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made first soap from scratch

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Well, I did it, but I'm not hooked!

I think I'll leave this to KP and Chan!
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I know what you mean! After reading up on it I wasn't even ambitious enough to try it! I''ll stick with the melt and pour for now!
Didn't it come out right? Or was it just too much work?

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It has all the functional properties of soap, but it isn't very pretty!
And, it was a mess and it took longer then I thought!

Maybe I"ll try again with a larger batch?
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good job LaLa!
I am proud of you. I was scared of homemade soap the first, like, 40 times I read through the instructions. But now I am hooked. It takes a few batches to get the hang of it.
Larger batches might help, but it really is best to make a test batch first IMO. I am saving for a new scale as mine is not as accurate as I would like.
I really like being able to make all the natural soap products from my homemade soap and knowing exactly what is in it.
You said it doesn't look very pretty. How long has it cured? Some fats don't get that "pretty" homemade soap look for a month.
Sometimes the best thing to do with soap that doesn't look like something you want to display is to make soap jelly. Grate 1# soap and add 1 gal. water. Boil for 5 minutes and pour into a large container. When it cools (overnight usually) you have a creamy, jelly-like goo that works for everything.
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soap jelly!

I made another small batch this morning, this time in the blender, and it worked out much better!

The first one I did was Hot process and this one was Cold, so we'll see how it turns out
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I toss my soap into the blender as well...but now I broke my blender!!!! the bottom part broke....wah wah wah wah wah

I found wiht hot process if you add a butter (cocoa, shea, mango) you get a much better texture...
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abimommy, you are a big fan of cocoa butter! I've seen you mention that 3 times :LOL

You must know i have 2 lbs of it on my shelf!
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ya, cocoa butter rocks!!

It is $3.50 a lb at brambleberry.com...it's been going in everything lately...LOL
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Could you ladies fill me in on where the soap making recipes are? Not that I have the time or energy for this now......

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oh wow...all over the place...

just do a soapmaking search on google.com

a good forum on soaping is at www.1freestreet.com..they talk about recipes a lot so it should be helpful....
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