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Originally Posted by My3Kids'Mama
Now, I need a multi. I need one that's kosher or vegan.

I think my kids probably need a multi, at least while I'm upgrading their diet. They're sort of resistant to change. The one they take now is the one the pedi prescribed and it has fluoride in it, which I've recently been given to understand is NOT a good idea. Bear with me here, I'm just starting with all this.
I think I'll start a 101 nutrition/immunology thread, okay?
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Wow! You mama's are veritible founts of info. It took me a good twenty minutes to read this thread.

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MT - I'm going to order some SA online (because no one in this state seems to carry it : ). If it doesn't have bioflavonoids in it, do I then also need to get those? (From what I've been reading, they are important for the whole thing to work.)
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I havent found a place to buy just bioflavonoids in the US.

My 3 kids, you may want to look at Rainbow light vitamins. Not sure if they are kosher though or not. I use their kids and prenatals
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I have no clue how she learned. I gave her an empty gelatin capsule to chew on and she told me "I swallowed it, I swallowed it." So I gave her a capsule full of C and she swallowed that.

My oldest was 5 when she finally figured out how to swallow. For her it was those pearls of probiotics. They are really small and easy to swallow.

The capsules I stuff with c are big, well huge for a 3.5 yo
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Usually places that sell SA online will have bioflavinoids in powder form, and yes, I prefer to put bioflavinoids with my SA, because they are co-factors.

If people want a tablet form more convenient for travelling... a 1 kg bag of white powder might set off some hysterics don't you think? then I use a brand called Natural Factors (Canada) 100% natural fruit chews C 500 mgs one....
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momto l&a said:

I havent found a place to buy just bioflavonoids in the US.
My local health food store has just Bioflavonoids for sale. I didn't buy them, so at the moment I can't remember the name brand, but I will check later this week and get back to you. Oh, and I'm in California.

Also, the same store didn't have Sodium Ascorbate on the shelf, but when I asked for it they ordered it from NOW for me, $8.95 for 8 oz. Then 2 weeks later I saw a different brand of SA on the shelf. So, if your hfs carries NOW products, they most certainly should be able to order SA for you.

ETA: Maybe I'm taking back the Bioflavonoids statement, because when I searched the NOW website, and found their Bioflavonoids product, the ingredients actually read:
Vitamin C (as Ascorbic Acid) 100 mg 167%
Citrus Bioflavonoids (37% Total Bioflavonoids as Hesperidin) 1.4 g †
Rutin 100 mg †

Pretty sneaky if you ask me 'cause the front label just says Bioflavonoid Caps.
I'll search on though.
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Edited to add as my brain must be shot tonight. Mountain Chick, I look forward to seeing what brand the bioflavonoids are. thanks

I order SA from Bronson as they have the best price I have seen.

Speaking of Bronson they are going to have a buy one get one free in November for vitamin C

Bronson also has SA in tablet form.
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Hmmm Swanson has a bioflavonoid complex
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I just bought these:

Citrus Bioflavonoids, CL-7334
Country Life, 1000 mg,
250 Tablets

from iherb.com while I was buying S.A. powder. I'm thinking of getting the little pestel (sp?) thingy to grind them up and add to the SA powder when we take it, instead of having another pill to swallow (I'm beginning to realize that I live on various pills! ).
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and that's the point. We shouldn't have to. That in itself makes me grumpy.
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Originally Posted by Momtezuma Tuatara
Usually places that sell SA online will have bioflavinoids in powder form, and yes, I prefer to put bioflavinoids with my SA, because they are co-factors.

If people want a tablet form more convenient for travelling... a 1 kg bag of white powder might set off some hysterics don't you think? then I use a brand called Natural Factors (Canada) 100% natural fruit chews C 500 mgs one....

the Natural Factors - 100% natural fruit chews C500mgs? so this is sodium ascorbate? Is this the product - Vitamin C 500mg NATURAL FRUIT CHEWS ( 180's ) Passionfruit/Peach/Mango ?
I went to the health food store and asked for chewables and they said that they have only powder. I will be traveling in a few months so I would like to get the chewable. I don't want to have any problems with the Custom especially that I am traveling with small baby and like you said, the powder could look really strange
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Yes that's the one. I like that one best, but the kids prefer the blueberry, raspberry and Boysenberry, but they are more acid to me..., natural factors is a mix of sodium ascorbate and ascorbic acid, but not only does it have citrus bioflavinoids, it has hesperidin biolflavinoids, rosehips, rutin and silica, so in terms of a mix its the most reasonable of any tablet that I've found.

And I don't get grumpy looks from customs with it.

The funnist I had with "powder" was coming back from my embroidery scholarship. We transfer design onto embroidered foundations with shell powder which comes in small ziplock plastic bags with inscrutible Japanese Kanji on them.

Which can cost the unwary traveller a few hours in a chilly bin while they check to see that it's not something erstwhile...
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Besides affecting stomach acidity and to provide the sodium ion, is there any other reason why ascorbate acid is not recommended? And why is stomach acidity so important (other than it breaks down our food)...to prevent ulcers, etc? If my children seem to be tolerating the ascorbic acid I give them daily, should I still switch to sodium ascorbate? For example, my oldest son (almost 6 yo and 67 pounds), receives approx. 3,000 mgs. of C daily when healthy and we up it when he is sick to about 6,500 to bowel tolerance. He takes a host of other supplements and eats 95% organic......am I killing his stomach? If he doesn't seem bothered by it is it because the damage hasn't been done yet (as in I would be seeing physical symptoms to gauge from), or because he likely is receiving the balance he needs of baking soda/sodium ion in his diet? I believe you said equal ratios. 1 part ascorbic acid to 1 part sodium bicarbonate? I believe he receives his sodium ion needs via iodine and calcium citrate. Is there a balance (ratio) equation for sodium ions in relation to the appropriate doses of ascorbic acid, and bicarbonate?

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Ok, I have SA in my cart to purchase. What I have here is calcium ascorbate and I understand that is not what i want. Am I reading that my kids also need bioflavonoids?? I can't find a bioflavonoid powder. Would it be better to buy the Natural Factors fruit chews for my kids and crush the tablets (dont want to ruin teeth) since it had bioflavonoids?

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Originally Posted by Momtezuma Tuatara
Never use Ester C, or calcium ascorbate, except, or unless there is NOTHING ELSE around, and do NOT use it long term. If you MUST use it, you will require about double what you'd need with sodium ascorbate, and if you don't salt your food, then you must if you use Ester C. But remember, if there is any possibility that cancer is an issue... excess calcium in the body makes cancer cells go rampant.

That's not the only reason to not use it though...
Sorry to be getting in on the end of this - I haven't read the whole thread (LOTS of info!!) but I wanted to ask this because I keep forgetting. What's wrong with using Ester C? In Prescription for Nutritional Healing by Phyllis and James Balch, they recommend Ester C highly...

Esterified vitamin C (Ester C) is a remarkably effective form of vitamin C, especially for those suffering from chronic illnesses such as cancer and AIDS. It is created by having the vitamin C react with a necessary mineral, such as calcium, magnesium, potassium, sodium or zinc. This results in a form of the vitamin that is nonacidic and that contains vitamin C metabolites identical to those produced by the body. Esterified vitamin C enters the bloodstream and tissues four times faster than standard forms of vitamin C because it moves into the blood cells more efficiently and also stays in the body tissues longer. The levels of vitamin C in white blood cells achieved by taking esterified vitamin C are four times higher than those achieved with standard vitamin C. Further, only one-third as much is lost through excretion in the urine.
I was at both the pharmacy and the health food store today and I ended up getting the non-acid (Ester C? I don't even know. I'm in a new country and there's a new language and I'm never really sure about what I'm getting ) because I was so confused - I had forgotten which one you recommended, and I actually even forgot what the book recommended.

Anyway, enough of my going on and on. I'm sorry if this was already answered in the thread.. I'm going to go back and try to read it.

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Emergen-C is potassium ascorbate. It is good during labor .
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That is incorrect. The physiology of ester c is that for you to get to bowel tolerance you will have to take twice as much, and the mechanics of that is that the calcium is sheared off of the ascorbate, but for the ascorbate to be absorbed the body utilises localised sodium from any source nearby, to split the ascorbate into two molecules, one which the body uses, and the other which is excreted. BUT, before the ascorbate is utilised, the body uses some of it to chelate out the calcium, which when free in the body is dangerous to the body.

Far from being absorbed slower, the reason you need MORE Ester C to get to bowel tolerance is that the body has to divert some ascorbate to get the calcium out, so less is able to be used by the body.
Can this be translated into Dumb for me??
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If I take all this myself, it will get to my cutie patootie through my breast milk, correct? He's only 3 months old.
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