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xelakann- glad you are happy with how it went!  Please keep us updated on your recovery and how your physical therapy goes when you start it.

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Good luck on your recovery, xelakann. That does sound like a LOT of work done; what was the cause of all that pelvic floor damage & pain, if you don't mind me asking? Hoping for a full and speedy recovery! <3

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Originally Posted by AlaaJ View Post

Good luck on your recovery, xelakann. That does sound like a LOT of work done; what was the cause of all that pelvic floor damage & pain, if you don't mind me asking? Hoping for a full and speedy recovery! <3

Yes, it was all do to the pelvic floor damage, except the birch on my bladder, they did that because studies show that urinary incontinence is REALLY common after these types of surgeries and the birch was a less invasive way to decrease the likely hood that I would leak. I had a urodynamic test done prior to surgery to see how my bladder would react post surgery and it was evident that this the approach to take.


I still don't know why I had such severe pelvic floor damage at such a young age, I have some theories but I haven't discussed them/tested them with the appropriate doctors yet. Once I am further along in my recovery I will investigate further.


I did PT before surgery and learned about how our pelvic floor works. I know that I hadn't been doing kegals correctly and that when we hear that kegals aren't effective it is because surprisingly MANY women don't do them correctly. I never knew I hadn't been, I assumed it was correct.


I am aware of the squatting exercises to also help strengthen, but currently it is not prudent for me to do them.

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Hi Ladies, I think I may belong here. I've gone through most of the post in this thread and all I can say is WOW you women rock. I want to start by saying I have the utmost respect and admiration for the strength and determination you all have.


I am 6wks pp.  I had a vbac in early February that included 3.5 hours of labor and about 30 minutes of pushing.  As a result I experienced a third degree tear. I've been checking out the docs handy work stitching me up periodically.   About a week ago I propped my leg up on the sink and checked everything out.  Well to my surprise I could not see into my vagina.  It was blocked by a mass of pink tissue.  I think i may have a cystocele.  It's not quite to my vaginal opening although close.  It hangs behind my urethra.  In the mornings it is barely visible but as the day progress it makes its way down until the evening when it completely blocks the *ahem* view. If I feel around in there it feels soft but doesn't have a definite shape.


I don't think I have any symptoms that I attribute to it, as it doesn't bother me and had I not looked I would have never known it was there.  I've been doing kegels although I am afraid that I may not be doing them correctly.  I try to stop my urine stream but since my daughter's birth I have only been able to slow the flow not stop it (is this a symptom?)  I can sneeze, cough, jump w/o leakage. If I bend over occasionally I my drip a drop or two.  I do have a ache in the lips of my vagina on either side of my clitoris although the right aches more than the left, and in the clitoris itself towards the evening.  I've had this ache since the birth and the fact that it is only in the evening is good because it was bothering me all day. It feels like the a pulling in my clitoris and if I push in on either side the ache subsides. I guess my questions are:


1.  What does a cystocele feel like i.e is it soft, kinda firm, spongy?


2.  What does it look like?  I've googled pictures from the internet and it doesn't look like that but are those just extreme cases?


3.  Could my inability to stop my urine be caused by it or is this just a common result of trauma during labor?


4.  If it isn't bothering me should I even stress about it too much?


I've been worried since I noticed it and have been obsessive about checking it out.  It's gotten to the point where I'm getting tired of giving my girlie parts that much attention and thought especially if it's not bothering me.  I guess if it is a cystocle I want to be mindful of it and not make it worse, but I don't want it to rule my life worrying about it.  Thanks ahead for any input.

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i used to wear a pessary for mine. when it hangs low it feels like i have period cramps. just uncomfortable. well after this last baby i didnt put it back in. this last baby is the only one i had all natural and upright. i also drank lots of RRl tea, and continues to drink lots of rrl tea after. i still drink it. i have been doing lots of yoga with core exercises. i have no more problems. i also quit drinking pop and juice and quit eating alot of sugar, dairy, and wheat products.


dont know if it would help anyone else. but i think the rrl tea and the core exercises are what did it.

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Just wanted to update.... I am almost 4 months post partum and everything seems to have healed up. I don't know if I still have a minor rectocele or cystocele but I feel fine (although I swear sometimes "hangy" after an active day but nothing is hanging around so..)

I feel much better and I want to tell all you new mamas to be patient, don't rush sex (I just finally got brave enough to try it and it stung a little but I just need to get used to it again), and have faith in your body to heal. Don't push it... don't go exercising like crazy... just be patient and take it easy. Oh, and if you have hemorrhoids, get yourself a lillipad squatting platfrom from New Zealand (google it lol) - it will help you heal them!

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I'm new to this site. I have some questions. I have a grade 2 cystocele that causes me a lot of discomfort. The docs can't believe I have the symptoms I do because they say it doesn't look so bad. Anyhow, it took a year for them to fit me correctly with a pessary, and that has helped more than anything. I'm now pregnant with my 2nd (very early - 5 weeks). The docs say the cystocele "shouldn't" get worse. But now I've just stumbled on this site and want to ask the women in the know.


1) Anybody out there have pregnancies after a cystocele or other prolapse? Did it get worse? Stay the same? Any advice on what to do to prepare for the pregnancy and birth? Books/DVDs to read/view?


2) Has anybody gotten the Whole Woman "First Aid for Prolapse" and/or "Saving the Whole Woman" DVDs? Have they helped?


3) I'd like to know what may have contributed to our prolapse. Every doctor I ask has no answer. One wanted to insist I had constipation my whole life. I know it's not the same for all of us, but did most of us have a) a long labor and b) a long pushing stage or a possibility of pushing too early or c) an epidural?


4) Does anybody run out there with POP? I used to run before childbirth, and the few times I've run since, it feels terribly uncomfortable, even with a pessary. Docs say I should run and that it won't cause any problems but I believe running may have caused a bit of temporary incontinence just afterwards when sneezing/coughing.


Thanks for any advice/insight!


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1. Can't help you there as I only developed POP with my second and last baby.  I have the HabIT dvd: http://www.hab-it.com/.  I confess I have not kept up with the exercises, but have gone through the whole cd, and do feel it would be beneficial if I could be more consistent!


2. NO - and frankly that wjhole website is a huge downer and a turn-off to me.  Sorry.


3.  In my case I think I have prolapse because my baby's head was not turned correctly - she came down like face first or something - and she had a huge head.  I also remember the nurse pressing on my stomach like crazy - I wish she hadn't done that.  I didn't have an epidural.


4. No running, but I didn't before hand.  I do elliptical every other day, if not every day.  I have cystocele but do not leak - just have some pelvic discomfort sometimes.  The rectecele is more problematic for me.



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Welcome to MDC:joy
1) I'm on my second pregnancy now, so I don't have any first hand experience with this. However, most of the women who have posted on this sight say that things don't get worse or better after another baby. I love chiropractic for my POP. It seems to help a lot. I also love the blog www.katysays.com. She has a lot of great advice and is really perky and upbeat.

2) Yes and I'm not a fan. Katy on the blog has a lot of the same ideas, but is much more positive. She's also a biomechanic, so she's very knowledgeable about the way our bodies work. I find the whole woman stuff very depressing. I also hate how anti surgery they are. I think that some women really do benefit from surgery and there's no shame in that!

3) well I can tell you contributed to mine! I had horrible morning sickness with my first pregnancy. I threw up all the time, and I think it weakened my pelvic floor. I also am hyper mobile, so I'm sort of lousy goosey in my joints and muscles. I also had a very fast labor and pushing stage and tore badly. Also, I'm a woman! And most women have rectoceles and cystoceles (at least 90% of us!)

4) I would hold off on the running until you done breastfeeding (if you're planning to) and your baby new baby is at least 18 months old. Get your posture in line and work on strengthening your glutes and pelvic floor in the meantime. Check out Katys blog! She's fabulous!

Have you seen a physical therapist? I had a few sessions and she helped so much. It turned out that my symptoms weren't caused by my POP at all, but rather a deep muscle issue in my vagina. She worked it out and my symptoms went away. Good luck and congrats on your pregnancy!
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Oh - just wanted to say I am not hypermobile (fwiw).


Thanks for the reminder about Katysays.com -  I will check her out again.

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Thank you to Mamasweetpotato and scottishmommy for your responses!  I appreciate knowing your situations, your thoughts, and your suggestions. Very helpful and much appreciated.


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I have a question that no amount of googling seems to be able to answer.  I had a uterine prolapse with my last delivery.  Had an anterior placenta, a very quick decent of baby, only 2 hours of labor and two pushes but placenta held on my a tiny piece and came out but just hung there.  Midwife was careful not to pull but it took 15 mins on a birthstool coughing and nipple stimulation everything before it finally released.  All that time it just hung there supported by her and the assistant.  When it released she noticed my cervix was right at the opening of the vagina.  AFterwards I had a slight hemorrhage.  I dont know for sure but it all could have been caused by the stubborn release of the placenta (the bleeding and prolapse)


My question is how likely is it to happen again?  It went almost back up to where it belongs by a few months after delivery.  Its still slightly low and during my last pap, they were able to push it up some and commented on my "relaxed tone" and told me to kegal.  Duh. 


I am 32 weeks now and am concerned as to whether I should worry about it happening again, maybe even worse this time like my cervix coming out beyond the opening or something.  If it was just because of the weight of the placenta dangling then maybe I am not at greater risk but could I be just because it is lower in the canal this time and never returned to the proper location.


Any ladies have a delivery after a prolapse without surgery and have it recur?  If so was it worse the second time? 

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Ugh, decided to check myself out "down there" and can so feel the "divot" where my rectecele is - when laying down.  Don't know why that bothers me more than the bulge from my cystocele, but it does!  :(((((  I guess bulging because stool is passing through my system and it's weakened there is one thing, but so weak that it just collapses and hangs down?  Wow. 


I am trying to be encouraged by this blog post on hab-it:



Anyone have any pep talks ready for me?  :)



(I guess the idea of sex is really squicking me out - won't the friction/impact of sex make the rectocele bigger?  I am not having any sexual pain right now...I just don't know...)

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Hi mamas.  I'm new here.  Thanks so much for being here and sharing what you've learned. 


I can't go through all 69 pages of posts, but I did read a lot and am glad to know I'm not alone!

After my first babe was born (at home in 2006 after 3+ hours of pushing, 8 lb 12 oz) my bladder hung down a bit.  I didn't know what it was and was told by a gyn that it was a collapsed vag wall and I should do kegels.


After my second babe was born last summer (1.5 hours o' pushing, 8 lb 4 oz, another home birth but in a different state with a different midwife) it all got worse.  Now my bladder hangs out of my vagina even on a good day.  When I'm tired and my bladder is full (which both happen many times a day) it looks like a baby crowning, a softball-sized blob hanging out!  I just visited a new gyn whom I like even though she's not especially holistic.  She says my uterus is falling too.  She suggested a pessary, surgery when I'm sure we're done having kids, and said I shouldn't have another homebirth as the placenta could bring the uterus out with it.  (To her credit she is not anti homebirth in generall; she said "that's great" when she heard I had birthed at home.)


I wrote to my awesome homebirth midwife, who suggested a physical therapist.  And tonight I stuck my diaphragm in as a temporary pessary.  It does feel better!

So, any advice is greatly appreciated.  I will check out Whole Woman and Katysays.


Thanks again all!

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Hi Chamsia! I'm sorry that your prolapse is such a PIA. That would drive me nuts! Have you seen a urogyn? I would definitely get an expert's opinion. Also, as far as pessaries have you tried sea sponges. A lot of moms here hate them, but I loved mine. I couldn't tell it was in and it really helped everything stay put. Just make sure you use a lot of natural lubrication (I like coconut oil). I have to go right now( my dd is climbing all over me!)....will post more soon!
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Originally Posted by Mamasweetpotato View Post

Ugh, decided to check myself out "down there" and can so feel the "divot" where my rectecele is - when laying down.  Don't know why that bothers me more than the bulge from my cystocele, but it does!  :(((((  I guess bulging because stool is passing through my system and it's weakened there is one thing, but so weak that it just collapses and hangs down?  Wow. 


I am trying to be encouraged by this blog post on hab-it:



Anyone have any pep talks ready for me?  :)



(I guess the idea of sex is really squicking me out - won't the friction/impact of sex make the rectocele bigger?  I am not having any sexual pain right now...I just don't know...)

I have a rather serious rectocele. It bulges even when I don't have stool to pass, but it's much worse when I do. One thing that seems to have helped is daily Miralax - my doctor has told me I can take it long term. It seems to have even helped with the state of the rectocele when there's no stool to pass - I think getting constipated was stretching out the tissues so that they hung down even when I finally passed the stool. Now that my stools are softer and moving though me faster, there's less stretching and it seems to be shrinking a bit. Really, the Miralax is the best thing I've done for the whole rectocele situation.

As for sex - it seems like it helps for me rather than making it worse, assuming there's no hardish stool waiting to pass (if there is, it makes sex pretty much physically impossible, even if I felt like I could get in the mood with a stool pocket sitting in my vagina!). But if there's not, it helps push the bulge back to where it belongs, and sometimes it stays put for awhile. It definitely doesn't make it worse, so try not to let it affect the frequency or enjoyment you have with sex. I know it can make you self conscious - it sure does for me sometimes. My husband says he can't really tell the difference, although different positions make it more comfortable for me (you'll just have to experiment to see what works for you).
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Thanks Scottishmommy!  I ordered a sea sponge yesterday and some of the wild yam cream (for natural progesterone), though I have coconut oil at home.  Does one need the progesterone with the sea sponge?  I saw conflicting info about needing it with pessaries in general.


It turns out my pricey insurance covers NO physical therapy.  I am so angry!!!  But I can do nothing about it.  Called the PT's financial person and am hoping for some kind of sliding scale.  We'll see.


Thank you all so much for the ideas and help!

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1) I am nervous about having more kids. Right now I just have a milkd rectocele and I think, a mild cystocele. I am going to try harder next time not to gain as much weight and I am going to try to squat when I give birth. I also am going to take it VERY easy for the 6 weeks after if possible


2) Yes, I got both the book and the DVD and I felt very empowered and inspired by them. I believe what she says about the pelvic floor and what our natural posture should be. It is so hard for me to do the right posture, but I am working on it. I haven't felt that weird "hangy" feeling in awhile. I don't really go on the site, but I guess it might have some bad cases on it which is why it would be depressing? 


3) I gained a lot of weight. I ended up pushing for 1.5 hours on my back with an epidural. I HAVE been constipated my whole life. DD was allergic to dairy and soy and when I stopped eating them I was never constipated - EVER. It was amazing. I ate some dairy and soy two weeks ago for a few days to test it out and now I am still suffering from constipation. It is so not worth it!


4) I am really erring on the side of caution. The PP said wait til done breastfeeding or 18 months... I probably will. I am not doing anything that is high intensity and I won't be one of those women that works out until she gives birth, either, next time. (I wasn't this time though lol)

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Hello there ladies! I think I belong to this club now-- hehe! :)

First of all I want to say that seeing a physical therapist is sooo helpful, and highly recommend it to you ladies who may be unsure of the idea. I was feeling so weird and lumpy down there after #2 was born (and posted a thread about it... had some great encouraging responses though which really helped me to relax about it), and read the Whole Woman book and prepared myself for the worst. I figured I had prolapsed everything and cried lots, even though my midwife checked me and couldn't see any obvious prolapse. (I think she should have checked me standing up, but that is why I think it is important to see a physical therapist about these issues.) The physical therapist was gentle and very thorough and informative and helped me understand my body better. Turns out, I have a mild rectal prolapse, but my bladder and uterus are fine. (YAY!!) The "sagginess" I have noticed in the front is just from the thinning of the vaginal walls (less estrogen when BFing) and just the stretching from my VERY fast labor. She prescribed kegels every day lying down, sitting, and standing up. (Just 10 kegels- 10 seconds holding, 10 seconds relaxing.) She also prescribed walking, swimming, and light yoga, but no bouncy exercise for a while.

We talked about the Whole Woman method, and she seemed to agree with some of it, but was not a fan of all of it. She thinks that building up your abdominal muscles is really important in healing and posture, instead of letting your belly hang all the time. She also prescribed Breath of Fire to me, which teaches you how to "pull up" your lower organs and strengthen them. She also (obviously) believes that kegels help tremendously, and will help heal my rectal prolapse and my (very mild) urinary incontinence.

For those of you who have seen a PT for your issues, what is their opinion on the Whole Woman stuff? I can say that I have definitely been a lot more aware of my posture since reading the book, and I have a better understanding of how the muscles are connected as well, so I have sort of mixed reviews about it.... Anyway, just wanted to connect with you ladies and encourage you to see a PT (I know they are expensive, but worth it) because you can make yourself crazy trying to self-diagnose and guess what's going on down there.

Oh, and has anyone checked out the new Whole Woman yoga dvd yet? I love yoga and was thinking about getting it...

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