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Did you vomit during your natural (no pain meds) birth?? - Page 6

Poll Results: Did you vomit during your med-free birth?

  • 47% (220)
  • 52% (244)
464 Total Votes  
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No- with DD #1 medicated hospital bith.

No - with dd #2 home birth BUT I felt EXTREMELY nauseous in transition. I was ready for it but it never came.
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Yeah, I did. It was over and I went outside before I even thought about it though.
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I threw up throughout my unmedicated labor. I had a quick 4 hour labor and literally labored over the toilet. I stopped getting sick after transition. After the birth they had some problems stopping the bleeding, likely because I was dehydrated.
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I threw up in the very-beginning I'm-not-sure-if-I'm-really-in-labor phase. The vomiting convinced me I was really in labor and had better wake up my husband and call the midwife.

I felt surprised when I threw up because there was no way I was in transition.
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I felt like I was going to for awhile, but never did.
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Yes, I vomited during my natural birth (it was an unassisted waterbirth.) Vomited and pooped everything out and then felt fine, got into the water, and DS was born about an hour later.
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dc#1- Had Demerol. Did not puke.
dc#2- Drug free. Puked during transition.
dc#3- Drug free. Felt naucious during transition. Did not puke.

Voted yes in the poll for #2.
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Did not vomit during any of my 3 labors.

ds1 Hospital birth, induced, lots of nausea
ds2 ditto
dd1 Home birth,one wave of nausea right before transition
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No vomiting w/my natural births, but I did after my csection as the spinal was wearing off.
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I did vomit during my natural birth...


I vomited much more during my highly medicated birth.

My vomiting wasn't during transition, but in the earlier phases.

How come no one tells you that you may get sick during labor?
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I vomited repeatedly during the unmedicated portion of my son's birth. I was about 8 hours into labor.
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No. I had a two-day labor from hell. I never felt nauseated or like vomiting was even a remote possibility. I am the sort to get sick to my stomach quite a bit, so I was surprised.
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No puking here in 2 unmed births.

With dd I had pre-labor contrax for 2-3 days (I would never call it "false labor") accompanied by pretty severe back pain-- I did feel a bit nauseous. But when it came to the actual labor-- not at all.

ds was born on Superbowl evening and despite indulging in bbq, chili, nachos, etc in the hours before his birth-- no, not once did i feel close to puking!
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With DD 1 - No, medicated hospital birth. I was a bit nauseated the day after.

With DD 2, unmedicated, I didn't even get nauseated. Actually, throughout the entire pregnancy, I had no nausea whatsoever, except for 3 days before I went into labor, where I had to carry a spit cup around with me for the day.
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All four of mine have been drug free. I never vomited with any of them. I did vomit AFTER my first. But it was a side effect of the methergine shot I got.
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Three NCBs with no medical intervention, no vomitting.
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Yup, my entire body was on "purge" mode! I scared the poor old volunteer ladies at the hospital check-in. I don't think they were used to seeing laboring women check in so late in labor. I said, "I need a labor and delivery room, stat!....................Um.....and I need something to throw up in, too!" They rushed all around looking for a barf basin, but all they found was their trash can.
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First birth, unplanned C-section, LOTS of puking. I think it was a reaction to the epi.

Second baby, vbac homebirth, no vomiting. It was great!
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Had an unmedicated, 17-hour back labor.. no vomiting. I never even thought of that. I didn't feel not one bit of nausea.
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Puked every time.
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