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extra belly skin

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This may seem like a petty question but I was curious who out there feels like they still look pregnant? I have been asked when the baby is due a few times when out without my babies. My little ones are 7 months old and I still got a big old budda belly. The rest of my body is coming back but it seems that I will never fit into my prepregancy clothes. With my first child it took a month or so but my two little bambinos stretched everything so much. Just wondering if anyone else has found the same thing????
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My twins are 21 mos and I still have a pouch. It is not awful but I can't wear anything tight around my middle. I prefer the comfort of an elastic waist but get really tired of "the sweat pants" look. when I wear my non elastic waist shorts I feel very dressed up. Having to wear my shirt out all the time (for breastfeeding purposes) doesn't help much with the self image either. Oh well this too shall pass!!!!!
I'm hoping a few sit ups will help ......................
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Yup! Here too. I am currently working out 4 days a week doing strength training and cardio, but it is not helping the belly. I don't know that it will disappear while I am breastfeeding. I am afraid to diet for fear of affecting my supply.
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I can wear the same size clothes as before my twins were born, but things definitely are not in the same place. I'm hoping that as I nurse during the second year more of my pooch will go away. I honestly think part of the problem is that the skin itself stretched so much it's going to take a while to firm back up (my feet still look wrinkled from the skin getting stretched when they swelled). A friend once told ne that it took 5 years for her body to get back to what it was pre-pregnancy.
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I hear you about not "dieting". I eat a very healthy diet but also feel that I don't want to cut back and have it interfere with my milk supply. When it is driving me crazy not fitting into my clothes I think of how lucky I am that I can feed my 2 babes. Sounds like a fair trade. I did need to hear that I am not the only one though.
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I didn't have twins, my youngest is 2 1/2 and I still have the belly. It's partly heriditary I think, since my mom always had one too. (after 5 babies). I was told by my post natal aerobics teacher that It may never go away entirely.
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I didn't have multiples either, but I gained a ton of weight. I have a belly that makes me not fit into most of pre pregnancy business stuff. I don't think it will ever completely go away.

My friend Becca had twins (at about 6 and change each). She looks great, but has extra skin as she has calls it. If she pulls at the wrinkles on her belly, she can pull her skin to stretch pretty far. It was really freaky the first time she did it.

i think that anyone who gained a lot of weight or had more than one, probably has this happen.
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Got the twin skin too!

I actually lost almost all my weight immediately after giving birth but over time of not much exercise and constant sitting to nurse and only getting up to tend to others I put some weight back on. I too can wear most of my pre-pregnancy clothes but there are quit a few I will probably never get back into so I am getting rid of all of them so I never have to think about it again.

My midwife said that twinskin rarely goes away and if it really bothers you cosmetic surgery is the answer. Not for me though, I will just learn to live with it.

I am trying to just look at it as a badge of honor for all that I did to bring two big healthy twins into the world plus their other 4 brothers and sisters. I too figure over time as it already has my body will slowly return.

If you want to read a great book that explains easily how to lose weight during nursing read "Eat well and Lose weight while breastfeeding". Ebay seems to sell them regularly. It gives you the equation to fit just for you how much you shoul dbe eating calorie and food group wise.
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