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i believe flminivanmama started a hyena tribe a while back and it died down pretty quickly.
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I started a Seattle cloth diapering thread a while back, but nothing much happened. It seems the diaper board is where diapering moms go...
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well that just makes sense, doesn't it, Monica?

Like Heather said, anything diaper-related is alllll right. I think the fluff'n'stuff is fine here, after all it is diaper related. Let's just condense things into fewer threads!

Something I was thinking about while making lunch was this: most of us hard core hobbyists, who have been here for a year+, no longer need to start many "how do I..." threads. We are glad to jump in on them and answer questions, but what else are we supposed to do? Sit around refreshies the forum, waiting for a newbie to ask something? The activity here in this forum, as I stated before, is what makes "that" MDC dipe forum what it is.
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Originally posted by Mamaste
But ... but if we were married ... but ... but then I wouldn't have to wait for my Phunkymama to come in a few more days (yes, it's finally shipping) ... I could just use yours!
OMG! That was ... oh no ... T


Yay for your PM coming!

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This is my first post in diapering, yet it has absolutely nothing to do with a diaper. It's just that when I read this

To reinforse my point about diapering being in its own league:
Finding your Tribe has 23,000 posts
TAO has 33,000
Most others have less than 10,000

Diapering has over 105,000!!
I felt the need to clarify and correct. These numbers are in no way an accurate representation of the number of posts made in each forum. As moderators,we prune the forums when they get too large. FYT and TAO are two of the larger forums here, thus they fill up quickly and are pruned much more often. The fact that TAO only has 33,000 posts simply means that Missgrl pruned it recently. When threads are removed, those posts are removed from the post count. I'm in no way insinuating that this isn't a busy forum, I just wanted to clarify the numbers.
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This thread is being closed and moved to Questions and Suggestions along with the other 'like' thread.

As always there are valid points on both sides of the issue and the moderators and Cynthia need time to read through all the thoughts and positions and try to reach a peaceful solution for the community as a whole.
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