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I have a m/w appt on Nov 5th and will be 22wks.
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updated to here
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I have my big ultra sound on November 15th.
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My m/w called this afternoon. She'll be stopping by tomorrow afternoon for my 21w prenatal!
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I have an appt with my OB on November 26. I'll be 23 weeks.
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I have an appt tomorrow at 9am with my midwife. I will also be getting my ultrasound before the appt, seeing my little wiggler, and finding out if the baby has a hot dog or a hamburger
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Nov 26, m/w appt. - I'll be 26 wks by then
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Had my OB appt. yesterday and all is still looking great. Weight and blood pressure all fine. Need to go for the 1 hour glucose test sometime soon.

To celebrate that I've made it this far and since I just couldn't resist it any longer, I went and bought my first newborn fluff from Mother-ease. So cute and tiny!

Next appt. is Dec. 17th and I'll be 28 weeks.
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Have my first appointment with my new HR OB on 11/27 and a level II US that day...praying for the status quo. Will be 22 weeks.
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updated to here
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my next appointmet is the 13th december i will be 27+5 then.
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Glucose test and check up on Dec 24
27 weeks
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Oh pooh! I forgot to post my next appt.

It is December 13. Midwife. I will be 27w3d.
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Ended up seeing seeing mw yesterday had to change appointment cos my dd's christmas concert is the same time my appointment was.
everythings fine bloods came back fine, had to have more bloods done though only seen mw 3 times and had bloods done twice, baby is lieing in oblique (sp) position, was measured as 30 cm's which worried me slightly as thats how much i should measure at 31 wks according to graph in my notes not 27+3 wks but been told it's only a worry if measuring measuring 5wks ahead.
anyone else have this?
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US to check fluid/doppler/growth this Friday 12/21
US for same on 1/2
General Appointment on 1/10
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I haven't been posting in this thread, but figured I might as well start (if that's ok). I can't believe it's now time to have twice a month appointments! Makes it seem soooooo much closer! My doc actually made my next one in 3 weeks so as not to coincide with the holidays. It will be January 3rd.
At my last appointment, we did my GD test. Due to my doctor making me wait forever: for the appointment, I might have to retake the test. Ugh! I'd rather not have another blood draw!
On the good news front, he said I won't have to have an IV for delivery at all if I can get a negative result on the Group B Strep. Please keep your fingers crossed for me -- that would be so nice! And even if I do end up getting the antibiotics, he'll do a hep-lock so I can be free most of the time.
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January 14 ob check up 30 weeks (wow didn't think I'd ever get to this point)
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Next appointment will be January 8th. MW check-up. I will be 31w 2d.
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My next M/W appointment will be 1/29. I will be 34 weeks.
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Next appt is Monday the 14th. I will be around 31 wks I think.
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