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need post-birth herbal sitz bath recipe

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After my last birth someone made an herbal sitz bath for me and I want to have the same one this time but don't remember what was in it. I believe it only had 3 ingredients, and one of the was rosemary.

Can anyone help me? I tried to do a search here but came up with nada.

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My Bradely instructor was also a doula and she recommended comfrey and chamomile. the comfrey was the biggy though.
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Mine was comfrey and lavendar. I brewed comfrey tea and added 3 or 4 drops of lavendar. Very nice when warm!
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½ ounce Rosemary leaves
2 ounces Comfrey leaves
1 ounce Shepherds Purse
1 ounce Uva Ursi
1 C plain sea salt
1 3-4” piece of fresh ginger root
1 whole bulb of garlic
1 knee-high panty hose

Put all of the herbs, garlic blub, and sliced ginger in the panty hose. Tie a knot in the top to close. Place in either a dutch oven of boiling water (then turned down to simmer) or a crockpot of water (high for one hour then turn to low). Simmer as long as possible. Best if it has been seeping for several hours.

Pour into the bath with 1C of sea salt. When the panty hose is cool enough that you can touch it, squeeze to extract the healing properties of the herbs.

Soak for at least 20 minutes. Allow baby to soak as well.

Uva Ursi – healing to the female organs
Comfrey – healing of bruises and lacerations
Shepherds Purse – helps stop bleeding
Ginger – heal sore ligaments and muscles
Rosemary – aids uterus involution
Garlic and Sea Salt – make bath antiseptic
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I do the following mix for my clients:

1 ounce of cinnammon chips (antibiotic)
1 ounce lavender (antibiotic)
1 ounce of myrrh (anti-microbial)
1/2 ounce comfrey (tissue healing, anti-inflammatory)
1/2 cup sea salt (antiseptic)
1/2 ounce chamomile (relaxing)
1/2 ounce calendula flowers (heals hemorrhoids, eases swelling)
1 ounce Shepherds Purse (for bleeding, healing)
1 ounce Uva Ursi (prevents infection)
1 clove Fresh Garlic
1 ounce Arnica (swelling, bruising)

1/2 to 1 ounce Frankincense
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Oooo...I bet that one smells yummy!

How do you prepare it?
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It smells very good!!!

when we get to the birth, we get a large stock pot out, and begin boiling the water. When it is boiling, we add the herbs (sometimes we put the herbs in a white sock and tie it shut and put that in the pot,) or may add the herbs straight to the pot. Boil for about 5 minutes with herbs in it, then shut it off and let it set until birth is over.
After the birth we get momma and baby into the new bath water, with the added herbal water. If the herbs are in the sock, we just add the sock to float around too.
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Sounds pretty much like we prepare ours.

I'm going to share that with my preceptor! I may have to get the stuff and try it at a birth soon!!

Thank you!
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Your welcome!
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I needed a recipe, too. Thanks! I'm due any minute now so I'm pretty much stuck with whatever herbs I can find at Whole Foods (no comfrey, darn it). But they have uva ursi and rosemary.
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