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What is everyone making for Xmas gifts?

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My sister and I have decided to make all of our X-Mas gifts this year. I am so excited!!!

What are some gifts that you have made for others? I am doing my brainstorming this week so would LOVE any ideas.

So far I have come up with:
Bead covered syroform balls for ornaments
Small sewn wallets
Toddler quilts for my smaller nieces

Look forward to hearing from you soon
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I'm getting pretty into quilting right now, so if its not to ambitious I'd like to make a few quilts as gifts.
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I'm making my mom a set of washcloths and handmade soap, and a set of floral pot holders

Making my sister some candles, maybe some handmade soap

Not sure on my dad yet... maybe soap on a rope since he mentioned trying to make himself one a long time ago and not succeeding. I gave him washcloths and a soap cozy for his birthday so waiting to see how he reacts to that before I continue. Maybe some socks if I'm that good at knitting by then

making DS a fun fur blanket, and maybe some silky pillow cases (he likes fun feeling fabrics)

making DD a doll from one of the kits and some clothes to go with it.

Making DH some boxer shorts (I hope - I wont make anything for him if its not perfect)

New addition - we're having a baby in October so hoping to knit her some clothes and maybe make a very rudimentary dolly for her
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These are some ideas I'm doing this year AND have done in the past few years:

knit slippers
lavender eye pillows
felted wool balls
knit shawls
decorated flower pots
salt dough ornaments
painted glass ornaments
knit washcloths w/ yummy soap
Waldorf dolls w/ handmade diapers & clothes
child size slings
knit scarves
knit purses
lavender neck pillows
I-spy bean bags
bean bags in assorted fabrics
knit fruits & veggies
salt scrubs
sugar scrubs
flannel lounge pants
flannel napkin sets
decorated t-shirts

That's all I can think of right now We've been slowly moving towards more handmade gifts and away from the commercial gifts.
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I think handmade gifts are so much nicer. Especially when you can get the kids involved (my 12 yr old is going to help make soap - the melt and pour not the more kid-unfriendly kind).

My son will probably be helping me make construction paper boxes for everything, or maybe something else. I'm still trying to figure out how to get the kids involved without giving out tacky/kidlike presents. My DS is great at cloth dying so maybe I'll do something with that.

For me, I have felt like it was pointless to give my family gifts for the past few years, because my parents dont EVER need ANYTHING. They're well enough off that if they ever really want anything they just go out and buy it. I don't know enough about my sister really to give her anything she likes other than candles, but I think it will be so much nicer to give her some that are handmade. I'm also hoping that by giving my DD atleast SOME handmade presents this year that maybe she'll see some value in them compared to the commercialized junk.
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We're still not very personal with our gifts, but we've done homemade since DH and I got married just to save $$. (I'm one of 7 children, he's one of 5... add kids, spouses, parents & grandparents and I can't afford that many presents.)

One year we did ornaments. We used wooden balls and attached legs, heads and/or tails then painted them to create different animals. We had a really cute fat horse, a monkey, a penguin, an owl, a frog, etc. Each person got a different animal.

We did calendars one year. Each month had a different picture including a member of our extended families. We printed out the calendar portion and put the whole thing together like a scrapbook. My mom has a hole punch for that spiral coil binding, so we used that to put it together.

One year we made everyone a deck of Rook cards. My family is huge into card games and one of our favorites uses a Rook deck. We put a different picture on each number, glued it to the back, laminated them and cut them all out (that part took FOREVER... especially since we made 9 decks). Thankfully we still have younger siblings living at home so we didn't feel we needed to make them their own.

Last year we edited our family videos from the past year and put them on a DVD for everyone. We figured that was the best way for our parents to see their grandchildren growing up since we didn't live near either of them. We also had several slide-show type parts where we had pictures from throughout the year and music. It turned out really cute.

I'm not sure what we'll do this year, but I really need to be completely finished by Halloween. I'm not sure I'll be able to deal with anything after Thanksgiving.

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Here are my plans, none made yet! Well, I do have a pr of socks otn.

For kids:
roll-up chalkboards
princess cape
wooden animals
waldorf doll (I hope, for my dd)

For adults:
hot/cold bags
scarves (which I hate to make!)
sweater for sis
pajama pants
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I'm doing "A Day in the Life" scrapbooks of my 2 year old. I did them when my older daughter was 2 and they were a huge hit. She is 6 now and my grandmother told me she still looks at it at least once a week!

My children are also making a variety of crafts for their grandparents and Godparents, like decorating wooden picture frames.
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we are also buying a couple of things (a wooden kitchen set i hope) but otherwise we 9i should say mostly i) are making most everything:

for my kids:
ispy bean bags
crocheted play food
play silks
a playstand (this is iffy, we are suppose to be rearranging the house so ds is in a room other then ours!)
lounge sets (2 for each kid - so 6 total)

adults at home (meaning my MIL and DH):
lounge set (1 each)
(i dont know - i need more ideas here!)

my "extended" family (my 2 brothers, then 6 brother/sisters-in-law, MIL and FIL, plus 11 nieces/nephews):

for the adults:
cloth napkin set or apron or skirt
dh plans on making on his computer photo slide shows (if he can get everyone to send pictures)

the kids (10):
ispy bean bags

infant nephew:
wooden teether/rattle
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I've also decided to try and make everything handmade this year.

For DS I'm making a Waldorf doll and some felt balls, and DH is making him a set of tree blocks

My parents and the inlaws are getting a photo collage of DS that I'll make on Photoshop, and some beer that my Dh brews at home. I think I'm also going to give my mom and MIL some soap.

For my sister I already knitted her a scarf, and she'll also get some soap and a tote bag.

My two baby nieces are getting knot dollies, and for my 3 year old niece I'm making a tutu.

Aunts and uncles are going to get a six pack of homebrew and some soap.

I have no idea yet what I'm going to make Dh...
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I'll be ready to pop come december so we're going to make Paper mache ornaments of a pregnant belly/breasts silhouette. Pretty excited about it b/c DH gets to help so I don't have to handle the glue. I think we'll just give those to family members and give homemade soup mixes in a mug to most everyone else. Last year we made hot choc and cafe mocha mixes.
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I'm glad others are working on/thinking about this already!

My list thus far:

Brother - socks, scarf, hat, & fingerless gloves (only have one glove to go and then he's done!); may knit him a simple raglan sweater for his birthday, which is right after Christmas

Mom - socks, sweater, booga bag (socks are done; have yarn for other 2 projects)

Dad - socks (he doesn't appreciate knit gifts, but DH doesn't either and he LOVES his knit socks, so I think Dad will like these)

MIL - shawl (have yarn)

DH - quilt (probably Chicago Bears since I have most of the material)

BIL & gf - denim rag quilt

SIL1 - booga bag (have yarn)

SIL2 & BIL - Fiber Trend Clogs?

Nephew - ? Last year he asked me not to make him anything, so I probably won't this year either unless I find something REALLY cool.

Friend's new baby - UGG booties & hat

6-10 people from work - possibly soap with a washcloth? possibly nothing?

That's all I have planned at this point.
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I am not going to be able to make all the presents we'll be giving out to friends & family but I am going to try my best to make everyone something.

DD- nightgown and bathrobe
DD birthday (a week after Christmas)- Calico Carrie (vintage stuffed calico cat pattern)
DH- Boxers...need to find the stone material
Mom & Dad- Placemats & Potholders (?)
Grammie & Grandpa- Placemats & Potholders (?)
Aunt- Kitty Patchwork Mosaic Pillow, Potholders
Baby 2nd cousins- No clue! Hmm, maybe flannel PJ pants?
MIL- Date Bars, Banana Bread, Chocolate Chip cookies and something sewn...patchwork pillow or maybe I will get ambitious and try to make her a throw sized quilt
Brother- He's looking over my shoulder so I will edit his in later.
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haha to scrapadoozers' brother! You can't find out yet!!!!

I think we're doing a cake mix of some sort for everyone. Well
My dad cake mix - "healthy" cookie mix - probably oatmeal with craisins
dh dad cake mix
My mom cake mix
dh mom gluten free cake mix
my sis ??? she lives with my mom - can I give them both a (different) treat?
my bro1 ??? he doesn't like anything.... going to jail by then probably....
my bro2 ditto my dad
dh sis ??? cocoa mix???
dhbro1 cake mix
dhbro2 cake mix
random assortment of aunts and uncles in Idaho when we go visit to show of dd....cake mix
niece 1 (12 months by then!) homemade taggies like blanket and a homemade outfit
niece 2 (9 months by then!) same as above niece!
dd.....maybe a waldorfy type doll (homemade), quilt.... knit stuffed animal??? (12 monthish by then)

What do you do for boys/men?
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What great ideas! This year I am working on different things:

-cloth napkins
-table runners
-zipper wallets
-coffee cozy
-re-usable grocery bags (with cool designs)

I haven't decided what to do for kids yet - I am thinking of some scent/herb bean bags in a carrying bag, fun seasonal banners, and puppets.
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my dcs and I make oranaments every year for all the adults.

there are some adorable little elves to make with either real or wooden acorns and pistachio shells. the acorns are the heads, the shell halves are the ears. You paint the cap of the shell red or green and the rest of the acorn and the shells flesh colored, then put on faces and you have little elves to hang on your tree. Hot glue a loop on top for hanging, or drill a tiny hole and put in a screw eye or headpin to run a cord through.

marble magnets

knitted dishcloths (for some reason grandma wants these)


poly clay picture frames with ocean/mermaid scenes

microscope slide necklaces
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We love making atleast a few gifts each year. Some of the things that ds has made for others are:
We took a picture of ds in a Curious George outfit, bought a frame for $1 at the craft store and some Curious George stickers. DS painted the frame and stuck the stickers on the frame. It came out really cute.

When ds was 3 we bought a pad of canvas paper and some ugly pictures (just for the frames), and we framed his artwork. It came out so cute and abstract.

We have also given a mini herb garden and had ds paint the pots.

Last year I made bracelets for all for most of the women. I put the birthstones of their children and used sterling silver pieces/findings. I got these on sale at Michaels.

I'm really not sure what we will do this year, I need to get started on it soon since I'm due in November.

Bring on some Guy present idea's please.
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Originally Posted by Babytime View Post
I'm doing "A Day in the Life" scrapbooks of my 2 year old. I did them when my older daughter was 2 and they were a huge hit. She is 6 now and my grandmother told me she still looks at it at least once a week!

My children are also making a variety of crafts for their grandparents and Godparents, like decorating wooden picture frames.
This sounds so cute! Can you give more details of your scrapbook? Was it a big one or a small?
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my DH wants boxers for xmas. I think I might try some socks for him as well since he always seems to be short on socks. He will, of course, want some random electronic thing though, so we'll have to get him that too.

My DS specifically asked for a "fun fur blanket" this year for his bed, and a pillow/pillow case to match. My DS is 12, but was really into the textures when I made my DD a funky silky fur on one side and silky material on the other blanket. He begged me to make him one (I thought it was more toddlerish but apparently its "cool"). I think I'm going to make him some footies too out of some material that feels really good. Maybe some silky boxer shorts (I dunno, my DS really seems into the fun textures this year).
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Originally Posted by captivatedlife View Post

What do you do for boys/men?
Here are some links to last year's threads on the topic, plus some links to some things we have done in the past for the boys & men:

Frugal gifts for teenage boy:

Gift ideas, the growing list:

What are you making for the holidays?

DIY Xmas presents
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