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Did you vomit during your natural (no pain meds) birth?? - Page 3

Poll Results: Did you vomit during your med-free birth?

  • 47% (220)
  • 52% (244)
464 Total Votes  
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no puking at all during labor....
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I voted yes but only once out of 5 births.

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I vomited during transition.

I actually have a funny vomiting during labor story, believe it or not. At about 2 AM, after 12 hours of labor at home, I decided that it was time to meet our midwife and doula at the hospital. Because the hospital is only a few blocks from our house, we decided to walk. Along the way, I started throwing up from the pain. A police car pulled to a stop next to us, obviously expecting to see some drunken college students heading home from a frat party. When he saw that it was actually an extremely pregnant, obviously laboring woman headed in the general direction of the hospital, he took off like the Devil himself was chasing him.
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First birth, YES
second, third and fourth NO

All where homebirths :
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I am surprised that so many people haven't.

My first was an attempted home birth. I threw up many times while at home before I transferred.

My second was a home birth, and I threw up a lot too. The worst was after my water had broken because every time I did, huge amounts of water gushed over my feet and legs. It was over 100 degrees that day, and the water made me feel even hotter.

I had hyperemesis. I wonder if there is a connection.
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2 babies, no vomitting.
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I did vomit one time right before I started pushing during my first labor but not with my other two. I am also phobic off vomiting and joys of all joys: I get hyperemesis during pregnancy. Although when I vomited during labor it was not so bad.
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3 no-meds births, never threw up. and i am very vomit-phobic
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with my first yes, it seemed that morning sickness never fully went away and I recall in early labor vomiting several times--
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vomiting during transition is perfectly normal and quite common from what I understand.

that said I puked for 2.5 hours while I was in transition. water, icechips, gingerale, juice - it all came right back up. Thank god I have eaten while in labor or I would have been dry heaving the whole time rather that just the last 45 minutes or so. I was sick to the point that my MW was worried about dehydration and made me get out of the tub (we were at a hospital and it was required) and start an IV. I was soooo disappointed. It was then that I agreed to some Stadol to help - which it did. I was able to stop vomiting and rest a bit before DS decided he was making his grand entrace. And while I was resting, I actually started dilating again. I went from maybe 7cm to pushing in about 45 minutes to an hour!

Labor was great, delivery was hard but good, but transition kicked my butt!
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Two births (unmedicated hospital) no barfs.

Several friends barfed during transition. Evenly divided between medicated and unmedicated. I don't see any link between med status and barfing, at least in my own set of personally-known data points...
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yep . . . puked a lot in early stage labor (homebirth, unmedicated, somewhat assisted). It was dreadful, actually, because I was *really* thirsty, but couldn't keep any fluids down. In mid-stage labor, thankfully, the puking stopped. Definitely not my favorite part of labor . . .
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I did while in transition with my first but I did not with my second. Both were homebirths.
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I did, but only during transition, and only when I tried to lie down through a contraction. When I stayed upright I was fine.

I was a bit freaked out when I started feeling nauseous, because I felt like I would explode from the pressure if I had to throw up during a contraction! But it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be, it just happened and I was pushing not too long afterwards.

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Originally Posted by savithny View Post
I don't see any link between med status and barfing, at least in my own set of personally-known data points...
I'm just asking for my own reasons...
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First birth-
I vomited several times early on...maybe 5-6 times in the first ten hours of labor. I eventually got an IV for fluids at the hospital since I hadn't been able to keep anything down for over 24 hours.

Second birth-
Vomited several time the day before labor began but didn't jave any trouble keeping things down during the birth itself. I did poop a lot during pushing though!
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Yes, I had eaten some pineapple a couple hours into labor (cntx not yet that strong) and it came up later. Haven't had pineapple since
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I vomited a lot for several hours during labor - not during transition though. It was when i was dilating from 5-7cm (which took ~6 hours).

I didn't think it was too terrible. The first two times I vomited I didn't have anything in my stomach so that was bad since there is nothing worse than wretching without anything coming out except bile. Then i started making myself eat something so that i would actually have something to throw up. This worked very well and the vomiting with things in my stomach was much more comfortable. I ate dried frui which was sweet so the vomit didn't taste too bad.

I know that the previous paragraph probably sounds really gross, but that's how it was for me in the middle of my (long! - 52 hour - ) labor.
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I did, while in transition with my first. I didn't have transition with my second and didn't throw up either.
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Nope, I didn't vomit either time. From my experience as a student midwife, I would say that maybe 1 in 4 or 1 in 3 women vomit. Just my anecdote...
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