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Did you vomit during your natural (no pain meds) birth?? - Page 4

Poll Results: Did you vomit during your med-free birth?

  • 47% (220)
  • 52% (244)
464 Total Votes  
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I did with my medicated and non-medicated birth. I puked just a small amount with the unmedicated, a couple small heaves ....with my medicated birth it was a couple of big heaves......

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I couldn't vote b/c I did vomit with the first but not with the 2nd. I hate hate hate to throw up, but to tell the truth it wasn't so horrible. It just happened and I didn't fight it like I usually do.

The 2nd time I didn't believe I was in transition b/c I wasn't puking and I though that was going to happen again.

I'm going round 3 and we'll see what happens this time.

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With #1 I puked during transition (I was pretty tired though and hadn't eaten since the evening before; so I was resting in bed, puking in a bucket a few times). I think because my water broke after less than 2 hours sleep and then transition 12 hours later on an empty stomach probably didn't help.
With #2 and #3 not at all. Didn't feel the least bit nauseous. But #2 was super fast, and for #3 I was well rested and relaxed and ate a few times during my relatively short labor.
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I threw up during my unmedicated birth and my drugged hospital birth.
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Three normal births in the hospital -- no vomiting here. I am also an emetaphobe -- I have only thrown up 7 times in my entire life.
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I did several times during my vbac labor at home during active labor. I did get an epi after I transferred (not planned) and didn't vomit after that.
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No I didn't for either birth. One was a c-section, the other a med free vbac.
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My answer is no for my 1st birth (unmedicated). However, I came awful awful close during the last few contractions of transition...I was terribly nauseated for those last 20-30 minutes. I'm an extreme emetephobe so I was fighting it with everything I had; just as I finally gave in and realized it was probably going to happen, transition ended and so did the nausea.

One of the things that I believe kept me from actually throwing up was my m/w got a big tub of ice water and kept giving me rags soaked in the ice cold water to put on my fact & neck. I plan to use this technique again with my upcoming birth!
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Originally Posted by 1babysmom View Post
Just "yes" and "no".

The worst part for me would be anticipating it. I know I sound nuts to lots of people, but vomitting is one of my top 3 scariest, awful feelings. So many people (DH included) remind me of how much better you feel afterwards, but I just CANNOT get myself to think of anything other than "please God, I don't want to puke!" And I can't imagine adding that into labor!!:

Yep, me too. It's an irrational fear, but there you go. I've puked a grand total of four times in my life, and I think it's mostly because I'm so afraid of it that I will it not to happen.

This is my single greatest fear about giving birth, now that I know about it.
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yes, several times
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Yup - at home, maybe halfway through labor, several times. I seem suceptible to vomiting, though. I get seasick, airsick, carsick, heat sick, alcohol sick, and never get an illness except for stomach bugs. Basically, if anything is different, my body responds by throwing up, so I may not be the best person to ask
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nope. no pukey feeling at all during either one. (2 homebirths)
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Yes. I did all three times.
Just once for each labor, that's how I know I'm in transition.
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I vomited once during transition, but it was no big deal (did it and then I felt better).

I think it was also due to the fact that when I was in early labor I was SO HUNGRY and insisted that DH make me some pancakes!!!! At the time a friend of mine said "I wouldn't eat too much if I were you..." but I didn't really heed her advice. I mean, I was SO hungry!
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Oh, and I forgot to mention that yes, it was an unmedicated birth.
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Never threw up. During pushing though, each contraction would be accompanied by an overwhelming wave of nasuea. Distracting didn't even begin to describe it. I couldn't focus on pushing...I wanted to throw up...need to push...which one which one?? Was like having my body ripped into two portions, both demanding equal parts of my time that I didn't have. Nature is so beautiful.
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i voted YES

My birth turned medical -- at the end and i had medication


I was sick BEFORE then and not again AFTER so i think that counts as it was the natural part of the birth

I was tired, i had been up a long time, and i was sick 3 or 4 times after 18 to 20 hours of labor and before 22 hours.......
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No, I didn't even feel a twinge of nausea.

I was drinking lemonade the entire time.
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NOpe. NO nausea, nothing, both unmedicated natural births. I am an emet too(lots of us on here!) so I didnt want meds for that reason(nausea/vomiting as a side effect) So I had no meds, and no nausea. I did eat throughout my labour though.
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Yes, I did, and it wasn't any big deal - not like throwing up when you're sick. When it was done, I felt better, though it did deter me from eating as much as I probably should have for the rest of my labor (I threw up around 3 cm, and then it was done!)
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