
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Congratulations! and what a cute baby!!!
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Congratulations! He is absolutely beautiful and those are amazing photographs.
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Awww, thanks everyone!
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Alivia and I both say "Awwww!" Congratulations!!
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