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soy and fertility

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I know there are many who believe that soy is bad bad bad and especially for fertility. I'm not entirely convinced (either way) by the soy = bad argument but am eager to hear of some examples of peoples experiences with soy and ttc.
Did you have trouble TTC until you gave up soy? Did you successfully conceive whilst consuming soy?

thoughts and anecdotes really welcome here! thanks.
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I don't personally have an experience with soy, but from what I've read here and elsewhere is that soy increases estrogen (which is why it's a common supplement in menopausal women), and too much estrogen in a woman of childbearing years can cause cyctic and improperly functioning ovaries.

I would think it's fine and safe in some degree of moderation, but what that degree is, I don't know. I do know there are a number of posts throughout MDC about soy and its effect on individual fertility. I'm confident those ladies will come out and post their personal experience to you here.
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I read some anecdotes on vegweb.com in the TTC forum, only by women who had no problems conceiving though. I'll try with soy first and then maybe reduce. I like the taste and the easy protein.
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I have PCOS and soy was one of the first things I "gave up". I really believe that removing soy from my diet (along with other changes, alternative medical treatments and medications) helped me conceive this last baby.

I still don't eat soy, and in fact I'm pretty strict about it. I do notice a difference in how I feel when I do eat it - I feel ill. And I have had a significant decrease in the cysts since I stopped eating soy.
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Thanks. These are exactly the kind of responses I wanted to get. I'm looking for lots of food for thought! More please
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I've been a vegetarian for over 10 years and have always consumed a lot of soy (though most of it is fermented due to a mostly Asian diet). I had no troubles conceiving my first (pill baby) and this baby took 6 months to concieve after actively TTC. But I don't think soy had anything to do with it.
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I tried to get pregnant for 1 year, and then went entirely vegan (i'm lacto ovo now) and got pregnant the next month! Whose to say..
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I was vegetarian and eating some soy when I got pregnant with dd and we got pregnant on the FIRST attempt! Now, I'm eating soy maybe more so (I'm vegan) and I still haven't had my cycles return at 23 months pp, but dd nurses pretty frequently, too.
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