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Did you vomit during your natural (no pain meds) birth?? - Page 9

Poll Results: Did you vomit during your med-free birth?

  • 47% (220)
  • 52% (244)
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Oh yeah, I puke everytime. But I am a puker anyway, when I am preggers. Oh wait, come to think of it, I throw up when I am overly nervous too. I'm just a pukey person apparently.
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Yes and no. I did when I hit transition with my first, but did not at all with my second.
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i did - a few times i think? - my mw said you dilate a centimetre for each time you puke. and i had a *fast* labour!
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I didn't vomit, but I felt like it every time the m/w's tried to push food or juice on me. Finally, this last birth I said, "I DON'T WANT FOOD OR JUICE - PERIOD!"
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Yes, everytime, but it's different. It just happens, it doesn't bug me or anything like if I was sick (or like the morning sickness I'm dealing with now).
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No, but like others, I'm not a puker. I had pretty miserable morning sickness during pregnancy, but only threw up once due to some nasty prenatals. I would have liked to vomit if it would have made labor faster!
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I just had a pitocin-induced (for PROM), but drug-free labor and birth. I vomited twice at the beginning of transition. I actually preferred vomiting to having contractions, because vomiting doesn't hurt. I would have gladly traded the pain of contractions for vomiting during the rest of my labor.
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Not during my first natural birth (with #2)
But once during my second natural birth (#3) which was a 6 hour very intense labor. I guess maybe that was transition? if so it was the only sign of transition.
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Oh yeah, lots of times. I don't think I started puking until about the last ten hours of labor though. It was so exhuasting. I remember my midwife trying to pry my vomit bowl out of my fingers to get me a new one. I was scared to part with it for even a second! I puked more during labor than I did my first trimester. It sure does make labor a little less than a beautiful experience. If I got a centimeter for every time I threw up I must have dilated to a 40 before dd came out.
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only once during my non-medicated birth, around 20+ times during my medicated induction/c-section.
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I did not barf. I also barely had an appetite for the 34 hour labor. Our mw and doula kept making me take bites of this and that and sip juice and water between contractions to keep my energy up.
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Yes, and I was absolutely stunned by how often and how much!

I'm normally not a puker, but I was in transition for about 7 hours during my DD's homebirth and I vomited a lot.
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