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Thank you Jules and Wombatclay! This forum is really helping me feel like a sane normal person. I know it is crappy that we're all experiencing this but I'm beginning to think that pretty much almost every woman who has babies (and even who don't) experience something and have changes in their body and anatomy after children.

Yesterday I was at the PT and she was assessing my kegals and this was a conversation we had
Me: "do you think they don't feel as strong because I am so open?"
PT "Well you are open but nothing out of the normal range."
Me: "Normal for prolapse or normal for women who have given birth?"
PT: "well your prolapse definitely doesn't help things but you are in the range of normal for childbirth."
I think it is so easy to feel alone and isolated in this because its not something others see and we are private about that part of ourselves. But all kinds of things can happen in that area and others aside from prolapse. Anyway, just throwing that out there so we're not all too hard on ourselves.

Pwit: Don't know if this will help but my PT also said yesterday that when having a BM your knees should be above your hips. She said to sit on the seat but place your feet on a stool. This basically puts you in a squat position. I'm hoping this will help me. I don't have trouble with BMs except for the fact that it feels like things are tearing for the few seconds I'm having one and I often bleed just a little bit. Anyone else have this problem?
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Aprongirl- yup. Some change is 100% expected and normal after having a child. The body heals but a "post baby pelvis" and a "no baby pelvis" are anatomically different. We actually learned how to tell the difference in one of my forensic anthropology classes. So, the bones move, the tissues stretch, and the organs shift. It's normal.

It's one reason why it can be hard to get a diagnosis of POP (because drs often say "well, you had a baby") and one reason why woman may hesitate before seeing a dr ("well, I guess it's normal"). POP is a quality of life condition... just about everyone has it to some degree, but only in a certain portion of the population is the individual quality of life affected enough to be a problem for that individual. And the amount of POP that pushes a person over the line is going to be different for everyone too! One woman might find a moderate POP to be no big deal while another might find a very minor POP to be wildly uncomfortable and a real block to daily life. So the textbook definitions of what is or is not worth treating is kind of secondary to the real world of POP.

I'm babbling I think... time for more coffee!
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Aprongirl- about that using a stool thing. . . I had started doing that some when my little ones leave a stool in the bathroom and feel like it helps, I think I'm going to need to make sure we keep a stool in both our bathrooms.

Today I went to physical therapy for the first time for my back which has always bothered me but gotten worse since my last was born. She gave me some simple exercises that I'm hoping will help with my back and POP if its possible for exercise to help. At the very least I think it will help me use better posture and strengthen my core muscles.

On the upside of things nothing like feeling like your body is falling apart to motivate me to try and keep it as healthy as I can.
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May I please join you mama's?

I'm 3.5 weeks post partum after delivering my 10.9 baby boy (our 6th child) in a quick labor and a 15 minute pushing stage. Everything seemed to be healing up well, until I felt a little "mushy" down there while sitting yesterday...so before my shower last night, I got a mirror and looked...I discovered a large bulge, (feels like a water balloon) just inside the opening of my vagina. I just about freaked out...after all my births, things always look different, but I've never had anything essentially falling out.

However, I laid down after my shower, and within minutes I didn't feel this bulge, nor is it there currently...I'm guessing by the end of the day it will be back.

I have an appt with an OB for Monday to identify what is going on, but I'm guessing cystocele, though I have had roid' issues this time as well, so who knows. I called my MW and she confirmed some kind of prolapse.

Here are my questions...does it bode well for recovery that it "goes away" upon laying down? Will this likely heal up? I have very strong muscle tone in my vaginal area (push big babies out easily) and my kegals seem strong.

Second, is it normal to be devastated at the idea? I have been very scared and also very emotional about my "broken" body since discovering my insides nearly on the outside. I'm petrified that what my husband and I share in our bed will be impossible...how does sex work now? Sorry I'm so naive, but I'm just a bit of a wreck right now after discovering this, and generally being pretty active and was really back at all light normal activity...

Thanks so much for this thread and any support and advice you can lend. You mama's at MDC are always so dear to my heart for your support!
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Big hugs... and yes, the sense of being broken is pretty universal as far as I can tell. It does get better though, and learning about POP is a good step towards feeling like it's going to be ok.

That it "goes away" when you lay down is common... a POP is the result of something shifting out of place with the help of gravity. If you lay down (and especially tip your hips up while doing so) gravity will help that "something" fall back into place. And you're right... POP symptoms tend to be worse in the evenings or after a lot of upright activity. It's one reason why getting a pelvic exam while standing up/bearing down towards the end of the day is a good idea when you suspect (or know!) it's POP. First thing in the morning while laying on an exam table isn't going to give the full story!

One thing to be aware of right from the start.... the dr will probably mention hysterectomy, or at least limiting the number of pregnancies in your future. I'm guessing from your username that this sort of suggestion isn't going to fit with your beliefs. Just let the dr know up front that you need physical therapy or surgical approaches that don't affect fertility, but be aware that some procedures are generally not done if there is an expectation of future pregnancy.

Hang in there... it'll get better.
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welcome to the club filling quiver
yup devastation feeling is normal
but at 7 months post partum I am feeling better about it emotionally.
I unfortunately have not yet noticed things improving really. . . if anything mine is getting a tad bit worse.
For my dh and I sexually we have had very few issues actually- some positions a little more comfortable than others but its always been that way and I think breastfeeding has some to do with that too for me.

I really think this is getting more and more common and the ways they treat this is going to continue to change and improve over the years. Read and research research research. Some days I think I can live with this its really not that bad, other days I'm looking up the success rates for surgeries and frustrated. This is not a medical emergency usually so take your time deciding what to do. If your insurance will cover a urogynocologist I recommend trying to get into see one. After talking with my midwife and my gyn I really felt like neither were very qualified to help me. I'm going to a urogynocologist in October and hoping to get some more options.
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Nice post...Thank you very much!!......
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Thank you so much ladies for your information, tips and support.


I appreciate you recognizing what pregnancy means to us, and being sensitive and helpful in that regard. I will certainly approach the Dr that way. I need to talk about this (somehow ) with some of my mom of many friends, as I'm certain that having multiple children among them hasn't left all of them without POP! I need to know how they handled it, for some perspective.

I do want more children in the future, but never at a cost to my health-mama is first because I have children to raise that are already born! So, if it can be healed or well managed, then we'll see where we are...I'm a blessed woman as it is.

I'm praying that it is a part of healing for me this go round', since I'm not even 4 weeks PP, and will somewhat or completely resolve as my ligaments become strengthened and remaining healing takes place. I did some serious kegals yesterday..every time I felt worried about the POP! Good reminder!

I'm feeling more positive, as you ladies have all been there, and it's so beneficial to go through something with someone else. My mind is still trying to wrap itself around how to live, function and have intimacy with a large firm water balloon just inside my vagina. The truth is, (as I'm sure in many relationships) our intimacy is so very important to us..it's not THE most important thing, but at the end of the day, being with my husband is what makes the world right. I haven't even discussed this with him (he's a CPA, not interested or educated in anatomy, LOL!) in the realm of where it actually is..I don't want to alter his view of me..afterall, being there to witness the birth of 6 kids is about enough in the realm of a "wow, I didn't know a body could do that" for your sexuality!

Anyway, sorry for the ramble...still very much processing, trying to be hopeful, praying and trying to also be very realistic.

Blessings to you ladies, and thanks so much for enduring my questions, emotions and for having so many helpful pages of support that I'm sifting through.
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How do you guys feel about e-stim? I've been thinking about trying a kegal8. I've searched for reviews and it seems to have good ones.

From the website:

"We particularly recommend the Kegel8 Ultra Plus + if you suffer with stress incontinence, urge incontinence mixed incontinence, prolapse, or have undergone pelvic surgery for any of these conditions.
It is also advised for pelvic pain, lack of sensation and getting back into shape after the birth of a baby."

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Myfillingquiver, you are way too early pp to look at your vagina with a mirror! Fwiw at four weeks pp my vagina looked completely inverted, like something out of a sci fi thriller. Seriously though, cystoceles are incredibly common. Women who don't have pop are the freaks! Feeling broken is also very common. In time you will realize that pop does not have to dominate your life in anyway. Honestly the intimacy I have with my dh is just the same as it was before. What has really changed is my awareness of my body. I take much better care if myself. I don't do crazy heavy lifting anymore to prove Im a tough girl, I eat very healthfully, I try to stay hydrated etc. Sometimes i still notice symptoms, but it's sort of like "uh the old pop is acting up, must be rain in the forecast"lol. I would check out the book "ever since I had my baby". It really helped me feel normal. The doctor who wrote it is part of the practice of urogyns I see. It's not very holistic, but it's nice to hear from the experts that pop is totally normal and to be expected. It also gave me some perspective on how much worse things can be after giving birth, like experiencing serious nerve damage, etc. Anyway, please don't worry too much. Really I spent way too much energy worrying about pop when I should have been cuddling with my sweet newborn!
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Aprongirl I hadn't heard of e-stim.
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kinda depressing to say this but I'm in a depressed mood.

AF just returned (8 months postpartum) POP is acting up worse maybe because of that I don't know. I'm starting to think I need to change my perspective of this though and instead of thinking about getting better over the long term learn to look at it as a chronic illness and just accept my body is broken.
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Have you looked for a Maya Abdominal Massage practitioner in your area?
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big hugs pwit... I find my pop symptoms get worse during af too. It's hard... pop is a life long condition and the goal of any therapy is to bring symptoms down to a level where it's not a problem for daily life. But even the surgeries can't "cure" pop, expect to the level that a uterus that isn't there can't fall down (and without the uterus, even a slouchy one, other things can start to fall). So you're right... pop is a chronic illness. But it can get better over time and with different therapies. It takes time, and the setbacks feel horrible (I cried for HOURS after ds's birth when the pop symptoms came back), but it does get better.
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cali- I live in a rural area on a limited budget. So many of the alternative therapies just are not accessible to me.
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pwit- there was a DIY mayan massage article in Mothering Magazine, you may be able to find it at the library (via illiad/interlibrary loan if necessary) or contact Mothering to see about purchasing a digital copy of just that article. Try the library first though since I know Mothering is part of a few internet library collections that you may have access to.

The tupler technique basics are free online (BAKS basics here) and Ending Female Pain should be available at the library or through interlibrary loan since it's not a "new" book. The Whole Woman forum has a lot on alternatives, some may be options, and the Saving the Whole Woman book might be at your library.

Online sources for tapping and acupressure (Spleen 6 and Kidney 3 are good general spots for uterine prolapse, Stomach 36 is good for staying regular which can reduce symptoms, Urinary Bladder 60 for toning the bladder/preventing UTIs) are free and DIY.

(I know... I'm a reference librarian... I can't help but send people to libraries!)
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I never would have looked, except that I definitely felt something not right. I'm big on understanding what's going on with my body, so I think it was a good idea to look. I'm glad I found it, even with how horrifying it was to discover. I've had 5 other children, and always have varying time for recovering, but generally have never felt a huge bulge in my vagina! I am enjoying my baby very much, but this is another thing to understand and be proactive over.

I had my appt yesterday with an OB. He was very nice, and said this is very common, and said mine is a cystocele. He said it appears I have good vaginal and rectal tone when I kegal, and that he tells women to expect to have much improvement if they are going to have it, by 12 weeks. We talked about much of the options and issues that I've read about on this thread and now elsewhere, so I'm thankful for the information.

I'm going to start homeopathic sepia today, on the recommendation of my midwife, and continue to kegal. I've got no bladder symptoms, so hopefully I can keep it under control. He was great about not running to surgery and he's aware we'd like more children...so...that's good...


I'm sorry you are not feeling positive today about your pop. I'm so new at this-about a week now, and yet I go back and forth a lot. First, I'm positive I can live with it, help it to lessen, and move on. Then, I do housework, sit down and feel it and know that in some way, I am definitely broken. It's a hard place to be "broken" as it's our intimacy, and our womanhood!
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feeling more positive thought I should come by and make a less negative post to balance out my poopy posts.

4 ways POP has changed my life for the better-
1. I am paying more attention to how healthy I eat. Gotta keep things running smoothly!
2. It's strengthening my faith. I have a God who made me, cares about me, and loves me. I trust if he want me to deal with this then he can bring some good out of it!
3. It got me going to a physical therapist to strengthen my back and core muscles which I'm hoping it going to help my pop and back issues.
4. I was needing to get my Vit D levels retested. I saw an article on Vit D deficiency and POP risk and it helped motivate me to get them retested. (Yup still too low and now more proactive about supplementing it again)

Without POP I don't think some of those changes would have been made, certainly not as quickly or with as much urgency as POP has made me pursue them!
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Your perspective today has been really a blessing to me! I know I have "this body"-flawed in more ways than pop, in part because I've birthed blessings....and anything worthwhile has its hardships!

Blessings to you!
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