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I agree with leoheart, I discovered all 3 prolapses when i was 2 weeks pp, i was extremely depressed especially since i so badly wanted the VBAC, i was so angry at myself that i didnt have a repeat c-section instead. I thought my life as i knew it had ended, that things would never be the same.
I am 6 months pp now and things have improved so much, all are grade 1 now. If i dont poop for a day i can feel it and get constipated easily though. I have no leakage of urine now and i have the urge to wee back again, i can cough and jump and run without feeling like my indides are falling out. I am active and workout regularly.

The only thing that it has affected (which i have mentioned on here before) is the deep pain when i have sex. I am really wondering if i am the only one with this pain - i have recently been for an ultrasound which included a transvaginal one, and it is not pain from my cervix being low, that doesnt hurt at all, it is deeper at the back of my vagina, past my cervix - from the ultrasound all she could see was that my intestines were back there behind the vaginal wall and it could be related to the fact that my pelvic floor muscles have given way and things just do not sit where they're meant to anymore.. this pain is only during intercourse when it 'hits' the back, does anyone else have this or am i alone? the only way to avoid it is to not penetrate fully in, which is something that puts me off when all im thinking about is that. I cant even describe the pain, its kind of dull and deep but definetly a 6 or 7 out of 10 on the pain scale.
can anyone relate?
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I think I have one. Not sure which, cause my symptoms don't seem to match up to any one in particular. I don't have any incontinence issues, no constipation, no sexual issues. No urine leaking but I think I notice an increase in discharge. I do get an ache in the vaginal region that gets worse as the day goes on and is more noticeable on days that I'm very active. It feels as if I've been kicked there and have a bruise. The right labia also feels swollen. Sometimes the opening of the vagina feels irritated...like it's chafed. The past few days I've noticed a very dull ache in my lower pelvic region, but I'm wondering if that's a result of my new attempt at Kegels (which I've never done before). All this goes away with rest and feels fine in the a.m. only to reappear the next evening evening. It also comes and goes. It'll be noticeable for say a week and then not be bothersome for a few weeks and then reappear. Last month I thought perhaps AF was returning because I had very light spotting, but I now think it was some exposed irritate tissue. I have looked with a mirror and seen what I think is uterine or bladder tissue. All this didn't start until last month...4mos postpartum...which I find odd.

I've had 2 vaginal deliveries of average sized babies. I had 3rd deg tearing with DD1 and I recall having similar symptoms postpartum then but by the time I had my 6mo postpartum check up it went away not to return. With DD2 I also had some tearing but the tearing was on the side of the vagina and not the perineum, actually the side that gets sore/swollen. I have my 6mo check up scheduled for early August so if this is still an issue I'll mention it then. It doesn't seem like it is urgent, right?
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Hey Lilbird. Are you breastfeeding? Sometimes breastfeeding can cause atrophic vaginitis. I have it (ugh). It's basically extreme dryness from lack of estrogen. I like using lube everyday or even replens. May be worth a shot.
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Originally Posted by scottishmommy View Post
Hey Lilbird. Are you breastfeeding? Sometimes breastfeeding can cause atrophic vaginitis. I have it (ugh). It's basically extreme dryness from lack of estrogen. I like using lube everyday or even replens. May be worth a shot.
Thanks for the response. I'll mention this to my ob/gyn at my visit, but I'm not sure that's it either. I am EBF but I don't have noticeable dryness (or more than I would expect while BF) and no pain during intercourse.
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which way would you go?
I went to the midwife for my 6 week pp visit on Monday and she confirmed that I have prolapse or as she called it "pelvic relaxation". She reccommended physical therapy and wrote me a referral. But since she is 1.5 hours where we live and didn't know of therapists in my area she basically gave me a blank referral and told me how to seek out my own PT provider.
So, do I just go to a local PT (once I find one) and call it a day or do I still try to seek out a urogynecologist? I can see a urogyn at Johns Hopkins - about 45 mins away from where we live and the closest one there is. Isn't therapy going to be the end result either way?
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Possible POP?

Hi all, I need some advice. I have noticed what seems to be my vaginal "falling out." Just a minor protrusion of tissue. Not really sure what's up. Is this just part of normal post-birth life? Is ANY vaginal protrusion normal? I don't feel like I really have any symptoms of POP, but maybe I'm just not seeing them as that?

I've had 3 babies, all within 4 years. All have been pretty good sized:
7lbs 4oz (36 wks)
8lbs 2oz

And number 3 came out "military presentation." She refused to tuck her chin. OUCH!! That could have caused some vaginal trauma for sure. But she is one now and I didn't notice anything until recently.

I've tried googling images of healthy vaginas and none of them have a protrusion like mine. But the images of ones with a protrusion aren't right either.

Am I being over paranoid??
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Hi all! I always come to this thread but I am always overwhelmed by the amount of pages there are. I have a stage 3 complete prolapse. It is right at the entry (when standing)...you can see it when I stand up and feel it when I barely stick my fingers in. I have no incontinence, no pain, nothing. It's more of an aesthetic problem for me.

I've been going to PT for about two months now. She puts a 3 gram probe in me and we do bio feedback laying, sitting, standing with and without a wedge but mostly without. I finally was able to wear a tampon after a few years but it got uncomfortable once I became light. But now the probe can't seem to stay in me anymore (my cervix keeps pushing it out) and I went for a pessary fitting last week and the pessary would fall out when I stood up...more so when I jumped.

I am getting REALLY discouraged. I'm still breastfeeding and my dd is 20 months old. Can I please get advice on what else to do????
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Hi, I posted here awhile back, now have had baby number three last week and am assessing things. While pregnant I discovered a grade 1 rectocele. My OB also thought I had a minor uterine prolapse, as I had a very small bit of the anterior vaginal wall bulging while very pregnant.

Now at 9 days PP, the rectocele is still there in all of it's glory, and maybe slight worse. It doesn't come out of my vagina, but bulges right up to the opening. It does not yet cause me any symptoms.

I do find that when sitting a certain way on the toilet, my cervix is only like an inch or two inside my vagina. When I lay down, or tilt my pelvis differently while sitting there, it is not at low.

My questions are:
1) is this indeed a uterine prolapse? and I am guessing at this point it is not severe as it is not protruding, etc. Will is just get worse, or with the right steps at this point, can it get better? How much does the fast that I am immediately postpartum make? (I have an appt with a urogyn but not for 45 days)

2) Will I hurt anything when I get back to exercising, if I do the elliptical for cardio? My guess is this is better than running? How limited should I keep my fitness routine?

3) I was planning on using the Mirena as BC after this baby, as I did with the last. If my uterus is prolapsed, do I need to think about another option?

4) Does breastfeeding have any effect?

5) And finally, resources on some good postpartum exercises, rehab kind of stuff to do in the meantime?

Other than the prolapse, I feel nearly back to normal. This birth was my 3rd baby between 8-9lbs, but all with 30 min or less of pushing. I'm a competititve athlete so "taking it easy" is really hard for me. However I would obviously like to not make anything worse before I can make it better.

Thanks so much for all the wisdom.
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new here

I'm new here too. I'm 14 wks pp with my 2nd babe and finally getting the courage to do some research on all this. I was hoping it would just magically get better since I'm not too far out from birth. I made an appointment with a urogynecologist today, its in a few weeks.

I'm fairly certain I have a cystocele and rectocele... my uterus is a lot lower than normal but I'm not 100% sure about that being abnormal. Cystocele doesn't bother me too bad except for during sex... nothing feels normal, its pretty painful and oh so annoying. I didn't have ANY sex drive during my most recent pregnancy and now that its finally coming back I hold back bc of the pain that ensues. It bulges down and I have to push it back to feel my cervix and I have to stop and start while voiding. I also can feel a strange bump on my cervix??? and anytime I touch it it bleeds for a while. Not sure what that could be. The rectocele bothers me more than anything and is moderately limiting. I think the hardest part is dealing w it mentally.

I feel kind of betrayed by my body... my last birth was a UC and I felt it went beautifully (no tears!) even though she was delivered in a difficult position... I definitely didn't expect this POP stuff to happen. It makes me want to tell EVERYONE the things they can do for prevention. At the same time its a pretty private thing to talk about... I have never heard of it before finding this thread except from my husband's 70 yr old grandmother. I'm only 23 so I find that disheartening.
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Wow! So much going on!

First- congrats on yout birth DeChRi! And congrats to your birth too Lilmamabrown!

PP- I found that my pop symptoms mostly went away while I was pregnant, then slowly came back pp... I did as much as I could to mitigate this (check this thread around the end of August 09/start of Sept 09 for specifics) and I've found that my pop symptoms are still worse than they were during pregnancy, but not as bad as they were before this pregnancy/birth. My ppAF hasn't returned though, so I don't know how my returning hormones will affect things. I've had some very symptomatic days, but mostly it's been allright.

Maybe try the "tupler technique" and kegels/beyond kegels exercises for immediate pp? And if your gym has a reclining bike that's probably better at first than an exercise where you are upright.

New mamas- the thread is HUGE I know, but every few pages there is a sort of "summary post" that talks about exercises for POP (the whole woman, the tupler technique, CORE, Ending female pain), ideas to heal incontinance (beyond kegels), etc. Also there are tips for getting a diagnosis (VE while standing, getting checked later in the day, see a urogyn). If you do get a POP diagnosis and a referal to PT, try to find one with experience in women's health/pelvic floor issues.

I think it's totally normal to go through all the stages of emotional healing, and anger/depression is a biggie. Big hugs, hang in there, keep reading and give yourrself time to process.
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Just wanted to update that I have been using the 'stims' machine (works by sending pulses to contract your pelvic floor muscles) for 2 weeks now and I can already notice a huge difference in my pelvic floor strength. I have this macine for 4 more weeks then have to return it to the physio.. I will update my progress when she does my assessment when i return it.

My doc also mentioned I might like to try acupuncture for prolapses (even though she thinks they are perfectly normal for someone whos given birth vaginally and she has mild prolapses herself), has anyone tried acupuncture???
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Wow, Jules - accupuncture? Interesting. I would try it.

I finally found a gyno I like, but got news I did not. Well, confirmation anyway. Apparently I do have cystocele. Grr...

***My gyno said weight lifting at the gym was fine...and he seemed very knowledgeable about my condition...what do you guys think?***

He also recommended I go back to physical therapy...I did it last fall, but she only stretched me out (to relieve discomfort). I got a few exercises to do, but we didn't really work on tone. He said he's seen great results with PT/strengthening that area.

I cried all day yesterday after my appt (um, and a little during), even though I have had this for 19 months or so (since the birth of my last one). It doesn't matter what anyone says, I feel SO GUILTY and like I didn't do anything right during my last pregnancy and delivery and that's why this happened. And I'm mostly asymptomatic! It's such a head-game to hear that you have something that is not going to get better.

Actually, on that note, I am pretty sure I've heard that others who have had cystoceles have improved their conditions, not just maintained. Did I misread? I think I am only a grade 1, but when I bear down, it's visible. I do not currently have IC issues - but I do have difficulty wearing tampons sometimes (I switched to OBs which helped).

Thanks for reading this far! I feel so broken, and reading this thread helps me feel less alone.
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Mamasweetpotato- I'm sorry you cried. I think that even with the less severe POP it's still really tough psychologically. When it was confirmed for me it was all I thought about (obsessed over, more like) for a few weeks.

Anyone feel like they have a rectocele that they can only feel when there's poop in there? Like if I'm constipated I can feel it (and have had to splint). But I was diagnosed with a cystocele and they couldn't feel a rectocele (Lying down, of course ). I can only feel it when I'm constipated, but it feels like it's falling out of my vagina.

And then, as an extra question, sorry if TMI, but there's pretty much no TMI on this thread when DH and I have tried sex from behind it's just awful. Painful, tight, like something in the way. Weird, and that never happened before POP- could it be the rectocele bulging?

Jules- Let us know how you are doing!

lilmama- Hugs. It sucks. That bump- I know there is a common type of bump that can appear on a cervix. Nabothian cysts - that's it. Is probably normal, but maybe ask a doc.

Baby crying- will try to be back to type some more soon!
Hi to all the mamas who are here- unfortunately.
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Does anyone think that doing PT after having cystocele for approx 19 mos is too late to make a difference? My gyno seemed to think it would be great for me, but I'm looking for real life experiences.

I am 99.9% symptom free. VERY rarely a little leak when I sneeze or hold it too long (I have two little ones and sometimes my bathroom needs get pushed aside!).

I am having trouble doing kegals - I totally can't do the elevator one - anyone else have trouble when they started?

Also - nothing is sacred in here, right? Oy, okay - after a bm, I noticed several hours later (or the next morning) it looks like I didn't clean myself very well. It varies in the degree. Will PT be able to help this at all? I do not currently suffer from constipation. I have also (very recently) been having a problem with incomplete elimination. My gyno did not say I had a rectocele. Of course, once you have one, it's hard not to dx yourself with everything.

He did say that my uterus was very well supported (go me).

Ahhhhh, boy, isn't it great to be a woman?!
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Mamasweetpotato - Sorry to hear about your cystocele, but the good news is that yes weightlifting at the gym is fine, its important to brace your pelvic floor muscles when lifting though, increasing your core strength is excellent.
And i am 7 months pp and my cystocele was right at the opening of my vagina when i was 2 weeks pp, but now its improved heaps, i dont really notice it. I truely believe its NORMAL to have a mild cystocele after having a baby, I think you'll find that most women have one but dont realise it, they just accept that things did not go back to the way they were after a baby.
And in answer to your question, no its never too late to do PT, maybe you could ask them if they have a machine like the one my PT gave me, its called a stims machine and it works by inserting it into your vagina and it contracts your pelvic floor muscles for you, the point of it is to strengthen your pelvic floor and to teach you where the muscles are that you are meant to be contracting. you use it for 20mins a day for 6 weeks. Its worth a try right?

Mouso - I can totally relate to the things you are saying, I can only notice my rectocele (even though gyno thinks I do not have one) when theres a poop in there, its worse when im constipated, i can feel it when im walking around.. not nice lol .. you're not alone
And as for the sex from behing, im right there with you, it is painful, I actually thought it was just me, im guessing gravity would make the rectocele bulge in that position, the pain is hard to describe. I also have to control how deep he penetrates now because its almost as if my vagina is shorter now and when it hits the back wall it hurts.
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Uh yeah I cried for WEEKS after I discovered my prolapse. Ugh, those are dark, dark days. Now I'm convinced that prolapsed are totally normal, annoying, but totally normal. We humans put A LOT of pressure on our pelvic floors, you add birth to that and voila! prolapse central. There are some things you can do to help minimize the symptoms. PT is great. I love pt for prolapse. I also love using sea sponges as a pessary. I buy these little ones (slightly larger than a tampon) and they work great. They are called "cosmetic sponges" at natural beauty stores. At first I was totally bummed about using "devices" to control symptoms. I just wanted to have a normal yoni! But now I'm over the diagnosis, I just want to get on with my life symptom free.
Yeah I only notice my rectocele (actually, I technically have a pseudo rectocele, or perineocele) when I have to go poo poo. You know what has helped a lot with that? Chiropractic. It turns out that my sacrum is totally out of whack, and after an adjustment I don't notice constipation for a long time. Also little sea sponges help me a great deal.
Hugs to all the new prolapse mamas!
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mouso, Jules112, scottishmommy - THANK YOU for your supportive words.

I'm heading to bed now, because when I'm overtired, everything seems like the end of the world - but I just wanted to let you know that i read everything you wrote and appreciate this thread more than ever.
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Actually, just a couple things that might help someone (I hope)?

I know a lot of us have difficulty with tampons...have others tried OB tampons? They are about half the length of the regular ones and there's no applicator. Now if I'm not paying attention, I've put them in sideways, and they are not ALWAYS comfy - but I tell you, I was 42 kinds of relieved when I discovered them. I wear an OB tampon and a thin pad (to catch leaks) - but to me, it's better than a maxi pad alone.

pain during sex
Also - pain during sex. I had PT last fall for this - well, I hoped it was for strengthening the area, too, but that didn't end up being the focus. Prior to PT sex had become very painful, but afterwards - just like I didn't have a cystocele at all - yay! So perhaps look into that? Despite not having good muscle tone, apparently I was also having some tightness/muscle spasms in that area - she also massaged the scar tissue from my tears. Hurt sometimes, but omg, what a difference.
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Has anyone tried the DVD Down There For Women?

I read about it on this blog.
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Just joing really quick before I go back and read. I just discovered a rectocele. I am just so dreadfully depressed now, as if I wasn't already in a good mood. Just seriously down and out. I've never felt good about my girl parts anyhow after an abusive ex, but now it's just...too much. THey aren't protruding outside of the labia, but enough that I think it's stage II or so.

I never went to an OBGYN after I had #4 and did not have a rectocele before having her. I've had 4 vaginal births and #4 was a UC-posterior and just 2 oz. more than the last kid so she wasn't huge and the pushing was actually not as bad as with my 1st who was a 3 hour pushing stage. I'm afraid to go to a gyn after my traumatic retained placenta piece removal. They were so rough and mean and after having sexual trauma in the past, that's why I haven't gone in 2.5 years.

I have a midwife now but am afraid to bring it up-I haven't had any internal exams and would like to keep it that way. I guess i should wait until post-delivery and go to a gyn? I'm thinking biofeedback in the office maybe. Or can you do PT or biofeedback (stims?) when you are pregnant?

I have decent pelvic floor muscles. I kegel and can *feel* that they are strong, but apparently not enough.

I'm glad to hear that chiro or acupuncture (though we don't have one here) might help. I do have sacrum issues and a wonky hip, so maybe that will help. I had noticed the rectocele awhile back after having #4 but just looked today to find out after watching this http://dodsonandross.com/blogs/betty...perfect-vagina to see what mine really looked like nowadays. (TMI Sorry!)

I don't have symptoms other than seeing it when my labia are spread and feeling a little "loose" after having dd. I guess I do have the same issue as mamasweetpotato, and very rare "accidents" when I sneeze or cough. But no sexual pain or anything else.

I had never even heard of this as a problem for women except some patients I had years ago when I was in healthcare-but they were all very old. I wish that I would have heard about these things before now or could have done something.

I am young and now just feel so old and ugly like I have this train wreck of a vagina. Please tell me it gets better!

My mw is in another state and not licensed here-we have no midwife or hb friendly providers here. And our family doc just moved. How would I go about getting a referral if I can even go to pt for this while pg?

What about exercise? I have a prenatal exercise video but it's all stretching and weight training including kegels. I do walk and bike a lot, though, and wanting to start back jogging post-baby. I do belly dance but haven't since finding out I was pg.
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