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Did you vomit during your natural (no pain meds) birth?? - Page 8

Poll Results: Did you vomit during your med-free birth?

  • 47% (220)
  • 52% (244)
464 Total Votes  
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Nope, in fact I have nausea and vomiting throughout all of my pregnancies from beginning to end and labor and birth are the only times during that time where I actually do not feel like vomiting. I think it is probably due to all of the adrenaline.
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no i did not throw up with natural but i did with medicated
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I threw up at least three times during my unmedicated birth. But honestly, there was so much else to focus on that it hardly made a blip on my radar. It doesn't really bother me THAT much when not in labor, but during it, I really couldnt have cared less. Here's wishing you a vomit-free birthing!
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Nope, not once with 4 unmedicated labors - but I almost never throw up in regular life, either. To the point that I can remember the last time I threw up - it was on my birthday in 1997!
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Oh I vomited (a lot). BUT I have only myself to blame. I cannot go for more than about 4-5 hours without food. I was warned not to eat because I might vomit, but I was soooo hungry. I started labor about 1:30am so I had not eaten since dinner. By the time it was breakfast in the hospital I needed food. No regrets, but then again I vomit every time I fly in a small airplane and there is the least bit of turbulence. I kind of look forward to vomiting because I always feel better afterwards
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nope, no vomiting at all. no nausea, even.
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I voted yes because there was no yes and then no. Yes- several times with my first baby, but not at all with my second (though I thought I might and requested a bowl the second time, but didn't end up needing it). But it wasn't a big deal for me and my midwives told me you get a half a centimeter everytime you vomit.
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Nope-They wouldnt let me eat anything from the time they gave the hormone shots(preterm labor) till the baby came out. Just saltine crackers and ice water/chips. I was ready to hit someone when they told me that I couldnt have water while I was IN labor: I was breathing so hard that I thought I was gonna pass out ~ but nope no nausea or vomiting.
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I did once last time. With my first natural birth I didn't. I think last time it was because the labor was SO intense. I had only been in hard labor for an hour before I hit transition (which is when I threw up)
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Once during the transition phase with each of my UCs, but not during my medicated hospital birth. Luckily Dh had the puke bucket handy both times.
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no i had it pretty good i got a little sick toward the end but i was able to get through it.
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Yes, I did. I vomited with my first doctor/nurse assisted birth and eventual c-section. Their reaction was to put gravol into my iv. I vomited with my second, midwife assisted natural vbac. Her reaction was to just keep rinsing out the bedpans and giving them back to me and telling my husband to wipe my forehead with a cold cloth.

I'm a vomiter, but the second birth I was far less upset by it.
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I posted earlier about my med-birth (no vomiting) but now that I had my unmed I can actually vote! I only had about a second or two of slight nausea during transition and no vomiting at all. This time I ate as I wanted during early labor, too (with my medicated I had horrible heartburn from no food for 12+ hours).
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I had an unmedicated birth center birth and I puked every other contraction. I was puking long before transition. It really stank, because they allowed to eat or drink (in my case puke) whatever I wanted. I still get nausea when I have a string let down. Oxytocin makes me ill and I have not figured out why. Any thoughts.
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Yep. Right before serious pushing. All over my sweet and very patient dh who didn't even flinch! I actually thought I missed him until afterward b/c he literally didn't move a muscle.

I also pooped, and peed. Yep, had no idea that peeing was even an option during pushing. Basically I was a mess of bodily fluids.
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Yes during labor with my first. I vomited and pooped up a storm for HOURS! I remember it like it was yesterday! I was trying to deal with contractions while sitting on the thrown and a few times not even bothering with the bucket when getting sick but just leaning over and getting sick in the bathtub...yes I know a lovely visual:!
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My first, I did, my second, I didn't. My first wouldn't drop, when I threw up he finally lowered. I'm hoping for no throwing up this time around either.
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6 labors and no vomit. Though I did get overheated nauseaus with #5 (it was only about 40mins long though)
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I said, but it's really Yes and No.

With DD#1, I did.

With DD#1, I didn't. Though I was nauseous . . .
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No, but I thought I was going to during transition.
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