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Help! Long Didymos tail

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Now that DD2 is 7 months, I thought I would put her into the Didymos in the hip carry. I have a huge tail when I do this - it's actually dragging on the ground! I used the cross-carry for ages, so I needed a larger size, but now...! Ack! What do I do? Tying it up would result in a huge, dangly knot. The thought of coiling it around my body in this heat makes me shudder. Any ideas?
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you can tuck it in. Like, loop it up and tuck it in. You can also go back around your waist or hips once, that's what I do with my cross carry sized didy. You know, put the tail on the toher side. I hope that helps. Your hips won't make you too hot, I promise, it was 94 degrees here today and summer's just getting started. Last summer I remember it being 112 in the shade while I was preggo. I know about heat, and it shouldn't make you too much hotter. If those don't work, I'll come back and help you with some other ideas. I'll break out my didy and see what I can think of.
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My didymos is always too long! Sometimes wearing the knot on my back is uncomfortable, so I fold up the remaining tail into a pad of sorts, and slip it between the knot and my body. Other times, especially when using the sling to put my ds to sleep, I pull the tail from my waiste, up my back and over my shoulder near his head. I can use it to cover his head/face, which helps to keep distractions down - enabling him to fall asleep much easier. I also have used the tail to keep the sun off his head.

Good luck!
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Thank you both so much!

Veganmamma - OK, you definitely know more about heat than I do! Yikes! OK, I will try to wrap it around next time. Thanks for the offer for more help!

Thanks, I Fly! I like the pad idea and using it as a shade - will do!

Stay cool,

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:LOL it's only like that in a heat wave- the weaher all over the rest of the bay area is VERY temperate.
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Ahhh, ocean breezes...
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