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I hadn't heard rumors or anything, but sometimes ya never know.
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NBC hasn't greenlighted anymore shows. Which some people think it is the end. , although it hasn't been officially cancelled it has not been officially picked up for more episodes.

Some fans got together to try and save it though (like they did for Jericho?, hopefully the network will see how much the show is loved and keep it.
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Oh I hope it stays dh and I LOVE this show.
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Looks like it's canceled. I feel the need to apologize, since anything dh and I like tends to get canceled. I feel like it's our fault.

I loved the last two episodes! The one where he comes back to find he has a dd instead of Zach was so powerful! And the last one (which I didnt' know was the LAST one when I watched it) was pretty good too.
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But there is a myspace website dedicated to saving it and also www.savejourneyman.net if you are interested in a letter writing campaign to save it.
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That makes me so mad! Not only did I like this show, but it's the second one that dh and I really liked to get cancelled that had Moon Bloodgood in it. I just shouldn't watch anymore of her shows!
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We loved Journeyman and we hope they bring it back

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Originally Posted by coleslaw View Post

The one where he comes back to find he has a dd instead of Zach was so powerful!
I KNOW!! DP and both just sat there on the couch like "wooooooah". That was heavy thought to consider.
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