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DDC shower/swap... ?

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Hi everyone -

The thread about showers motivated me to start a new one. I the idea of a DDC shower, or swap. If enough of us are game, I'd say let's do it! There are so many possibilities - a cloth diaper or handmade gift theme, or something simple like bibs or socks! Add your ideas and maybe we can get one rolling!!
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Oh, yes. Let's do that. It may be the only "shower" I have.

Cloth diapers are a good idea. I could manage a homemade gift...

If we do something with a $-limit, I'd like to suggest $20. (It doesn't seem worth it to me to do it for $10, like I have seen some DDCs do - but this is JMHO. I'd go with majority here.)

Thanks for the suggestion!
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I think it's a great idea and a $20 limit seems reasonable to me.
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sounds good to me. $20 would be very reasonable. I would be in for a sock, bib or diaper swap. Sorry, sewing machine is in the repair shop, so I can't make anything at this time.
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Love the idea! I participated in one that was a $10 limit, I think, and did go over a bit because it's way too hard to keep it to $10! In that DDC, we each gave a list of items we were interested in or needed. I love the idea of diapers, etc., but not everyone may need the same things. So I think perhaps if we have someone to organize and match us up, and a thread where we list our "wishlists" (not necessarily our registries), then I think it would work great!

FWIW, the wishlists we had were something like:

"baby bath stuff, especially Burt's Bees
tie-dyed prefolds, any size (mama made is GREAT!)
organic newborn shirts/onesies
anything knit by you"

So just giving some fairly general ideas. I guess we should also give info (all in one place makes it easier for the gifter!) of things like:

- due date
- baby's gender, if known
- is this first baby? how many others?
- color preferences
- limitations (such as a wool allergy, most hated "theme," etc)

Okay, as you can see, I think it's a great idea!
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sign me up, sounds like fun :0)
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Sounds great to me! Count me in!
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Maybe a $15 limit? :
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Now, would this be a secret-santa type thing, where we're all assigned to buy/make gifts for one person, or we buy for everyone?
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This sounds like fun!! I think either a $15 or $20 limit sounds reasonable - keeping in mind that we wouldn't have to spend up to that limit!

Handmade is awesome - I know I always so apprecate a handmade gift. BUT, I also know I am a near-total klutz when it comes to stuff like that. Can't knit, and I swear the sewing machine has an eternal vendetta against me. So, for me to participate at least, handmade would need to be only one of the options, and not a requirement.
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Here's a link to the August Shower Swap as an example --

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I'm pretty mean with a crochet hook so would much prefer to make anything a mama desires at this point in time we're really tight on finances but I've got time (and yarn) to make something!

So count me in!
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Count me in!
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Originally Posted by aylaanne View Post
Now, would this be a secret-santa type thing, where we're all assigned to buy/make gifts for one person, or we buy for everyone?
Yes it would be a secret santa type.

Count me in.
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Count me in. I like the 20 dollar limit idea. I would like to do something other than diapers, as we will not be using cloth. Its okay if others feel differently though.
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Count me in, I think it sounds fun. I participated in the Bead Swap and that turned out lovely!
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I think this sounds really fun. I love the idea of a $15 or $20 limit.. or something handmade! I LOVE handmade things for babies, but I am not crafty. This is so neat!! I participated in the bead swap too, and it turned out so awesome!
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We did this with my DS and it was so much fun. I remember getting a beautiful handmade photo album and a little glass dish with chocolates in it. We had a 20 dollar limit and we would have one person switch names around so they could email back and forth and not only get to know what the person likes but also more about them.
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This sounds great! No shower for me

I'm fine with a 15-20$ limit, or, something handmade though I don't think I have the skills to make a diaper cover yet!

CT- are you going to set this up, or would someone with expedience like to? We should get started ASAP, since some of us live overseas.:
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Actually, I was being lazy in my last post. I'll volunteer to set it up if no one wants to, I have the time. Let me know and I'll go ahead and do a sign up with lists and a cut off time to sign up by(I was thinking 2 weeks?)
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