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What's your monthy grocery budget?

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Trying to be a better budgeter after a new clutch plate and two new axels for the car put us in a tailspin, not funny despite a bad pun. Our estimate is that we spend $500-$600 a month on food. Takeout maybe twice a month. No eating out really at all. That just seems nuts!? We are 2 adults and a toddler!

What is your budget and household size? Are we nuts?
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No solutions here, but...
I'm really really bad at budgeting, but I really think that we spend more than that on groceries. And we're 2 adults and a not-quite-toddler-yet.

So I'm interested in what others have to say!!
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We eat traditional foods, gluten-and casein-free (which seriously restricts us on brands) and almost all organic. I spend right at $500 a month for two adults and a preschooler and a toddler who eat more than I do. LOL!
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So maybe we're not nuts. When it was only me I was feeding I didn't budget my food, so maybe this really is within the expected range... I had no idea...
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We eat everything possible organic but no dairy or red meats. I buy chicken and fish 2X a week and the rest is vegetarian. We are 2 adults and a 4 year old DS (who eats for 2 BTW). I think we spent between 500-600 month.
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we are 2 adults and 2 children (5 and 2.5, both pretty big eaters, like their mom and dad, lol), trying to eat TF and buying almost all organic - I spend around 500-600/month also.
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Family of 2 adults and 1 kiddo. We eat all organic foods and spend between 600-700$ a month. We eat both dairy and meat and have no dietary restrictions. We eat out maybe once a month which isn't included in our grocery budget.
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We are 3 adults (my mother lives with us) and a 5 year old. Between groceries and eating out, our food budget is about $1000/ month.
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2 adults, a three-year-old and a baby...

We spend about 600 dollars a month on groceries, not including if we chose to go eat out once in a while (which we don't usually), or my occasional lunch if I forget to pack.
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2 adults, on nursing and we spend 200- 250 dollars a month in groceries which includes, conditioner, dishwasher soap, body soap, deoderant, laundry soap, etc. We buy mostly organic and do not eat a lot of meat. We get a 20% discount at whole foods because dh works there, so take that into account also.

I make *EVERYTHING*. (dh helps sometimes he wants me to add!)
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2 adults, 2 toddlers on $200/month or less. We buy some organic, but not everything. Produce is nearly always organic, unless its not an available option. Other household items are in a seperate budget, so the $200 is just food. We buy very few convenience items-I think just mac n cheese, cause I like the cheap box kind better: I know-weird I bake our own bread and cookies and other baked goods are always homemade-that was a huge chunk of our food budget when I was still working and didn't have time to cook! We do most of our shopping at Target or Dillon's (Kroger) They both have store brand organics, which really cuts the price on that stuff. We also don't do meat for every meal-usually 2 nights a week are vegetarian. My husband hunts, so we always have a freezer full of deer meat (which we use in place of beef-much lower fat!) , and occasionally pheasant or turkey. We do buy a lot of chicken (I don't eat red meat)-enough for 3 meals per week. I guess if I had to buy all that it'd probably add another $50 a month to our grocery bill. Hope that helps!
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I would love to budget better. Right now I spend about $800. a month on food for two adults and two kids (baby is only breastfeeding). I only shop at Whole Foods and tend to do a lot of impulse buying there because I'm usually hungry when I shop!
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Originally Posted by 3kidsclmr View Post
I only shop at Whole Foods and tend to do a lot of impulse buying there because I'm usually hungry when I shop!
ALWAYS bring snacks in the diaper bag, and shop right after a meal! I'm sure it saves at least $50 per trip! I had that problem, too. I used to shop right after work, when I was starving, and I swear half my budget went to extra "that looks really yummy" items! We went through a period of really low income, and I forced myself to start budgeting better. It's harder to do when you don't have to, though!
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Very interesting thread. Seems like we are about average on the grocery budget, we spend between $500 and $700 a month and that feeds two adults and 3 children. It really varies depending on if it's a stock up month or not.
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We have 2 adults and 1 just learning to eat-er. He eats about 1/3 of a portion. We spend about $75 a week, so a little more than $300 a month. Not a lot of organic. Local produce a good bit of the time (we're in a CSA, we have a little garden, my mom has a massive garden, we have a great farmer's market) Milk that is rBST free. A liter of seltzer every day (my dh's problem ). A can of coke every day (my problem ). I cook every night, and we eat leftovers for lunch. We have been known to eat Ramen : , but that's cause I really love the stuff.
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We have 2 adults, a 6 year old, 4 year old, and a toddler who'll eat everything in sight. We generally spend 300-400 a month, including paper products and pet food. I can get it lower if I strictly plan out every meal, but as of right now I only plan out dinners and have limited choices for other meals. We do have a small garden, but buy most of our produce..not too much organic. We don't eat beef, pork, venison, or fish, buy in bulk, and I typically make my own dough, bread, and baked goods. We also never get take-out and rarely get convenience foods. The key for us is planned leftovers. Roast chicken leftovers become a pot pie and pizza topping later in the week. A big batch of chili gets halved and frozen, and a batch of pizza dough gets quarted and frozen.
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$400 per month for 2 adults and 2 little kids. Our actual meals are 250-$300 and the rest gets used for fresh fruits and veggies throughout the month. My 3 year old is basically a fruitarian.

OP, $600 for 2 adults and a toddler does seem high to me. First of all, keep all your food receipts for the next month so you can really see how much you spent, not just estimate. That could help you determine if you are wasting money or if food is really that expensive, or what is going on.
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$250 a month for two adults and a nursling. We're vegan. I rigidly follow grocery lists. I cut coupons. I go to Costco to buy bulk items. I check out the farmers market - this week, we are eating squash and zucchini every day, because it was three dollars to fill a whole grocery bag. We buy *very* little organic - I wish that wasn't true, but we can't afford it. My partner works at a grocery store, so we get a 10% discount, so we shop there. I have a pitifully small garden this year - only tomatos and herbs, but every little thing helps. We eat a lot of canned, frozen, and dried foods - they're cheaper, but not as good for you. While I wish we could afford more fresh veggies, it's not possible right now.
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If we do not eat out at all we are around $400 a month for 2 adults, 1 school age, and one toddler.

I buy organic beef, hormone free chicken, organic dairy or local brands that I know are hormone free, the top 10 organic foods organic as well, etc. I'd say 75% organic.

I do not have room for bulk shopping unfortunately. But we try to do two big shoppings a month then I go back to the store to get more fresh veggies and fruits, milk.

when I have time I make our own bread but not as much as I'd like!
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My family is one adult, a 5 year old and an 8 year old...my budget is $350. I just upped that from $300. We did fine on $300 but our lives are changing a bit when school starts and I wanted to be prepared. We eat out once a week which is not included in this. I buy organic dairy and little meat.
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