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What should your pulse rate be during pregnancy?

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I'm worried mine is a bit fast. I took my blood pressure, which was 120/80, which is normal for me. But my pulse was 101. I took my BP a few days later - it was 135/75, but my pulse was still 101. Isn't that a bit fast? (actually I didn't take my BP or pulse, My mum who is a nurse took them for me. She thought my pulse was too fast also, but she doesn't work with pregnant patients.)

Why would it be so fast? Is it because I am totally unfit? I'm not overweight, but certainly a long way from being fit! I'm about 28 weeks pregnant.
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My resting pulse started climbing up in early pregnancy and has stayed up. I'm a long distance runner and my resting (first thing in the morning) pulse was in the 40s. Now it's in the 70s at 37 weeks.

Normal is supposed to be between 60-100. So 101 is slightly elevated, but if you were out of shape to begin with (so higher resting heart rate), then add in the increased blood volume and work load of pregnancy, it doesn't seem that concerning.
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dehydration can cause a higher rate.
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Some pregnant women's pulse rate rises normally from non-pregnant. I know that in all my 6 pregnancies, my pulse rate was more 'excitable' in general--would rise more easily upon exertion/excitement--not hugely, but I could feel the diff. And in my last, my resting pulse rate was generally higher at all times than usual. I think mine was around 100 (normal/non-pg for me being 65 or so), and sometimes was at 110 or so. Was seeing an OB for that pregnancy, he said it was not a problem (tho I was generally under a LOT more stress during that pregnancy than usual, too)
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Mine is alot higher than that, but we have a family history of tachycardia. They check my thyroid, b/c probs with it can cause fast heart rate, and then they just have me monitor it and avoid things that make it skyrocket (like sweeping). The cardiologist basically said everything is fine as long as it doesn't go 160 or higher (and stay there).

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Thanks! i'm glad to hear that it is fairly normal. I will try drinking more too and see if that helps.

I did some googling and found that a fast pulse can sometimes indicate twins. No thanks!!!! I feel quite relieved now!
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My BP has been 117/65 + a few points here and there this whole pregnancy and was pretty similar with my one 3 years ago...

My pulse has stayed btwn 90 and 99 depending on the time of day this whole time and same as last time...

MW's aren't worried about it....
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My BP is always low, but my pulse is high - 120s resting. I'm not in great shape, but even when I was, it was always over 100.
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I find my pulse goes up in pregnancy. Before babies it was 60 - I am thin, eat well and walk a lot.
My first baby the pulse went up to at least 80 and it stayed there. Only for a short while between pregnancies did I get the pulse back to 60.
Now I am 24 weeks pregnant and my pulse is almost always 90 or over.

There is the blood volume, the hard work and then your body is forming a symbiotic relationship with a baby who has a very naturally high heart rate.
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