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Hi March Mommas!

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I'm popping over from the February DDC.

My "supposed" dd is 2/26, but after some recalculations last night, it wouldn't surprise me if at my first appointment they move me to sometime in early March, so I figured it wouldn't be a bad idea to jump between both clubs.

I'm Katherine, the H and I have been married for a little over a year, we got pg on our one year anniversary trip in Thailand, and this is our first two legged child. We have two dogs who will always claim the first baby spot

I hope I get to know you all better in the coming months and happy incubating to all!
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Congrats! You're welcome over here. March is a great month. I'm going to have my second March baby!
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As much as I'm going to hate "repeating" a week if I'm off on my dates, I'd really rather have this babe in March.

7th - my dad's bday
8th - my brother's bday
10th - my husband's bday
14th - my MIL and step momma's b-day

So no matter when it comes in early March, there are good odds it will share a birthday with a loved one!
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Hello and welcome!
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Hello and welcome ! my first ds is a march baby 3/5 .. as is my mom 3/3 and this one is due 3/6 so we are hoping for a march baby too as my last one was in march cause he was 6 1/2 wks early .. even late feb is better than jan my dad and sis are 27th and 28th .. so this babe has alot of b-days to be born around.
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Hi Katherine! Nice to see you on our side!
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