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Tender Cervix ~ hopefully not TMI

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I noticed last night that my cervix was very tender almost to the point of it being painful during intercourse. I have had that happen a handful of times over the years but never really thought about it. Today I am having a sorta heaviness and slight achy feeling in my lower ab. I believe I ovulated on Sat night/Sun morning. Does anyone else get that occasionally?
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No one has ever had this happen before.
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Yea, I get that sometimes, more around O or towards the end of the cycle. Come to think of it, maybe it has to do with it being more open.
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I have had this happen - mostly around ovulation and right before AF and when I was really pregnant.

I have heard maybe this might have something to do with progesterone but I have also seen online a whole host of other less healthy reasons that this could be happening like because of endometriosis, PCOS, PID, cervicitis, etc. etc. etc. - if you google "tender cervix" or "pain during intercourse" you can find lots of ideas to explain cervical tenderness or pain like:

Probably not the cervix causing the pain. The cervix has few if any pain fibers. Moving the cervix will stretch the fallopian tube and cause pain if the tube is inflamed. Around the time of ovulation, there is increased vascularity in the pelvis and this could lead to some tenderness with intercourse.
Or if you really want to freak yourself out you can look at sites like this and overanalyze : I tend to try to avoid doing this too much though....its pretty scary and I don't like going to the OB/Gyn....you can also search mothering for more natural remedies (especially on the health boards) if you suspect an infection....
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Thank you Mamabella, I did just ovulate so that makes sense. It wasn't really at the pain stage to me so I won't look at your linked sites unless I notice it again between now and either a + hpt or my next ovulation. I tend to over analyze myself and don't want the stress. :giggle:
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My cervix will sometimes hurt if it gets bumped during sex... especially if it is low (like just before AF shows up). Usually the pain is sharp but then disappears fairly quickly, but sometimes it lingers for a while.

Good self control, btw, for not following the link. I also tend to overanalyze everything and can make myself crazy pretty quickly.

If it continues to bother you, just as your doctor the next time you have your annual.
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I am going to see my family dr tomorrow for my 1st physical since pre-twins. :
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I've had it happen before....it isn't all the time, so I just figure it's when my cervix is low. Good luck at the physical!!
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phy went fine : I am glad it is over tho'.
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I just wanted to add that I always have a tender sore feeling for a few days after Oing.
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