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its been awhile

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It has been awhile since i have been on here. I passed the 25 week mark. I am still having contractions and bedrest isnt getting any easier. Some days are better than others. I had an ultrasound friday when i hit 25 weeks. Both boys are growing well. One is about half a pound bigger than the other but everything looks good. I am now dialated to 6cm and praying these boys stay put for awhile longer.
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I was wondering how you're doing. I am glad that all is well and that you've come a little farther in your pg. Just keep thinking positive thoughts on your cervix just clamming shut. I've been reading Ina Mae's Guide to Childbirth by Ina Mae Gaskin and she presents evidence that with the power of the mind, that women can cause their cervix's to clamp shut or open wide. Think good thoughts. It can't hurt, right?

Hoping you make it 10 more weeks!
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fingers crossed that your boys stay put as loooooooooooong as possible.

I am glad to read that they are growing well.

Bedrest sounds frustrating but you know that you are doing what you need to do.

Praying for you and your boys.
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Glad to hear it! Stay in there little guys!
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I'm glad you checked in...I was wondering how you were doing.

Stay put boys, that's an order! (not very gd of me, is it? )
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I'm glad the 3 of you are doing relatively well. Let's keep those babies in!
I have a friend this happened to but it wasn't twins. She was able to make it to 36 weeks. Let's hope for fall babies and not summer ones
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I was just thinking about you and how those boys are doing! Thanks for the udpate - I'm glad that they are hanging on in there. I think visualization sometimes works wonders - since you have nothing but time, maybe spend a while each day relaxing and visualizing your cervix tightening and closing. Can't hurt! Every week is making such a huge difference for them - hoping that they stay in there for many, many more!

Sorry you're stuck in bed - I know I'd be going stir crazy, but it's worth it.
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I'm glad to hear it. I got worried the other day because the thread on another ddc ( on the main page) said "my boys are here" but it was by another Amy.
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I am so glad to hear you are hanging in there! Think positively and keep on keeping on!! Thanks for the update, I had been thinking about you. Instead of labor vibes, I am sending you NO labor vibes!!
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I am sooo glad to hear that they are staying put for the time being! I hope that you are doing ok too...not getting too fed up with bedrest. But I must say that I truly admire what you are doing in order to keep those boys in there! You are amazing!
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I am so glad they are staying put and growing well! Awesome news!

Here's to another ten or so boring, uneventful weeks.
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Things just got alot worse. My water broke : . Now I am on more monitoring and they will more than likely be preemies. The drs say that I could go a few more weeks or until there is no amniotic fluid left around the baby. The other twins bag of waters is still good and strong. I am so scared and worried about the boys
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: for you and your boys.
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Thank you for keeping us updated. I am sorry to hear that your water broke.
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praying for you and your sweet boys to hang out a while longer so they can get stronger!!!
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I'm so sorry sweetie. Hugs and prayers for you and your little boys... Your body will keep making fluid, so hopefully there will be enough for him to stay in for a while longer. A few more weeks would be awesome - even at 26 weeks babies can do really well. Every day they develop a little more and get stronger. Hang in there...
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Keeping you and your Baby Boys in our thoughts and prayers Aimee.
Please keep us updated if you are able.

Many .
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Praying your boys hang in there a few more weeks.
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I am praying for you and the boys...just wanted to let you know that my SIL's water broke at this time as well. She was in the hospital for three weeks only getting up to occasionally shower. In the meantime they monitored her and gave the baby what he needed to get his lungs developed. When he was born, he spent two weeks in NICU. That baby is turning three years old tomorrow and is healthy and happy. Keep thinking positive thoughts. And know that others are thinking of you too.
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Thanks everyone! I hit 26 weeks, got a real shower and felt a little better and then started contracting more. The meds arent really working all that great but i am not dialating much more right now. Both babies still look good, are growing well.
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