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Had my appt yesterday. I got to hear the heartbeat for the first time! My next appt will be on Oct 17 and I will be 16w6d.
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updated to here
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ooh, forgot to post. I have an appt on Wed, 9-26, I'll be 17w 5d. Want to hear hb this time : !
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I now have an u/s to check the organs and have an echo done with the perinatologist on October 9. I will be 15w5d. Maybe we will be able to find out if it is a boy or girl.
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I have an appointment with the perinatologist on 10-2 for an U/S. Might be able to determine sex! I'll be about 18 weeks.
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i have an appointment for an u/s on the 19th of October!!! I will be in my 20th week.
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Hi there,
I have an appointment 10/6 when I'll be 19 weeks for a prenatal energy repatterning with my homebirth midwife. I also have one on 10/13 - a homebirth midwife prenatal where we'll bring the kids in for the first time to talk about the birth.
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I had an u/s yesterday and it appears to be a girl! My next OB appt. is Oct.22nd and I'll be 21 weeks going by my calculations. The u/s said I was one week less but I'm sticking for now, to my dates.
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I thought I already posted this, but I must have forgotten.

Anyway, my next appt with my MW is 10/23. I'll be 19w!
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had my u/s yesterday. I was 18 weeks exactly Everything looked great! It's a !!!!!


My next midwife appt is 10/17. I will be 19 (almost 20 weeks).
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had an appt today, everything seems to be fine.

Next one is Nov. 6; I'll be nineteen weeks.
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Appointment today went well. Gained 7 lbs. BP good, however that bottom # is climbing a little so I need to watch my stress. Baby's heartbeat was in the 140's.

Next M/W appointment 11/13. I will be 23w2d.
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Next appt. is 10/23, I will be 20 weeks. Will be having my u/s later that week or the next, I am so anxious to know what we have in there!
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My next appointment is Oct 25 and I'll be 17w4d. I should be able to schedule my ultrasound that day!!
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My "big" ultrasound is scheduled on Oct 31 at 11:30; I'll be 19w2d, so we should be able to determine gender.
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Having my 20wk US on 11/5

General appointment on 11/7
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Had an OB appt. yesterday and all is well.

Next one will be on Nov. 19th, and I'll be 24 weeks according to the doc's dating.
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My u/s is scheduled for Nov 8. I'll be 20w4d. Hopefully the baby is cooperative and we will be able to determine gender!!
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I had my u/s 10/24. ITS A BOY!!!! My next appointment is 11/21. Hopefully I want continue gaining 8lbs a month!

mom to dd's C (13) K (11) & A (2 1/2) and for ds 3/3/07. :::
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