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Did you vomit during your natural (no pain meds) birth?? - Page 2

Poll Results: Did you vomit during your med-free birth?

  • 47% (220)
  • 52% (244)
464 Total Votes  
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With the thread title I'm not sure how to answer.

I did not vomit during my five drug-free homebirths.

My first labor was vomit-free until my MW spiked my tea with black cohosh & blue cohosh. B&B cohosh are not pain meds and ,as they've never been under patent of a pharmaceutical, others may not consider them drugs. I didn't know I was being drugged but after that it was constant vomiting until my stomach was empty and vomiting every time the melted ice chips reached my stomach.
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The poll would only let me choose one answer and I need both! But I selected "yes" seeing as I did throw up with my 1st birth.

Yes for my first I threw up ONCE, when I got to active labour. I had ZERO nausea with this entire pregnancy.

No for my second, although I did have a period of about 2 minutes during active labour where I felt really nauseous, but never threw up. And with this pregnancy I had about 3 weeks during my 2nd trimester where I felt constantly nauseous.
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I voted yes, but the answers were different for my two births. I vomited once during my first and it was not a big deal (and i am someone who really dislikes vomiting). I did not vomit at all during my second and in fact, ate a lot during my short labor.
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I did - twice during each labor.

I really HATE throwing up. Before my first labor/birth, I had only very rarely vomited - I think I'd thrown up maybe three times in my whole life? And one of those was while I had morning sickness. Somehow during labor, it didn't bother me, it was just something that had to be done. My mom was with me and was very reassuring about how normal it is and how it can help labor to progress. I had no trouble giving in to it and being in "laborland" took away my focus on the stress of vomiting.

2nd labor, I was totally casual about it.

Edited to add that I don't remember feeling nauseated. I would just suddenly really need to throw up, and did so forcefully, and then it was over.
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Yes I did, and that is when my water broke, apparently it was a sign! Not much though, I didn't feel sick for very long.
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I did, but it was only because I ate some crackers thinking my labor was still at the beginning and I needed to keep my energy up. If I had known I was near transition, I would not have eaten anything.
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Nope I didn't. But after throwing up for 11 weeks in my pregnancy, I would've been okay with it.

Besides, they say that throwing up in labor can often help it progress!
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I did with my medicated hospital birth (4x), but not with either of my unmedicated births.

During my second birth, I felt very hot, and nauseous, and I kept begging DH to turn on the ceiling fan. (He couldn't get it to work.) I think the heat had a lot to do with my nauseous feeling -- I get carsick easily, and one thing that always helps me is lots of cold air.

I was prepared with my third birth. I read that citrus essential oil can help that queasy feeling, so I brought a bottle of tangerine oil with me to sniff in case I needed it. I started feelin nauseated during transition, and the MW waved some tangerine oil under my nose, and the feeling passed within one minute, and didn't return.

I would recommend the citrus oil along with ginger candy and a fan to help cool you if you're really afraid of throwing up. (Also, low blood sugar contributes to that nauseated feeling, so drinking lots of juice/sucking hard candies can help.)
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No, I did not vomit at all during three pregnancies and three births.
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Oh hell yes.
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nope, i didn't with my first (medicated) hospital birth, or my two (unmedicated) birth center births. i did feel pretty nauseaus with my third though i think that was lack of sleep and low blood sugar combined. she was born at 4AM and i was pretty tired since i never went to sleep that night and hadn't much felt like eating since lunch the day before.
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My labor with ds was unmedicated up until the very bitter end when we transferred to the hospital. I did not throw up at all even though I am a huge puker!
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No puking here, but I was "technically" medicated... but only pit, no pain meds. I was sure I would be puking, too, but I didn't even have the remote feeling of nausea. I've heard, though, that usually the act of puking somehow helps the cervix open up faster... like a woman will be dilated to, say, 6 and then puke and right after be at, say 8 or 9. Might be worth dealing with to labor over that much faster.
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Afterwards, like 10 minutes after she was born, I was really nauseated and thought I was going to vomit, but never did.
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Always during transition, really not a big deal.
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No x 2

love and peace.
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No, me neither.
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I did with ds1 not ds2. Not much at all - during transition.
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No, I haven't vomited during labor...and I've eaten and stayed hydrated during both. But, honestly, after suffering from hyperemesis for months and months of each of my pregnancies, the possibility of throwing up during labor doesn't bother me in the least. It's no fun, for sure, but I guess I've got the routine down...
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Nope, didn't vomit with either but felt like I might w/dd1.
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