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Me too. I like the $15-20 range.
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i'm up for it, I loved my swap from my last DDC, got homemade pumpkin soap and a cloth diaper cover Wish I could make cute stuff to trade, but I really like participating anyway.
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Just a warning, if you want something handmade from me it's going to look like something my 4yos could make!

I'm not very crafty.
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Banana, I think that sounds great if you're up for it! I would volunteer, but I'll be on limited availability for the next 10 days or so. I wouldn't be able to do much until early August... and I agree that getting started sooner than later is a good idea!

Sounds like there's a good concensus that a $15-20 limit (coordinator can pick one or the other) is reasonable, and that requests or donations for handmade items are great. Handmade items should just be valued at the $15-20 mark, I think, though obviously that's sometimes hard to pin point. I like some of the questions from the August board - I'm sure it made it easier to match people knowing what types of things the mama could/would provide, and what type they would like to receive.

I think on my old Sept '04 DDC, we made our lists and then were able to tell the coordinator a few people we could provide for. She then matched everyone up and put up the list. I think either of those methods could work well.

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OOoooh how fun. I think the $15-$20/ handmade sounds great!!
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Originally Posted by YumaDoula View Post
Just a warning, if you want something handmade from me it's going to look like something my 4yos could make!

I'm not very crafty.

You're ahead of me.
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id be in too. im no good at handmade stuff though
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Banana731 - if you'd be willing to set it up, I think that'd be great!!! I'm fine with either a 15/20 limit, too. I think it'll be so much fun :
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I like the idea of emailing with the person you get so you can get to know each other better. Maybe someone could make up a little questionaire (like I get in my inbox 10 million times a day from friends) and we could exchange our answers? I really love that some of us who can't do anything crafty AT ALL could be paired with someone who is!!

Thank You for offering to set this up Banana, that is really sweet (and brave) of you!! You rock!
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Yep, I wanna do it too. If you need more guidelines for the swap itself, check out craftster.com- there are always a thousand swaps going on and they go really smoothly.
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I dont post here very often but I'm due Oct 13th and would love to be a part of this.
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I hardly ever post- but I, too, would love to be part of this!
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Can I get in too! I love pretending I'm crafty but rarely seem to have the time these days 15-20$ works here too. There is starting to be a need for speed though...Some of us only have 10 or 11 weeks left : if we are lucky.
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I'd love this.

Only thing is depending on time lines, we'll be away from the computer from Aug 3-10, but as long as that's ok, I'm in
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I'm in. Cloth Diapers sounds fine but I'll go along with anything between $15 and $20.
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Well, I would love to do this, knowing more about it. And, while I'm not brave enough to organize the entire thing myself, I would be willing to help moderate it.
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I'd love to do this too! I think the $ limit sounds great and I like the idea of opening it up beyond cloth diapers.
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Is everyone interested in a "questionaire" type email? Only to be exchanged between yourself and the person you get (and yourself and the person that gets your name). I think that sounds really fun. It is kind of like MOTW, but a little more personal. I thought that was a neat idea.
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Please see the new sign up thread!
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This is newCTmama's husband. She asked me to add her to the list. Her preferences are:
"Handmade lovingly welcomed!
Yes to cloth diapering - open to c/d things.
Suprise me!"
Hope this helps--
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