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Best carrier during pregnancy?

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I am currently 6 months pregnant and DD is 12 months old and about 19 pounds. What do you think is the best carrier to use during pregnancy?
Also, is there a way to carry 2 babies once the little one is born?

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I'm due at the end of this month with #2 and I use a Maya Wrap to carry ds, who is 2y 7&1/2m and over 20lbs. It works well. I have a couple of Over the Shoulder Baby Holders, but haven't used them lately and figurte they might be a problem with the padding, as they will not hold ds quite so close in. If you get a larger maya than you need, you can apparantly carry both in it - toddler on the side, baby in front.
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I've been using my Maya but I can't see puting them both in it. I was thinking of getting a back carrier for my toddler and using a sling for the baby.

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i've been wondering this too, i'm not too far along , only 12 wks. pg and i'm still carrying ds in the new native and the ergo and the rebozo. obviously this won't last once the belly gets huge! am thinking the ergo will work for a long while till i can't even fasten it under my belly, the new native will have to go, but the rebozo on the back? definitely planning on wearing the toddler in the ergo on my back and the newborn on the front in a sling. can you tell i've been obsessing about this? can't wait to hear what the btdt mamas can tell us!
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Mayalee -

I had a NN that I left somewhere months ago
I have a Maya that I use most of the time now as well as a NoJo that I really like.
I have the rebozo but I have never done the back thing with it. I bought it because I *could* do the back thing but have never tried:
I have been thinking about getting the Ergo. Do you really like yours? I'm thinking it might be my best bet once the little one arrives.

Thanks for posting.

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I'm eight months pregnant now and using a baby back-tie with my 30 pound toddler. I plan on wearing my toddler on my back with it after baby is born and wearing baby in a regular sling.
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kerikadi, i Love my ergo! definitely recommend it.

brusselsprout, good on you for carrying your 30 pounder while 8 months pregnant, proof it can be done! will check out the baby back tie.
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Well, this evening, we went out to the mall. I carried tired ds using the Maya and found that it was more comfortable on my back...until of course the ton of water he drank on the way to the mall overwhelmed the cloth dipe and doubler he was wearing and soaked through his clothes, the Maya, and all the way to my undies. Fortunately I had bought some new maternity clothes, including undies, so all I had to do was get an outfit for him (found a cute Land's End sunsuit shockingly cheap) and change us both in the fitting room. Fun, fun, fun.

So, I guess my point is that carrying the older babe on the back may be a necessity when your belly gets as huge as mine is now. I haven't been a big fan of ds being on my back before, but I guess the pregnant belly is balancing him out...and aside from the hot wet feeling : , it was nice to have his sleepy body cuddled against me. We've been going through a bit of a rough spot lately. (Me big grouchy bitchy momma.)

Once #2 is here, I guess I'll try two slings - one front, one back, though I just might have to get another Maya or two so I can match. I have one green/blue and one purple/lavendar. Wild combo.
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