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Everything is itchy!

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There must be something going on with my blood flow because all of a sudden everything itches. My feet itch, my nether regions itch and my hands ache but haven't started itching yet. It isn't any kind of infection either because the feet started itching the same time as everything else and everything is swollen. Is anyone else experiencing this? ACK I just want to go crazy!
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I am! I keep slathering on cream, and trying not to scratch. Not having much luck though.
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My hands, around my knuckles itch like crazy sometimes. I have no idea why or what it could be from!
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I am itchy everywhere too. I do very well at resisting the urge to scratch. I have super discipline.
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Be sure to check out www.itchymoms.com to see if your symptoms match those. Itching while pg can be pretty common but in some cases it isnt normal and needs to be checked out.
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Yup, my feet itch BAD!! My back, too.
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