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i have a appt tomorrow morning on my 31st b-day LOL This is appointment 2 I am 11 weeks now so maybe we'll hear a heartbeat!
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I have my second appointment on Wednesday, the 8th. we'll be 11 weeks. I get to meet my OB for the first time - I hope she's cool.
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I have my first appointment with my midwife on September 4th. I'll be exactly 12 weeks that day!
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Hoping to hear updates from today's girls'!
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Doubled my dosage with the phenergan to 50 mg every 6 hrs for hypermesis(HG) I lost 5 pound sin 2 weeks. Total lost 19 pounds in 11 weeks. We heard the heartbeat Nice and strong and measured on target. We'll see the baby at 20-22 weeks.
Not much else to repot. Jsut told me to rest ad keep drinking water.
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My first MW appointment is on August 21st. I'll be 11 weeks and hopefully we'll hear the heartbeat! I talked to my MW today for a while, and I'd forgotten just how great she is.
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Originally Posted by jillybeans View Post
I didn't see updates from lawyermom and kristydi. How did your appts go ladies?!

And good luck to amelia and nichole today!
Forgot to say: we heard the heartbeat ! My uterus is above the pubic bone - apparently things move a little faster with #3!
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I have my first mw appt on the 18th, hopefully to hear a hb. I'll be 10 weeks.
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I have an appointment August 20th. It will be my first appointment of this pregnancy. I will be 12-13 wks.
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1st Appt with new MW, really a consultation. Will be 8 weeks 3 days.

Take care!
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I have my first appointment on 8/21, I will have an ultrasound schedualed then. Right now my due date month is estimated (I'm pre-menopausal)so we need an accurate date.
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My appt was this AM.


I'm at 10 weeks, no heartbeat.

And because I'm so thin, my MW really felt she should be able to hear something, and she's actually fairly concerned. Combine that with my post-miscarriage tendency to be a little on the uber-nervous side myself...

Well, we're going to schedule an ultrasound for next week, take a peek, see what we're dealing with. My MW's going to swing by in a few days with her doppler to check again, she said maybe just a few more days will make all the difference.

So. In the meantime, this is so so very hard.
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Fiona Sept 4 for nuchal fold screening
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sarah, I'm really so sorry that you are having to go through this. : How heartbreaking. Talk to your baby and tell him or her how much you need to hear the heartbeat.
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My next appt is 9/22 I will be a little over 15 weeks at my next appt :
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My first appt is on Sept 4th (or is it the 5th) Oh H*ll I don't know. Its just a MW appt, nothing spectacular.
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First appointment 8-30

It's funny, and I didn't realize it until now but this appointment is my dd's original due date- she was born exactly one month early.
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Had my 2nd midwife appt today. We heard the hearbeat!! (just 1...I just got carried away on the smilies). :

They also did a blood draw and I DID NOT pass out or feel faint. Sometimes I do.
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Hooray amelia! That's wonderful! I can't wait to hear ours with the doppler. He didn't bother yesterday because we heard it on the u/s.

ok, there were a TON of appts yesterday and today, where are my other updates?!
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I just got back from my 1st MW appointment. It was a 2 hour sucker and we covered lots of things, but it was good. She costs more than she did 2 years ago, but that is to be expected. I heard the baby's heartbeat I kind of forgot all about it until the end even though that is why I waited this long for her to see me.

My next appointment is 9/18 and I'll be 15 weeks.
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